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Card Kit Series ~ Post 2 of 5

Welcome back to another installment of this….

Card Kit Series from Wendy Coffman… to get this set check out this post.

Check out my cards that are the sunny owl cards here 🙂

Today I will show you the card with 6 hearts on the front… with this card Wendy avoided an extra layer of paper by using a coordinating size stamp on the paper!  Genius… so let’s take a closer look at my first card…

 I lost the last inner circle.. you see with Wendy’s design she sent 6 light blue circles, 6 smaller designer paper circles and 6 hearts that I punched out 🙂  I lost one of the designer paper circles and instead of stealing one out of my stash I decided to go NAKED!  lol

 The inside is my favorite… A cute owly pair are saying hello!  I signed it with a little glitter added!  I love the sparkle of CTMH Glitter Glitz Gels 🙂

If you look closely at Wendy’s she recommends inking edges with chocolate ink… but I find my style is more bright so I used Holly hock to match the rest of the pinks on my card 🙂

The other card is full of mess ups but I will give you a quick peek so you can see how different one card can be using your imagination …

 I stamped and tried to emboss and didn’t see the glitter that escaped… it was old embossing powder and I threw it out with a lesson learned… I should have added more of that stamp I guess looking at it now to add pattern to the card but instead I made it 2 love birds sending heart kisses to each other….

 Inside I did tone on tone stamping and made the letters chevron striped!!  Love it 🙂  I still think I may keep this for my honey… shhhh.. another secret to keep!  lol

I really enjoyed making these cards and learned a lot about what I like and experimented too in lots of good ways and just a few better embellish ways.

Happy crafting and creating!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Inspiration Saturday and BLOG CANDY winner will be drawn!  Yay



Card Kit Series ~ Post 1 of 5

I am going to do a series using a kit I bought from Wendy Coffman here!  I was so excited to get it and showed you the kit in the package here… but watch that flat paper come to life in this series!!!

The review on this kit overall is WONDERFUL!  The pieces came all cut and ready for me to stamp, embellish, and complete with one stamp set that I got also in the Whoo’s your valentine set I bought from Wendy as well!  All this loveliness in one package must be completed soon… so to work I went!

First I followed Wendy’s EXCELLENT directions with pics for each card and the card box… each post will feature one card or the card box to make the series of 5 😉  Hope you enjoy this and see if there are more of these available if you are interested in playing along!  Wendy ROCKS!

The first card is a Valentines card that my daughter fell in love with… she picked the Valentine I would give to her when she saw this card!  lol

As I said in my previous post I got 2 kits thinking me and my daughter would do this together but she wasn’t in the mood so she kept me company while I crafted 2 cards at a time… one with Wendy’s suggestions and one I did with my own style injected!

Here is the card she designed and I put together…

 She instructed me to use chocolate ink on all my edges.. and I did do that some but I am more light and bright and less vintage in my style… here is a close up of the cute owls 🙂

 This card was cut with the Cricut Artiste cart and is called an “s” fold card… there are several designs on the cart with the heart being one of my faves 🙂

 And this is a lighter brighter version I made with the second card… I still inked but I used all different colors that brought out the pinks and blues in this card… and I got the owls stamped just as I liked them too!  This one is going to my daughter as she put the eyes on and feels a sense of ownership in this card… it is just waiting for me to write a sweet note in it!

 In my daughter’s eyes the mommy owl is looking down on the baby owl protecting it and the baby owl is looking at the sun and adoring it and feeling safe.  That is what she said!  She cracks me up with how she makes a story!

 The kit comes with Glitz Glitter Gel in 2 colors for embellishing your cards and gift box… and as I said Wendy’s directions and pictures are professional and spot on to replicate her work … or do like I did and do your own thing a little bit!  Like popping up the little owl on the branch 🙂

Next on my desk is another card you will see tomorrow.. I am making one for a neighbor who suffered a loss in their cable supplying internet, tv, phone, and security system when our fence installer accidently sliced their cable.

Next up also is how to decorate my new FAVE wall in the house… the kitchen wall… it was this…

 and now it is this color… a creamy light peach!  My son’s idea but he wanted a bolder peach…. I am happy with this peach with pops of brighter peach…. I thought a banner on the wreath would be cute … what do you think????  The ceiling fixture is getting replaced with something silver or brushed nickel… in the meantime help me out please with ideas!

Don’t forget about my giveaway.  There is still time to enter… for details click here!

Have a blessed day!


Some Saturday Inspiration :)

Welcome… hope you are having a blessed weekend 🙂  We are still removing wallpaper from the kitchen but have managed to get the doorway closed off and painted over… looks like it was never there!  My honey rocks at home renovations 😉

I have been getting crafty in my studio and wanted to send you a little teaser about what’s on my workdesk!

Lots of Valentiney stuff 🙂

But here is my desk clean with a kit laid out ready for me to figure it all out!

I got the kit from CTMH consultant Wendy Coffman’s blog Stamping Rules here!

It makes this…. times 2 cuz I bought 2 kits to get the stamp set/kit too!

I don’t know if she still has any available as the stamp kit is in high demand and short supply but she is very helpful and will get if for you if she can 🙂  Check out the cards and holder I will be making!

Now for some real inspiration… here are some scrapbook layouts I found in a mag I have…

 I like this one for the creativing in it to have a big tree with a swing in hemp on it… so cool!

 This layout is fun but also has some really cool stitched clouds in the upper left corner… see the close up here….

 And this one is a fun idea for those large family photos and most of the journaling is in the title… again with the stitching around the page too…

Hope you like this segment and will come back for a dose of inspiration next time you need it!  Comments are coveted if you can make the time to give me feedback on what you like and don’t like… what inspires you?