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I have a surprise for you!

Welcome 🙂

With all we have been up to lately rehabbing sewing machines and such we found ourselves craigslisting and thrift shopping for older sewing machines that needed help!  We have seemed to be on a roll and my honey so enjoys it… and I reap the rewards of his labor! lol

Anyway, while thrifting locally we bought this beautiful zig zag machine that has 13 decorative stitches… for less than $13.00!!!  $12.78 with tax! lol  For my honey to fix and then sell for seed money to start a side business and expand his new hobby.  Ha!

I fell in love with her… the more research I did, the more I liked her… then he sewed on her.. it was LOVE!  For both my honey (as he lovingly repaired her unoiled parts and frozen gears and figured out her broken bobbin) and also I realized THIS machine would be my Janome replacement!

He and I decided Nelly would be her name… after her brand name Nelco. 

Nelly is a light seafoam green and white and is cast iron.

Nelly’s cast iron body was made in Japan… she is a “Japanese Clone”.  Then she was shipped to the US for branding and assembly.  For Nelly that meant St. Louis, Missouri!  And she is extra special with all her added features so they called this model a “Centennial Series”.

I love that Nelly is a Japanese import like my Fiona (she is featured on my blog header :).

My Fiona ~ Showin’ off her new spool doilies my bestie made for her!

These machines were all made in the early 1950’s when there was a loophole in sewing machine patenting.  Most of the machines made in Japan during this time are straight stitch machines… a few zig zags and even fewer like her with extra metal cams built in for the buttonholes and other decorative stitches!

So now I just gotta clean up the Janome and take posing pics to sell her so we have money for my honey to buy machines to SELL! lol  Anyone want a great deal on a Janome 8077 sewing machine?  lol

Hope you have enjoyed meeting Nelly… she is still getting cleaned up… as you can see in this pic…

Used to raise and lower the feed dogs on Nelly!

But I couldn’t wait to share!  I will only have 3 machines… I can’t use more than that! lol

Have a great rest of your week!