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What’s Up Wednesday!

Hello my bloggy friends…

I just guest posted my quilty endeavors HERE at Celebrate Hand Quilting blog.. please leave me a comment so I know you visited 🙂

Comments there I check for daily as they don’t come to me… but to the main admin of the blog.

At the moment you can search the blogs recent entries and see how to hand quilt basic supply lists and things to consider when starting hand quilting … check it out!!!  I really enjoy guest posting there!

We have really been learning how to live on a specific budget and not beyond it as we had been.  It is enlightening how many things are really WANTS and we just see them as needs.  Do you feel that way too?

My honey recently got a FREE recliner I shared with you here from our local Craigslist.  It had an arm that needed repair but was very comfy and in great shape otherwise… he used it and fixed it and loves it now… so I wanted to sit with him but if I recline… I fall asleep… so I wanted a comfy chair!  Look what I finally found on Craigslist!

It is vintage 1940’s we think made by Shaw Walker and once completely rehabbed should be worth about $350!!  It is aluminum and hardwood of some sort… I am sure now that the broken part is fixed the rest of the chair will come along … usable now but you will see more transformation in the future on this cute baby!

Now check out what was a junked up and messy craft studio is now a shared space for tv viewing and relaxing in our master suite 🙂

 Speaking of deals too… I must share out latest sale on eBay… a PRISTINE Singer Featherweight!  It was born January 23, 1950 and comes with an equally PRISTINE case plus accessories including buttonholer!!!  If you are in the market for a vintage machine for your collection or to sew on you don’t wanna miss this one… check it out HERE!

Today I think we may be listing some local things on Craigslist to make room in our out building… not sure … but stitching on THE MAN quilt will be my down time activity today for sure!

Don’t forget to check back on this Friday for our LINKY party… a World Wide linky party in conjunction with Wehagodesigns.blogspot.com! 
I am MONGO excited to see the goals you have met and MORE IMPORTANTLY the ones you set this month and see the results in next months linky!   Get your Lists ready and grab a button if you like in the sidebar!

It will be truly a Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster blog PARTY!  I call it M4 for short 🙂

See ya Friday… till then may all your stitches by happy!