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Introducing… Star Light ~ Star Bright!!!

I got my daughter’s high school graduation quilt pin basted… with her and my honey’s help I may add…

The flimsy was purchased on eBay and is well constructed… during the marking process I found no issues… no volcanic star centers… no unstitched seams… it was shipped to me safely and gifted to my daughter at Christmas… I can’t believe it is finally marked, layered, pin basted and ready for hand quilting!!!!…

I started with the center star in my 17″ hoop..

on February 29… LEAP DAY!!!!

But meanwhile my honey was building me a frame to make the stitching on this go easier… we decided PVC was best and least expensive as well.. and he went to Lowe’s for the supplies and soon had it glued all together…

Hard to tell in the pic above but it is tilted toward me about 15 or 20 degrees… so it seems to be my perfect working height I think… we had to order clips to hold the quilt on it from eBay… meanwhile as I waited for the delivery of the PVC clips… I stitched!!!

Look closely above and you should see the dark red big stitching each diamond got surrounded by that makes up this star!!!  Fun 🙂  This is part of my daughters wishes… pops of red in the quilt 🙂

Once the clips came in I popped the quilt out of the hoop and wrangled it onto the frame… not a hard process at all and a nice stretching time too! lol

So here it is… and here I am with a big smile on my face over this new item!!!

Learning to quilt on a frame has it’s own learning curve for sure… but I am loving the speed I can now quilt with… here is my progress since March 2…

 And here is a close up on the part I have completed and where I am working presently…

I am having a blast quilting on this frame… I am tucking the bits that hang off into the plastic clips carefully after rolling… working well for me and keeps a bit of a cushion on my under hand arm….lol!

Linking all this happy news to Sarah’s Whoop Linky… I am definitely Whooping here.. are you whooping… come share with Sarah too >>>> HERE

I am also happy to link to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post… where all sorts of hand stitching is going on… HERE!

Also this month I turned my calendar… definitely getting another of these calendars for next year!!!

It says “An Invisible Crown:  Don’t leave home without it!” Hahahaha!

I love this!!!  I need to always remember I am a princess too… crown in place and head held high!!!  How about you??

Weather wise it has been a very dry February… March came in nice and warm… with warmer nights and the days are starting to noticeable lengthen again… I love Daylight Savings Time best… and we are getting closer to a time change too!  Yippee 🙂

So what are your faves about March each year???

Thanks for visiting with me… I hope you have a blessed weekend and remember…


February is coming in BUSY here :)

I can’t believe it is already February!!!

But on Monday morning I dutifully turned my calendar and look…

 I love the theme in my calendar for this month… Dare to be Wacky! Live a life worth LOVING!!!

And look what I have coming up on my oldest son’s Birthday!!!

February 24 >>> AQS (American Quilter’s Society) is hosting a 4 day quilt show in nearby Daytona Beach!  Me and my honey will be going the first day (to avoid crowds … I don’t like very crowded areas much!)
AND >>> I am taking a needleturn applique class with Mary Sorensen the second day of it!

I am MEGA EXCITED ABOUT THIS Y’ALL!!!  Can ya tell! lol

I have never been to a proper quilt show before.. how can I be my age and never have done this??? lol!  Well time to change that this month!!!  I have also never been able to do a good job with needleturn applique… see this was a perfect circle that turned into an wonky oval on my attempt at needleturning a quilt label??!!!

So hopefully this teacher can adjust my habits to good ones that can show off my skill with needle, thread and fabric 🙂

So let me recap my busy week for you …

eBay… then eBay … and more eBay selling… we are raising money to pay our home taxes for the year and it looks like that goal will be met later this month!!!  I am very happy for this 🙂

In between eBaying everything we don’t really use or collect anymore I have been quilting on my Fall Wall hanging…

And as the photo says… this marks 2/3 done on my quilting of this outer border!!!

I am hoping by Monday to be binding, labeling and adding a hanging sleeve to this awesome wall hanging and taking a few photos before putting it away until August or so… I can’t wait to have it up for many Autumns to come though!!!  It is a fun piece of art that I am creating here… for sure! 🙂

Linking this Slow Stitching progress to Kathy’s Quilts ~ Slow Stitching Sunday HERE!

Also this week I received a package from my bestie Connie!

She sent me this cool lightweight jacket to wear in the chilly mornings here… Florida is a place in the winter you must layer up and down throughout the days of winter… lol!

But what I really love about the jacket is the sleeves… there is a thumbhole in each sleeve end…

 This feature is perfect for quilting away early in the mornings (I am up by 3 am most days)… I am enjoying it this morning too!

She also sent a little something for CJ and Rick to play with during CJ’s next visit…

 This cute wooden block train will be a blast for Rick and CJ to enjoy together… well I may even get in on the action too! lol

Finally she included this picture frame … my honey encouraged me to find a picture that would look good in it and I found this shot to add to it…

 And here it is ensconced already in our decor!  You can see Connie, then me, then our friend Debbie in this shot… GREAT MEMORIES I get to now enjoy every time I walk past this area… about 30 times a day! lol

I hope you are finding things in your life to celebrate as well!

Before I close this post… 

I would like to share a facebook funny…

Yep, I am wanted with a pretty big reward for my capture… since I colour outside the lines! lol

I do totally own up to this crime though!  In life and in reality I lived inside the lines of expectations others had of me… only in my older years am I colouring outside the lines and I LOVE IT!!!!  How about you ??  Are you guilty of getting outside the lines of societal expectations in your neck of the woods… or do you stay strictly inside the lines of life expectations of yourself??!!

Finally, I would like to leave you with a verse I am pondering today…

I find walking in the Light of the Lord Jesus is much preferred to the darkness that abounds us daily..
Until my next post I do hope your February is off to a LOVE-ly start & don’t forget…

Lovin’ me some Slow Stitching today :)

I don’t make New Years Resolutions… but if I did I think this year’s would be to try to be slow stitching something each Sunday and link to Kathy’s Quilts blog… HERE is the link to her party TODAY!!!

 I rewarded myself for getting my new calendar all caught up for this year with what activities are already set in stone by writing this post just for linking up with Kathy!!

 I love the header to start out January… this motto got me through a rough year in the past. I have followed Suzy Toronto for some time and hope she continues to put out high quality calendars like this as this is MY style for sure!

I finished this flimsy last weekend… thus no slow stitching to share for Kathy’s last years post…

this wall hanging won’t be used til August or September …but since I had nothing else close to a finish to start quilting I chose this to finish and quilt and check out the slow stitches I am doing in the alternate blocks…

I started out with this pencil drawn shape…

And ended with this thread fashioned shape…

I love how it turned out… in the first shot you can see all the shapes I am stitching in the alternate blocks! 🙂  I marked them all with graphite (pencil) and am stitching with YLI 40/3 in black 🙂

Here is a cute embroidery pattern I am pondering for my next quilt to start piecing… it will be called Friendship Journey and is supposed to finish 50 x 50″

Finally I want to share some back yard fun we had a couple days ago.. when the weather was nice 🙂

 Tanisha (my daughters friend since preschool ) has been visiting from Tennessee… and it was HAMMocK weather!!!!

Daisy even joined in the fun… and handed out some kisses along the way too!

Fun times for sure!  Tanisha goes home today sadly…

How about you are you taking any slow stitches today??

Until my next post please remember Life if Precious … handle with care &