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Enjoying a family visit & Welcoming August 2020!

The month of birthday’s in our home has passed now that it is August!  

But let’s take a look at the grand final birthday of this past month!

Here is a quick shot a took of our guest room … prepped for my daughter and her beau Timmy…

Upon their masked arrival we checked temperatures and they had quarantined as a baseline but were more rigid with it the last 2 weeks… following the lead of Bonnie Hunter and others that are trying to keep close quarters during a pandemic we tried to stay out of each other’s air space and keep socially distancing… but we were close from time to time…

Happy Birthday Brandi!!!  I caught this photo as she enjoyed a cup of coffee with her beau.

I have Singer 401a waiting to gift to her … but we just didn’t get to sewing this visit… She enjoyed seeing her 401a when we pulled it out of the carrying case it fits in donated by Jannessa (sorry no photo this week of that)… but I do have a photo of the birthday present made by Connie!!! 
She made a pin cushion duo… the larger one has a peanut butter lid for the base… while the smaller bee pincushion has a milk jug cap for a lid she said… they are both adorable… Brandi is using the small one to park her cross stitch needle in as she is an avid cross stitcher…

But the biggest friendship formed was probably Molly with Brandi!!!!

Molly cried if Brandi left to go anywhere without her even the restroom!!! lol  She became very attached during the 6 days they were here!  She even slept with them and she usually sleeps in her kennel!
Brandi also wanted a manicure while here. Here was the beginning…

 I have been sharing about the Color Street nail polish strips and had her some here to put on Brandi… but when she saw the colors of the actual nails in person she thought they were not the same as she imagined them to be so I ordered a different brand of glow in the dark skull nails… Here is how they came… in the mail via a stamp… glad they got here in time!

And once on… and when applying them… the difference WAS REAL Y’all!!!!

These nails said they were also 100% nail polish but there was no nail polish aroma to evidence this by.  I found them to be very difficult to apply requiring precise cutting to get them to break at the tips of the nails… this was NOT Color Street made for sure!!!

This photo was taken right before she left and you can see that they are chipping and flaking due to brittleness I have never experienced brittleness with quality nail polishes before … hmm… not straying again!

Once I had that experience with the other brand of nails… I soaked off the old polish and it was time for some new polish strips … this time Color Street was already determined…

And this set took about 20 minutes to put on completely and then I was called to the kitchen to help finish dinner… Now that is one thing about having a house full… lots of cooking and cleaning is going on! lol

I helped with dinner and cleaned up the dirty dishes in the sink… finally falling into bed about 9 pm.  The next morning I woke and stitched making the only progress in hand stitching this week that I did make! And snapped THIS shot…

Linking this minute progress with my fellow hand stitchers of all kinds over at Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday HERE <<<

And here is my other hand posted on the given nail file by Color Street…

This color is an iridescent lavender that has lots of color and sparkle to it… 

It is called “Glamsterdam” and I put it on on 7/29/2020 🙂

I really enjoy the sparkly fingertips but they have solids like my bestie Connie is wearing here…

The blue polish is traditional polish and the pink is Color Street 100% polish nail strips…

Connie really enjoyed the process of applying the Color Street like I do … as well as how nice it was that when they are on you are done fussing with them.  Unlike regular polish when you have to let it dry!  I have the most awesome Color Street Stylist… her card is in my hand above… but if you want a link to click to find Holli Jo’s facebook page you can go HERE… or to look at what they have in stock at the US factory in New Jersey you can look HERE.  These are made in the USA and because of the Covid stuff they are releasing their inventory to stylists like Holli Jo more than making available to the public… Holli Jo has a party each Friday and Saturday nights via Facebook live where she sells her available inventory 🙂  She is a fast shipper too!!!  Check it out 😀

Thursday Brandi got her hair cut and colored… 

Molly just can’t get enough of her though… she was gone 3 hours! lol

Then finally it was time to pack up for them to leave and see ya later snap shots were taken…

Besides the photos and memories… the kids took home a cool rock they found in our river bed… they helped restore a nice flow of water to our pond while they were here!!! 

Then as they made their way home through Gatlinburg to see the sites they picked up a license plate for their truck!

