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2019… in like a lion !!

In North Carolina we welcomed in the new year with rain and storms… many had flooding too!  I got a mongo chest cold as well which sent me to the doctor’s office last week praying for relief!  In like a lion…

Despite how I was feeling as 2019 dawned into existence…. I found this cool watercolor to depict how I wish I felt! lol

And a little messenger pic moment about midnight on New Years when I couldn’t breathe much so I wasn’t sleeping either!

Now to look back on this past week… with antibiotics, steroids and breathing treatments all under my belt it has been fairly productive even with being sick… we sure didn’t get out too much! lol  We were sick after all and didn’t want to spread the germs!!!

We got Christmas all put away.. even our cute snowman got dried off finally to store until next Christmas season!

Gloria and I spent some quality time together….

 We webbed this top using THIS Quilt Cam tutorial by Bonnie Hunter as a reference to remember some of the finer points…

 In order to do this well I had to reset my 1/4″ seam guide… I use my clear ruler and roll the needle down to the scant 1/4″ area on my ruler once the seam guide is generally in place….

 As you see from this view looking more down on the throat plate….

You cannot count on those measurements on the graduated throat plate to be accurate… use some sort of seam guide to assure your 1/4″ seam .. this is MY favorite style!

Here is a reminder of the Bear in the Cabin quilt I am sewing together the center of just now…

I don’t use any fancy stuff to graph out my quilt designs.. I use graph paper and pencils and colored pencils and pens to guide me and fabrics laid out … for instance in this photo I thought my cornerstones would be yellow… but in reality … we chose a confederate blue color for them! WOW 😀

I am linking this fun progress to my friend Wendy’s Quilts and More from New Zealand… Peacock Party Link…
HERE… she is having a party this year to celebrate 5 years of blogging and who knows what else but mentions prizes for linkers… I am all for a good New Zealand style prize! lol  And I love Wendy’s quilting both hand and machine like me she has it all together!!!  COME LOOK and her cute table runner she is sharing and link up too!!!

Whilst I have been recovering from this chest virus… I have been surfing blogs and enjoying this process of planning my attack on projects when I feel better… part of this process has been organizing myself with a list I found on another blog too at Julie of the Crafty Quilter HERE

Now if you notice at the top of my page I have “Quilts” added below UFO and WIP List for 2019.
Well the reality is… my sewing room is doing multiple jobs these days with crafts, Etsy shop, quilting, bag making… wowee!!!  So I need to fix it up to work better for me and in the meantime I have been stockpiling things for non quilty projects in this room too… I need to list them out.  Like that wristlet I want to make that I mentioned last week… none of that is on here!!!  But for now this is a good start… until this cold is officially finished and steroid haze is out of my system 😉
I hope you find Julie’s page easy to print off to organize yourself… but maybe you don’t have so many projects going on… 
You may like to then focus on my favorite Sunday stop… Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers.  Kathy has 3 slow stitching goals for this year to share… aside from getting my top into one center piece and start figuring out the hst border that is next… I will be wholly focused today on my hand quilting project by the fire place…

Here was my view New Years morning….

And my view yesterday!!!!

 Finally feeling like getting it done…

 And I finally got it rolled !!!!!

I can see the top of this little quilt… that seems large right now as the quilting is slow going on this one… lots of seams to deal with!  And so much other stuff in the path! lol  So come on over HERE before you leave to Kathy’s and read about her goals for 2019 and see what other slow stitcher’s are linking up to 🙂
All of the links I have shared here should open to a new window so you don’t lose this information while browsing around.  Hope these links are helpful and found interesting by you 🙂
I hope you are each enjoying this crazy weather we are calling January here in the USA and that you are staying safe no matter where in the world you live… I have heard down under while we are having unseasonably warm and wet weather they are having hot and humid weather !
Thanks for stopping in… thanks for taking time to leave a comment too if you do… it is much appreciated and adored to have the honor to chat with you for a minute ❤  
How did your 2019 come in??? Like a Lamb or a Lion??  Meanwhile comment and tell me your motto for 2019 as well if you have one… I am sticking to this one this year for now 😀