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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend in the USA :)

My blog has been so quiet all week.  Here in the US it is a Holiday Weekend…

For us Thanksgiving is a long weekend of food, family and shopping sales!!!

Although Thursday is the nation wide Thanksgiving Day each year… we celebrated with food and family on Wednesday evening with a big pot of my homemade chili… Yummy!!!

I have done shopping with a little fabric purchase… some 10″ squares of beautiful Christmas fabrics… and a new seam ripper… I call Jack… aka Jack the Ripper! lol (my daughter lost my previous one…)

Also we bought a new vintage 1890’s sewing machine!!!  Pics to follow when we receive this beauty 🙂

Here is a CLONE of it that we currently own… Circa late 1800’s also…

This one is a Kruse Sewing Machine Company chainstitcher 🙂  And it sews such a nice chain stitch too!  Can’t wait to see what is different from a real Willcox and Gibbs versus this clone we now have!

But mainly over this holiday weekend I have been stitching!! Slow and fast stitching combined…

First was some slow stitching on my Garden Bouquet Whole Cloth quilt…

I have sewn on it every day for a few hours… and that is a lot of back hatching quilting too!!!

Back hatching is what I call all these straight lines in tone on tone stitching..

Until I finally found another bow…

If you look at my previous post last Sunday (yes it has been a week since I last posted & I have been so busy stitching…)  It looks similar to this hooping above… but this is 1/4 way around the quilt… slow but sure progress is the key to finishing a project though… now it is back on the back of the chair it temporarily homes at as I stitch other things that have deadlines…

So my fast stitching was Friday and Saturday in between slow stitches I finished this flimsy…

The center block is embroidered with the recipients name and birth statistics… here was a close up I shared when I finished that part last week…

And here is the backing I pieced for this flimsy…

Very fun and Whimsical… kind of like the front of the quilt 🙂

So yesterday, Saturday, I got it all layered and pin basted and today I started my day by auditioning different stencils for the center block…here is the one I decided to use..

And here it is marked with a blue spritz away marker…

And here is the cute recipient also known as my granddaughter… She will be 6 months old tomorrow… hoping her mom posts a new pic of her then!

So that is my weekend!  How has your weekend been??

Linking this quilty slow stitching progress and the beginning of a my latest slow stitching to Kathy’s Quilts… Slow Stitching Sunday Linky party HERE!  Come on and join in the fun if you have some slow stitching to show off.

Me… I will be slow stitching all day on Kaydence’s fun quilt!  Hoping to have it done by Christmas!!!

Hope you have a happy Sunday and can ….


Check it out!

My honey built us a cabinet for the florida room out back (think screened in porch kind of) where I do most of my sewing and he does all his various things too!  We needed organization… so in about 5 hours he came up with this beautiful cabinet…

Yes.. it is made of plywood.. in fact we got this plywood free on Craigslist last year!  but boy is it sturdy and HEAVY too! lol 

He plans to “face” the sides with beadboard and add doors that are thick for inside storage there too.. and those also covered with beadboard and all painted white… super cool .. when all that happens! ha 🙂 

So here is my space today… after doing some reorganizing…

 I have my shelves that are for my fabric and quilting things .. and he has his shelves..

He got real estate dibs because he planned in on share space you see!  Wasn’t that sweet!

On the top shelf is my projects I am gathering or planning to do in the future all separated.. 2 big bags and a basket.

The next shelf down came with a divider I instantly saw my books and mags and recipes all there… so there they went.

The next 2 shelves are his sewing machine parts and things for fixing featherweights.. and I have more current  projects in the making on the next shelf down.. the very bottom shelf will be storage for featherweights and extra cases as we usually have those… 🙂

 Now looking more at my space you can see that I can actually NOT CROP a picture of my sewing space with computer and worktable 🙂

All that is left in the floor is the stash I own.. it isn’t much yet but my bestie Connie will help me tame what I have already and decide what to keep and what to toss..

My honey is gonna get a piece of luan plywood (very thin plywood) and cut me some boards to store fabrics on.

I am mongo excited when I found out I can get wood ones that last forever instead of the comic book boards that have a limited lifespan… especially in the Florida weather.. where my stash lives! lol

Fiona is not covered because she is about to go into the shop for maintenance.. lol!  Nice to know the repairman!!

Speaking of repairs.. look what came in squeaky but cleaned up sooo beautifully and now moves smoothly and quietly too!

This is a Willcox & Gibbs sewing machine from 1875 to 1902.  We found the serial number but can’t pinpoint the date on this one based on just that…

We haven’t thought of a fitting name yet… for now she is just Gorgeous! lol  I thought of Bluebell.. but it is kinda silly and she is elegant I think… she now sits on the secretary coming into my living room in climate controlled situation 🙂  Happy about that!  What a deal… $31.00 plus shipping 🙂

I am now all done with this echo line of quilting and working inside each remaining diamond shape to get it quilted evenly…

Then I think I will do the button stars.. but I may do the red.. I am doing wavy lines .. about 4 of them throughout the red.. in red Aurifil thread 28 wt.  I bought this bendy ruler for a project a couple years ago and didn’t use it… I think my waves turning out symmetrical without a template might just work!  I will try it anyway!

In closing… please don’t miss out on a chance.. WHEREVER you live.. to get these 2 delicious fat quarters in celebration of finishing a quilt with these fabrics in it.. both are quilt store quality fabrics and will come right to your home if you just List, Tick, & PARTY with me THIS weekend!

Share this with all your bloggy friends..

I want to encourage one and all to set goals and reach for them through out a month and see what happens different from not having a plan in place.  Amazing what happens! 

Just link a blog post about goal setting for yourself personally … where you have been.. where you wanna go .. what you wanna do.. what you wanna learn… whatever!  Just write down your personal goals and share them in my linky party this weekend..

One lucky linker will win the fabric lot plus a small bit of leftover 50 wt Aurifil in a nice pink I used when quilting this project myself!  Enough for a pillow I would imagine for sure!

Have a blessed Wednesday and Happy Stitching!