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A Blurry Week…

Yep.. this week has gone by so fast it is a blur.. Ever have one of those weeks?  Since I retired from nursing I don’t seem to have them very often but this week was a busy one in the books for sure!

The beginning of the week started each day with a vigorous walk on the beach.. we are walking over a mile now and really loving it!

Today we walked a different way and didn’t chart our distance but we had taken  a couple days off as after a day walking 1/2 mile on concrete I had stone bruises on my feet (note to self… don’t use beach shoes for long distance walks on concrete! lol)  All better now… we enjoyed the walk this morning!

 This is a cool shot showing the hotels disappearing in the foggy morning 🙂  Less coast line showing walking this way too..

Not much happening on the quilty front but I did gift a quilt today to my daughters best friend Tiffany…

this is the backside… her favorite at the moment… of a quilt I made in 2013.  It has pinwheels of Dr. Seuss fabric on the front set on a white background… lots of fun to make and all hand quilted too!

Daisy had to be part of the giving ceremony! lol

Along with loving from Tiffany!  Tiffany has coveted one of my quilts so I am happy I could oblige her 🙂

I realized today all the quilts I have gifted .. rarely have I gifted them myself.. I found myself tongue tied a bit in explaining this quilts history.

If you are interested in seeing the front check out the links to “Pam’s (pams) quilt” as this was made for my ex best friend… who now no longer speaks to me…it has a permanent new home with Tiffany 🙂
I have had a busy but over all positive week.. My honey got a good bill of health with his new PCP this week!  Yippee for good experiences with the VA!
I made a few adjustments in my regime.. and continue to take off a pound or so a week 🙂  Yay!  And really I am not trying either… just staying active!

Hope you are having a blessed weekend!