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Wow! What a Busy Week to Share!

 Happy Sunday , August 23rd y’all!  Such a busy week here… how about y’all ?

This “Bonnie Hunter-ism” philosophy really spoke to me this week… and because of it I got LOTS accomplished too ❤
I will share quilting in just a bit… but first I wanted to try a different kind of mask design… a 3D mask using THIS VIDEO and designing a pattern for my honey…

I made this while he was still sleeping… it came together really quick though!           

So I pulled some quilt related fabric and made myself a mask I liked his big one so well and made mine smaller….

I used 3 twist ties for the nose bridge area.. and I just got in some soft round black cotton elastic this week so I was READY!  Once cut and sewed… I turned and sewed in the nose metal… 

Then following that youtube video I linked above… I played fabric origami and sewed everything in place for MY MASK!!!

See how 3D it sits when not in use!  I love how it stays away from touching my face too 🙂

This method of mask making is much more fun and it is FAST too ❤
***And if you prefer the official template you can order from that YouTube video I shared above***

Throughout the week I continued to focus each day on some quilting… I am looking forward to next month when I can hopefully get in for a eye doctor appointment… because I found out my insurance covers a large part of new glasses like these

for about $100 to include the lenses with beefed up UV and blue light protection for my eyes too!!!!  This is an online glasses shop where I use my current good fitting frame to find another frame using the numbers inside the legs on my current frame 🙂

Nails got a clean slate and some extra conditioning to my cuticles too with Mineral Fusion … then prepped with alcohol wipes for a nice dry surface to put the new nail polish strips on … 

Here are the nail strips and the packaging… with all that comes with them for around $15 from Color Street…

That $ spent … gave me this mani and enough for a future mani or pedi too!!!  What a great deal 🙂

I wasn’t due to change my nail color (Seattle Royale had only been on for a week) but it looked rough and I needed the pick me up… Jannessa had just done hers too with some investigation involved in her new set…

She played with the question of “What would she like Color Streets Clear As Day top coat strips or liquid top coat on the new nail strips… She is trying them out this week to see which way wears best 🙂

Then this weekend Connie put on a set of Oslo and Steady nail strips… 

Doesn’t she have awesome nails!!!! Wanna try a FREE SAMPLE mailed to your home of these nail strips???  I can make this happen if you leave me a message you are interested … we can message each other to get and give info for you to get a few to compare to traditional polish wearing 🙂   <<<

Now I need YOUR HELP!  
Anyone know about printing???  Pondering Save The Date cards similar to these found on Etsy for my daughter … not buying them yet but pondering if I should print them myself with my Photosmart HP Printer that does great photos or saving my ink and having them professionally done with a color laser printer…

If you use Blogger and are experiencing problems… PLEASE TAKE TIME TO 


From inside your own blogger account *if you use blogger that is* you will notice a ? with a circle around it .. when  you click on it you get the option to leave feedback… they can’t hear us belly ache over the issues new blogger formatting has if we don’t tell them!!!

For instance I am still having MAJOR issues with photo uploading.. so I am doing this in batches depending on time and topic this week… going a bit easier but slow for sure!!! So tell those that can help is my advice.

In July when my daughter came to visit we started making a wallet for her fiance’s cousin…  He loves anything to do with aliens so Brandi drew out the alien head and I appliqued it on the wallet front.

Here is a better view…
Well y’all he finally got the package yesterday and LOVED IT!!!!  Yippee

So yesterday I decided Brandi needed a holder for her sewing machine manual, bobbins, and attachments… I found this pattern HERE by Sew Can She… this link includes a Youtube video link too 🙂

This outside fabric Brandi had fallen in love with while she was here and it fit perfectly for this make!

And see how nice it holds all her stuff… it can go in that case that holds her Singer 401a vintage 1956 sewing machine too 😀

Digging around SewCanShe’s website I found this cool BOM for about $8/month for 12 months…

I will ponder it a while longer until I get paid next month at least.. but we will see 🙂  
What do you think???  THIS finishes at about 60″ square the pattern says 💟
Finally here is my stitching progress this week on the Wedding Wall Hanging ….

Moving down a bit now…

And a right handed shot too … moving even lower on the heart center…

I should be done with the heart next week… so hopefully my daily slow stitching will show more NEXT WEEKEND 🙂  My goal was to be done with the heart by the end of the LOOOONG month of August leaves… we shall see!

Sharing my “heart-y” progress with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<< Go check out what every slow stitcher is stitching… Kathy is trying something new with some knitting of dishcloths this week even 😀  
Here is my new Facebook profile picture…

And here is the meme that helped me kick it up a notch this week to get so many different things completed this week…

I will be making an appointment for a shape up trim… so this made me laugh!  Do you have Covid induced lack of hair trimming … or are you in shape???  I am curious !!!

I am so excited you decided to stop by my blog… Now leave me a note so I know you were here! 🙂

Blessings to you and yours and have a blessed Sunday too 💖