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Going… going… SOLD and SELLING!

After a couple weeks on Ebay my Janome sewing machine sold last night!

Yippee !!!  I reduced the price about a week ago to $240.00 from $250.  And I offered FREE shipping and put shipping costs into the price of the machine itself to make it an easier transaction 🙂

Yesterday we also got a bid on this beautiful Singer sewing machine with bentwood case…

If you are interested it is an auction that has a few days left with current bid of only $90.00… that is a STEAL for this special machine… see the Ebay listing here for that beauty 🙂  She is a collectors dream because she is very rare, vintage, and she sews great!

Notice I used my fave quilt BACK as a drape under the machine to instill the unique beauty of the cabinet and machine.  lol 🙂

Now here is some back yard loveliness… our weather on Florida’s east coast has been rainy lately but the sun is shining today and even though it is only supposed to get to 73 degrees today I will be happy to have the sunshine to sew by 🙂

Just off the back porch 🙂
Bird Oasis 🙂

The “bird oasis” started with 2 small elephant ear plants… over time we have added some purple queen (in front).. re-homed a concrete HEAVY birdbath to this area … where birds LOVE to groom themselves during the day and I get to watch… this bird oasis is just outside my sitting area in the Florida room 🙂

Behind those big elephant ears is a “bubbler” or water fountain… I have a smaller one inside the Florida room too!  Makes a nice tinkling sound that complements the birds and squirrels playing just outside 🙂

This winter my honey broke that large elephant ear down to babies it had had and posed them throughout the yard…  The pic on the left is the far left of the back yard… and the pic on the right is the far upper right corner of the backyard (I see this area mainly when making coffee in the mornings through the kitchen window 🙂

Then there is that crazy blooming aloe vera… she is at it again… blooms will bust open any day now!

Will we get hummingbirds this time or is it still too cool for them I wonder????

In another little corner of the backyard are these beautiful plants…

They were getting full sun and hating it.. so once rehomed, fertilized and watered they are now THRIVING and beautiful I think!  And they cover my son’s room window where he keeps a window fan in most of the time… win/win!

Here is a close up of the repurposed trellis…

the wandering jew are looking lovely in their pots and the jasmine is a North Carolina variety I think… it is VERY happy now that we planted it and gave it a place to spread out.. 🙂

On the front of our storage building you can see more established wandering jew… it started out as clippings… we only bought one of these plants and now our back yard is filled with them from cuttings!  My honey has such a green thumb!

And if you made it this far in my post… please leave a comment and tell me your fave part of this photo….

It was my fave from this pic taking day last week… 😉

Hope to hear from you and hope these sunny outdoor pics brighten your day wherever you are…

Thanks for dealing with my selling blog posts.. we fix and rejuvenate vintage machines and cabinets… so occasionally there will be a sales ad about that machine.  We do LOTS of research on each machine we purchase to fix and sell.. so we want the buyer to know what kind of machine they are truly getting.  I can’t advertise in a way I can figure out except on this platform… so I appreciate you avoiding the ads if they bother you but assure you my regular posts will still be coming..

As for quilting… well.. I am counting down with 8 1/2 blocks to go and 9 feathers and 3 cornerstones before I get to bind and quilt the cable around the outside border.  Looking forward to finishing this project as several others are starting to call to me 🙂

My honey is re-newing Nelly’s cabinet (my Japanese clone zig zag)  next post should have pics of that process… for now check this out!

my honey working on a cabinet design 🙂

Cheers to a Wonderful Wednesday!



Getting jiggy on the downhill slide!

My work on THE MAN quilt nets me a 76% completion now… and this and the chain around the border are all that are left to hand quilt…

Yep… I have 10 blocks… 4 cornerstones… and the chain border to finish.. then bind and wash!  Yippee!!!!

So my plan is to start with these 2 top rows that are left in the middle and work my way out 🙂

THEN I want to bind it BEFORE doing the chain in the outer border so I know the quilting lines up right with the binding 🙂

Then we found this beautiful but dirty girl here locally…

She is a Singer 128 (not sure which specific model in that class yet) I have named ONYX for now 🙂
             Blackside (for all her metal is black not silver)… 
             Crinkle finish also known as a Godzilla finish. 
A crinkle finish was only done on a limited number of machines by Singer…  It has no real sheen to it as we are used to the black shiney finish… she is more a collectors edition because she is RARE!
She was a one owner but has been stored and was soooo thirty for oil… but once my honey oiled her she sewed wonderfully!

Here she is stripped down some and getting all clean and oiled…

Singer sewing machine oil only and these cleaning products used sparingly with LOTS of elbow grease mainly is how we are cleaning this one up 🙂

Do you sew vintage?  What do you use for your vintage cast iron machines to keep them happy and clean to use?

Well… back to quilting!  Have a happy rest of your week!  Thanks for visiting!