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Slow Stitching Bliss :)

I am finally finished with my machine quilting project… more on that below 😉

But since I am done with that I have really embraced my love of hand quilting over using a machine for quilting… I am so glad I love to hand quilt and have the support of my friends and family to hand quilt my flimsies… it takes patience on their part ya know! lol

Here is my progress on Starlight… Starbright for my daughter…

 I have moved to the bottom half of the 6th carpenters wheel block now 🙂 !!!!  Yippee !!!!


I am linking this post to Kathy’s Quilts for those that are also taking slow stitches this Sunday!

One of my favorite birthday presents has to be these headphones I recently got…

I can listen to all the tunes I have on my phone wirelessly!!!  I love that 🙂  No more ironing over cords! lol

You see I LOVE to listen to music as I stitch and sew… and iron! lol  Makes all the things enjoyable and keeps my creative side awake to do this! 🙂

I also did get a bit of slow stitching added to this machine quilted table cover…

 Here is the machine quilted cover on the table.. just don’t have the backdrop in place for this shot! lol

White on white is hard to photo well… but it will be perfect for my honey’s purpose… a backdrop for the featherweights we sell!!! 😀

Once that cover was finished I could resume my tri recs units.. for the quilt for me and my honey to sleep under… maybe to be called “Singing the Blues” 🙂

Above is 1 unit made… I need 128 of them !!!! Oh my!!!  So here is my sewing station currently….

I am almost halfway done making these units now!

While I have been keeping up with things and sewing here and there and stitching here and there.. my honey has been busy too!!!

He is adding a wall to our bar to be area…

Just waiting for some nice white paint now!!!

And the formica sheet came in yesterday… so soon you will see how the top will really look!  I am very excited about this project my honey has taken on!  It shows off all his skill I think too!  and adds value to a home we plan to sell in the next year or so! 🙂  We want to be closer to the beach.. right now we are a 10 minute drive… we want to walk to the beach though!

Until my next post please remember…

As a P. S. I would like to remind each of you to Love One Another… we are going through a tough time currently in the USA… please keep us in your prayers if you don’t live here… but no one is immune to what is happening here in current days with all the violence and unrest.. so I am changing my blog signature for future posts.. to remind us all to….

So now until my next post … be safe!  And do a good deed today.. just because you can!!! 🙂