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Janome 8077 ~ For Sale to a happy home :)

Check out the deal of the week! A 1-owner sewing machine! From THIS Ebay listing…

It is my Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine!

UPDATE~  Sold on Ebay April 8, 2014 🙂

I am writing this post to link to Ebay… but if any of my readers are in the mood for a great sewing machine this is a GREAT deal!

It is a free-motion capable machine with a free arm too…

And attachments are included for buttonhole feature and other feet.  Currently it has a universal foot that does all the stitches nicely!   Also with the arm off you can lower or raise the feed dogs… just the flip of a switch… thus FMQ capable! 🙂

I tested each stitch and after adjusting the tension from the thorough cleaning I gave it she was GREAT to go!  Here she is on with a nice bright light at your work surface for good visual of you sewing space.  No nicks or scuffs in her finish either!

She is also very handy to carry around with a handle that hides in the top when not using it…

And the view from the top…

If you look closely in the pic above you will see bobbin winding and machine threading instructions are ingrained on the machine for easy threading… but no worries… this machine comes with thread top and bottom for using RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!  Yippee 🙂

It does 30 stitches total included are 6 buttonhole settings and as I mentioned earlier the attachment for buttonholes hide in the “free arm” portion of the machine until you need them 🙂

The display for stitch choice, stitch length, and stitch width if applicable is easy to understand and use…

A view of the back shows more branding and her model and serial numbers…

And lets not forget the end…

You can see her plug and pedal are original and in like new condition…

And one of my fave things about her besides how nicely she stitches and the fact she is LOW maintenance by design… you can see your bobbin before it runs out so you won’t be sewing air! lol

Okay… here is my review now…

I have owned this machine for 3 years… it may have 20 hours of use on her… and all gentle and loving for sure 🙂  I mainly pieced quilts with her but also quilted a quilt without a big clunky walking foot and it did great.  Binding a quilt is a breeze with this baby too!

There are no triangle tips eaten with this model… when my much more experienced friend sewed on her she fell in love with how she does handle all fabrics from super delicate to corduroy with ease… I never sewed those type fabrics with her but my friend did as a test 🙂  You steer and she will pull for you and sew a GORGEOUS stitch of your desire from a large menu.

She has a needle thread and a manual thread cutter on the side.  She also comes with an extra bobbin and a fresh needle in her for medium weight quilters cotton (all I have in my stash these days!) lol!

She has speed control and will work automatically if told to do so using the button on the front left of the machine.  She has needle down function that totally rocks!  Also the speed control is good when learning to sew …. so the pedal will only go as fast as you tell the machine you want to go 🙂

I want her to go to a happy home where she will get used as I no longer use her and don’t want to see her life squandered.  If you are interested in her she is $250.00 with FREE shipping in the continental US only.  This machine retails for $300 to $500 dollars new.  You can see Amazon reviews and info by clicking here.

She comes in her original box that is a little scuffed but complete and intact as well as her original packing.  I bought her in Tennessee at Hancock Fabrics … her tag is still on the box too!

She is without a manual but they are available online as are a multitude of youtube videos so I never repurchased this item… she is easy to work and what I couldn’t figure out (and I don’t figure things out too easily) I found online no problems.

This is a FINAL sale but I am happy to be support as you get to know this machine… Feel free to email me directly with questions or to purchase this great machine… Will update when sold.

Payment is via Paypal or Cash only at this time.  Pick up is fine if you are local to the Daytona Beach, Florida area. I am available by Skype or Facetime for assistance after you recieve this machine if you purchase it and need anything getting it sewing.  You should be able to sew as soon as you plug it in though and be ready to have fun!

The plan is to put her on Ebay and Craigslist linking to this post.  For the nitty gritty details of how wonderful she is and what a blessing for a small price she really is….   Get your like new version with FREE shipping and real support once you get the machine!

Still have a question?  Contact me directly or leave a blog comment here or where you saw the ad.. I am always fast to return emails when I have something to sell 🙂

Have a blessed week!