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We are halfway there!

Halfway to where you ask… to meeting our goals… 🙂

My goal is to finish the butterflies on Pam’s quilt with outlining and start on the border… I am almost halfway there!  Yipee!

 Here is one of the little fellas now… when I don’t have a hard surface to use the graphite I have to go back to my water soluble purple marker! lol

Linking this much complete on Sarah’s blog for her Friday Whoop Whoop here….do you have something to whoop about??? Check her out!

I am planning to mark a quilt before I sandwich it while Connie is here so that will make using the graphite easy peasy!  We are excited about that…. while I have been stitching my honey has been busy too… working on the Florida room in Casa Del Loro!

Yep, I am getting tile flooring where once was indoor/outdoor commercial grade carpet!  See my honey pulling it up!

Now he is almost halfway done laying the same tile we put in the house but bigger!

 This is 18″ tile…

Important to note in tools for this job are kneepads… spring on the good ones.. they have really taken the wear and left my honey’s knees not sore! 

Meanwhile, my dd is in Tennesse and I am missing her terribly… she is my youngest at 14 (15 next month) and has been so looking forward to this trip… so I let her go and she is having fun so it is all good… just miss her daily chatter 🙂

My boys are happy in their lives… or seem to be so all is well with the world! lol

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!