Meanwhile… once Molly realized they were gone she fell sound asleep on the chair cushions! lol

I certainly hope this less than quilty post hasn’t bored you … it was an exciting week for sure!  Especially in light of the Covid 19 pandemic… but we think we got by without infection and now we will hunker back down and be safe… Hope you will be too!


Slow Stitching Sunday Reflections …

Welcome Y’all!  
Molly and I are greeting you from our front yard today!

 I am grinning so big because I splurged and got myself a good pair of sandals for the summer…

 They are from a company called OrthoFeet!  You can find them online just googling that name if you are in the market for some orthopedic shoes in a wide selection!!!!  I can tell a BIG difference in my fatigue levels… from when I wear any other shoes I own!  YAY 😀

I finished up the last name on the wall hanging panel this week that I was working on …

 and pondered the steely grey perle cotton in the photo below…

 But it just clashed with the navy I used on the last name… so I am using a different stitch ~the split stitch ~ on the first names like this in the same 12 perle cotton navy color I used on the last name …

Linking this slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE  <<<< Kathy shares her own embroidery and many link during the day to share their slow stitching of varied types.
Also… I am linking with my friends in the HQAL group too!
Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

My daughter and her boyfriend are planning a visit this coming week…
Here is my dd (darling daughter) Brandi and some of her cross stitching too!

The above cross stitch is complete and we will frame it while she is here visiting… while the wolves on black cloth are in progress… she works on it most every day and LOVES IT ❤

 I reworked the guest room quilt that Connie and I are working on this fall…

 And my honey graced me with a vase full of flowers… vase was a gift from Jannessa!!!

 I reworked the “message board” I was gifted last week in prep for my honey’s birthday!!!!

The message board and the letters to go on it came from Amazon with a gift note from the sender 🙂
I ❤ Love It!!!
And here is our fave pic of my honey taken earlier this year on a snowy day outside…

I am so excited to celebrate the day he entered this world… as he is definitely a keeper & he keeps me laughing each and every day!  It is good to be loved so much by another human 💕

While my nails still looked ok… I was anxious to change colors and try a new one… and I got these in this week from Holli Jo… so I had lots of options!!!!

 I finally decided on the Seattle Royale I had purchased 😀  And easily removed the “At the Plaza” you see on my here…

 So this gave me 3 checks on my frequent buyer card …

And in just a few minutes of quiet time and I am done!  You can see my right hand finished on the photo of my hand embroidery above! 🙂

Now I am pondering a new tattoo… I only have a permanent ink and it is on my right foot… it rarely gets seen as I wear these great new shoes I shared that cover it up.. that is ok.. but I am thinking inner wrist for this tattoo… hmmm… what do you think?  

Are you a tattoo wearer or lover?

I really like the needle and thread detail in THIS one below… but want a different design like above with the infinity or heart detail with the thread as below… hmmm  THOUGHTS PLEASE!

 And a meme I caught on facebook this week… WEAR A MASK WHEN IN PUBLIC or around other people… also Socially Distance when possible too… especially to those unmasked souls!!!

Listen to the scientists and doctors y’all!  This can be stopped for all of us in the world and the USA specifically where this virus is gaining ground instead of losing ground!!!  Masks stop the spread they say and have proven as in the above meme.  We wear seat belts in cars to be safe… why not a mask in public??!!

Thanks for stopping in and if you decide you would like to be invited to Holli Jo’s Color Street nail strips Facebook group let me know!  Happy to invite you to it 🙂  You can see without purchase … what others think too 💖 

While we are celebrating birthdays and welcoming our first visitors into our home since the pandemic started keep us in your thoughts and prayers.. makes me nervous even though we are being careful!

May is a Marvelous Month!

Happy Sunday!  Today – May 17, 2020 – marks 3 years now we have owned our Cassie (Nissan Rogue)… and later this week I will celebrate 9 years as a blogger here too!!!

So smile and grab a cuppa and see what all has been going on around here this week 💖

Last weekend after blogging and reflecting I quilted on Appalachian Delight… I will share that in just a bit 🙂

First I wanna share photos I got last Sunday from a couple of my kids…

Brandi – My Darling Daughter
Mike (my youngest son) with his fiance Kristen

I am soooo happy to have heard from these 2 precious people!!!

And I finished this version of a table runner that day… but I couldn’t leave it as such … while still in flimsy form..

 So I used my new seam ripper from Holli Jo and…

Removed the top piano key border and repinned each intersection and sewed it back on….

