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Banner Progress :)

Well the star burst center of the Singer Banner got all finished by Wednesday 🙂

And I was on to the chain outermost border…

I had used Aurifil 28/2 in black for the star burst but I wanted more for the chain border… so I used DMC Perle 12 Cotton and big stitch style hand quilting…

Here is the beginning… just one thread in right now…
But check out when all four threads are in place…

Doesn’t it look cool!

I chose to use wool batting for this project that I ironed carefully to make flat during the bagging adventure… it is really looking nice n puffy now though 🙂

Here is a close up of the chain detail…

So I am about 1/3 way around this and then I will go back with a gray thread and quilt the little areas above and below the medallion as well 🙂  I just wanted the edges to lay nice and flat so starting with them.

Also I got a wonderful Thank You card from a great bloggy friend Deb!
Isn’t this a lovely card!!!

Her personal message was from her and her daughter who I gifted some quilty things to add to her young stash 😉  How sweet was that!  Made my day for sure 🙂

Do you send or receive thank you notes for just being yourself?  I love it when that happens… let’s me know I must be doing SOMETHING right! lol  I rarely feel that way so this thank you not really helped me be thankful as well!

What are you thankful for?  I am currently very thankful the heater near my feet is working well… instead of hot flashes I am getting cold flashes during this time in my life! lol

I am also VERY thankful my bestie got me into quilting 🙂

I will be changing gears on Kaydence’s quilt… more to come on that on Sunday’s post 😉

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Until next time…


Two little words :)

I love hearing from receivers of my artwork after they have had time to make my artwork their own.. it may be quilting … it may be something else I made by hand… it is still nice to hear two little words don’t you think??

I received this beautiful and all hand written on the inside… card from my friend Rebekah…

Well it made my day… and it wasn’t a generic card but her memorable script inside for me to enjoy!

Which makes me ask… I have made quite a few quilted projects for a 3 year history of hand quilting… and this is my first thank you note.  She not only glowed about how much she loved and is using (even though it is summer) the quilt now.. she tells me too that her oldest has adopted the doll quilt I made from the leftovers and she sleeps with it every night!  Love that!!!

Here is my friend Rebekah… with her family

She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have immediate double mastectomy surgery… this was about 9 weeks ago.  As you can surmise she is a young woman with a great family and is just a role model of a person I aspire to be more like… before all this that is… now I really aspire to be as strong as she has been through all she has now been through!

I blogged 14 times about Project RJq… here is the latest post if you missed it 🙂

Yet she took time to send me a note with those 2 special words on the front every artist loves to hear!  “Thank You”!

So I want to take time today to say thank you to EACH AND EVERY one of my regular readers…

is there something different I can chat about here to help you be a better quilter in some area (as long as it isn’t machine quilting or applique or paper piecing!) ha 🙂

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.  Tell me about the last thank you card you received for your artwork… I would love to hear and other readers and receivers of handmade goods may get the hint that creative juice is worth something! lol

Thank you cards… and a Christmas card too!

Although I haven’t been blogging my regular amount I have been busy in my craft room making Christmas cards and Thank you notes for my best friend and her husband.  He is an entrepeneur and needs Thank you notes to hand out to his customers and clients from time to time.  I signed up for the job to let my bff continue sewing as that is her passion!  First I made 15 Christmas cards from a CTMH set and I will say they turned out well but just not my style…

 This is one of the styles that came in the set.  I followed the instructions that came with the kit.  I just don’t think they are me… so I am back to my original idea for Christmas cards which I will show you later…

They gave me card bases and envelopes to design thank you notes… my love is designing so designing I did… I had 6 of each color and 4 different colors so 24 cards were made mostly using my gypsy and cricut… the last one is stamped, colored, and stickled!  Which one do you think he will like the most???

I like all of them… and couldn’t wait to take pics and share with you so the stickles is still wet in this pic.

Which one would you like as a male entrepreneur with a growing business to hand to customers and clients???

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to come back Wednesday for a fall themed tutorial with The Paper Cabana.

Have a blessed and wonderful week.  We are enjoying the milder weather coming to the southeast in the US… what is your weather like this week where you are?

Your comments are coveted!  Kathi