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What’s up Wednesday!

There is sooo much good stuff going on around here… just wanted to catch you all up 🙂

My honey has been busy in his mancave making things we could sell… we have been racking our brains to make something together that we could produce to assist our financial needs 🙂  You know how that goes! lol 

So first I saw a proto-type that looked like this…

He just used plywood to give it a trial run!  I loved it 🙂  So off we went to get some pine… something lower cost but better quality to stain a nice red tint and wha… lah!

Our first doxie dog bowl was born!  Now to make a few extra and figure out where to advertise… we are thinking local first and try to figure out a way to ship then start selling on eBay.  We shall see where this course takes us!

This was my fave shot from the advertising photo shoot I had… and what I used as the backdrop for our ad….

The ad looks like this right now…

In order to make these my honey wanted to get a special saw for cutting shapes like my Cricut but for wood… so we got a scroll saw… not electronic like my gypsy/Cricut but works well… here is what it looked like when we rescued it from Craigslist for a pittance of it’s worth… it is heavy cast iron …

And after making a few doxie bowls and earning it’s place in the mancave… check out the makeover my honey gave it!!!!

 Sexy huh!  And she sounds so nice as she cuts the wood so fine!

Meanwhile… out on the Florida room… I have been quilting away feathers and yin yangs like crazy and reached 50% done on this part!  Yipee 🙂  You see this morning I reached the 25th feather on my quest to complete 49 to stabilize this quilt top well… then on to the 30 blocks to be meticulously hand quilted… on a busy fabric no less… but it is my honey’s quilt and his wish is my pleasure 🙂  I LOOOOVE Hand Quilting!

I am planning a quilt along that is about to be up and running… and I am planning 2 quilts ahead of myself! lol

I have added a quilt after next inspiration to my design board to keep me motivated but I am still loving what I am doing so not much inspiration really needed….

this will become the center of a king sized throw!

Finally, as if that isn’t enough to share I took a walk out back to see how all the plants fared the rain and cold we have had lately.. at least for this neck of the beach! lol…

Daisies ~ require frequent pruning… but aren’t they pretty!

Aloe nursery… with drawf cactus and a Christmas cactus waiting to be rehomed to a new pot…

Lots of wandering jew and houseplants that prefer the outdoors 🙂

Mexican petunias… can’t kill em! lol

Azalea blooms…. amazing how they love the cold!!!

And finally… if you stuck around this long… check out the cool cactus blooms I have now!

the whole plant….

the bloom… just used a little cactus soil and it took off over the last year!  HONEST! lol

A smaller version just blooming…

Hope you have enjoyed this catch up post and have a happy Hump Day!