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Blessed Easter Sunday!

Hello and how are you?  It has been a bit of time since my last post.. but we have been busy!!!

First I want to wish you a Blessed Easter.. in our home our Easter decoration is here…

A single white flower to represent the purity of Christ’s love… dying on the cross for our sins and them arising to join his Father.

Now if you made it this far… I also want to say… as much as this time of year means to me.. everyone has their own beliefs and I love that about the world we live in… So what are your beliefs for Easter… I would love to hear how you decorate… or don’t ! lol

As for me and my house… we have been busy this week… We have continued our spring cleaning…

I also received a package in the mail this week from my bestie Connie.  She sent me some thread we had ordered together and some goodies too!  Check out the angel in the center of the secretary… that is over the vase that sits there now for just a short time of enjoyment before we put her away… she is a Christmas angel and will adorn our Christmas tree this winter 🙂

You see I shared with Connie what kind of tree topper we wanted but couldn’t find.. well she had one in her stash she never uses anymore and remembered it as a gift from one of her dds from Cracker Barrel restaurant… how cool!!!!

My honey meanwhile has been creative in with some of his things too!  Check out what is sitting ON the cabinets in our kitchen now…

Yes… that is a model train… 027 scale to be exact and has been collected over time.. all is in working order too!!!!  Most of the train engines are 1940’s heavy metal engines that are workhorses.. but look how long this train is…

 It runs the length of our kitchen!!!  So cool we think!!! What do you think??

Saving the best for last…

I have been making great progress on the whole cloth quilt…

I finished the section I was on last week and started the south section this week…

And I have more done than when I took this picture…

I am just loving this project and while I have other projects calling me this one is getting my full attention currently…

I am hoping to get some unhooped pics this week to show my progress completely on this queen sized beauty 🙂
I also mailed out Kaydence’s baby quilt to her parents this week as her shower is next weekend!

Thanks for hanging in with me this week… and please.. if you made it this far please leave a comment… I covet your thoughts for sure!

Until my next post…


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hello my bloggy friends… I usually find it fun to blog 2 or 3 times a week… but time has slipped away from me and now I realize it is almost a week since I have shared with you!  For shame!!! lol

Squirrels play in our bird house and birds live in the trees!  Silly animals 🙂

Well, Saturday the 9th of August, my brother and his family moved into their “new” and they hope final home to raise their family in… on that day I also finished their quilt top… AND before they had their old home cleaned out for the new family I had the backing all pieced in the shape of a cross made from fabric with the 10 commandments on it… I am just soo excited with that progress…

Where I finished up “The Byrum Quilt”

Flimsy pictures you say?? Well first of all this is TOP SECRET right now.. and second of all the top is 94″ square… yep, HUGE!!!   The backing measures out 104″ square itself as well… so we plan to move the living room around for the pinning of the quilt sandwich this weekend and will get pics then!  Yippee!

Look for a post Sunday for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy as I will be linking there and delighted that (once the batting arrives to the pinning party Friday) the pinning will be over and the hand quilting will begin!  Yippee 🙂

In the meantime.. I do have something fun to share … I have been doing some hand piecing on my hexi star flower table topper…

Now I have 2 done

and am working on the 3rd… there are 7 to make before I join them to make the flimsy properly 🙂

I started this project to try multi-tasking… as hand piecing affects different parts of my fingers than hand quilting… so we shall see how it goes with both projects going!!!  Very soon I am hoping!!! lol

Meanwhile, my honey has put together a little railroad for himself on a piece of plywood we salvaged for free (someone hurricane shutters they decided they didn’t need… in Florida really???)!  Check this system he has designed!

He has 3 working trains… one from the 60’s, one from the 70’s and one from the 90’s all working together on the track he bought on eBay for a deal and has carefully sanded each piece to get great connections all around.. screwed in each piece of railroad… and the trains love it!  So fun that we have interesting hobbies… to us anyway! ha 🙂

For my hand piecing project I am staying organized and using my portable design wall to hold my pieces in place together :).. my bestie Connie made them.. along with my design ideas .. during her July visit for our birthdays… this was my birthday present and I think she rocked it!!!

 Here on the left is my portable design wall as it was intended to be used… and being used today on the right!

 I love the buttons Connie added that we both fell in love with during a visit to the LQS 🙂

 So what are you up to this week? 

Well.. must go for now and fondle my fabric! lol

The Man Quilt.. Almost complete!

I am so excited to update my blog with today’s post!  Thanks for stopping in 🙂

I am on the final bit of border quilting then will be off to sew on the label…then Wash, wash, and dry!  Yippee…

Here is a look at my quilting along the way… can you see my 3 needles spaced out on the left side of the pic… If you click it you should see I have 3 needles going to get this border done and in the ditch done to stabilize and make it show just right once washed!  🙂

The flimsy for this quilt was completed in November 2013… the fabric had been a birthday present (back in July… sorry honey!) and I just got the nerve to try to piece it on my own after drafting my own pattern for this quilt! lol

So needless to say this is my favorite of all my quilted items to date.. I have done my finest needlework on this busy fabric but my honey and I will know it is there and will enjoy it… the back is varigated blues (like the binding in the pic on the right) and will take a whole cloth effect on the back once finished 🙂

My honey helped decide all parts of this quilt after I presented him with lots of fabric for his birthday… this has truly been a journey for us… thanks for following along!

With Father’s Day right around the corner too… I wanted to share what my honey found for a STEAL on eBay.. so we got it to commemorate this Father’s Day for him from Daisy Mae 🙂 lol  (Daisy is our mini doxie if you don’t recall)….

He has always wanted a toy train I found out.. since he was little.. so this year he got to see a lifelong wish be granted with this train set… bidding didn’t go very high because the seller didn’t test it due to it’s age… it is from 1965!!! 

Yep, I have vintage sewing machines and my honey has vintage trains!!! lol

 Do you like vintage?  Pretty cute train set… the engine isn’t loud at all and it goes forward, reverse, link and unlink cars by using only the transformer at the very bottom of the pic.  He is having a blast.. it has been rehomed to the “man cave” now… and fits PERFECT on a table my honey build about 2 1/2 years ago when we lived in TN! lol  God is so good at showing himself sometimes I think!

I also want to thank God for giving my fingers the ability to finish this quilt so quickly… this has also been a family adventure of late as I am reorganizing all available time for quilting time to get this one finished so it can be loved.

As you may recall… my real motivation for two stepping the finish of my honey’s quilt is really so that I can start on Project RJq.  More on that on my Slow Sunday Stitching post tomorrow!

So my goals for the month of June are coming up flowers at the moment… focusing on the positives here! lol

Have a blessed Saturday… come back tomorrow for final shots of THE MAN quilt.. hopefully to have a name soon from my honey!