Ta dah!!!!  Now it is off to Jannessa’s to be quilted with her talent. 🙂  I will bind it in the dark red I used for the diamonds… all this was an old kit Jannessa was destashing… so I took … SCORE!!!

I managed to get the right outer border done after rolling the quilt last weekend…

 Here is another sashing picture…

 And a cool view I caught for all of us to enjoy…

 Time to Roll!!!!

 And progress is being made from the left side of the quilt to the right side now!!

 Left outer border and inner border are done… and a sashing is done too!

 And this is what waits for me today to work on….

I am linking this great progress on slow stitching this week to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky Party HERE… come see what I am talking about if you haven’t visited Kathy before!!!!

I am also linking with my HQAL group that has some new members since my last posting with them 3 weeks ago…

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

One thing I enjoy doing while slow stitching all those stitches is listen to audio books and boy did I just finish a GREAT book that kept me on the edge of my seat… And it has a twist at the end… giving it a unexpected happy ending too ❤  I love that!

Look into a audio book service called Chirp… it is an app for your phone, pad, or tablet..  They run sales all the time on audio books so you can get great books for inexpensive then … and you OWN them!

I did buy a paperback book on embroidery stitches… to expand my use on the red work I am working on … while I was perusing my purchase my honey brought in some fresh roses from our yard and presented them to me with water and a sweet vase my bestie gifted me in the past…

Here is a pic I took of Julius … my handsome 301!

 Flanked by my magnetic pin dish… my newest addition a felt and wool pin cushion Jannessa made me… my snip scissors with fob I love… and that awesome sharp and easy to use seam ripper!!!!

Thanks to my super sweet friend Holli Jo… I got an infusion of fabric this week…

Yes there are a couple fabrics in here as shirts for my honey and some for my stash… some for upcoming projects and some I am turning into reusable cloth napkins for our new table runner 🙂

I spent most of the day yesterday figuring out how to cut out the fabric to make this rag animal…

 It is for my grand on her upcoming 1st birthday so I need figure this out 🙂  Have you ever made a rag animal like this?? I can’t find any help online for the process and patterns like this are much different from quilting patterns for sure!!!

During our separation from others we have….

Loved on Molly…

Took a fun selfie…
Planted flowers at the base of our flag pole…

 And repotted the daisy we bought… with 4 or  blooms showing…

 Look how pretty they look post planting…

 Above you can see that rock building… that is our local post office! 🙂  Between us and the post office is a river and a railroad tracks too!!!

Here is a photo of that Gerber Daisy showing 7 or 8 blooms now… I took this yesterday using portait mode on my camera and love the colors better I think! 🙂

How are you spending your days as we isolate more to let the virus die down??  I would love to hear… in the mean time try this in the mornings…

And remember… life is what you choose to make of it ❤  Make it GREAT! 

And I hope you enjoy the blog header and colors I went with for this coming blog writing year 🙂

Slow Stitching Accomplishments & Pillow Shams DONE !

This past week started off innocently enough with just a few things on the calendar to accomplish so I hoped to get lots and lots of slow stitching time in.  I did get the quilt frame rolled…

 Later in the week I even got the border stitching done and started on the far left swoon block outlining…

And that was that… but today.. it is about slow stitching for me… I am linking up with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE with this progress…  Come see what everyone is slow stitching… there is yarn work and floss work and quilting going on too 😀

When I wasn’t running around like crazy this week with way more happening than expected I worked in short bursts on making baskets… first I got 2 done (one was complete or close already)…

 I found a video by Mari Mitchell that showed an easier way to assemble the basket blocks and I drafted my own pattern to have them finish at my specific sizing desired for the pillow shams…

Then I realized my original plan would never get done so I revised it to be more practical for my 20 something daughter and her boyfriend…

 This energized me to jump on making the other 2 baskets while I was in basket making mode already 😀

 Then the reduced amount and enlarged size of the flying geese center panels were cut and made…

Then it was time to call on Cleopatra for the quilting…

 Here is the second one all quilted and waiting to be finished…

Here they are all finished…

I love making a sturdy envelope back … I have learned making pillows and shams that a sturdy envelope opening can be decorative and fun as well as functional and long lasting!!!

And here the shams are with the quilt my daughter and her beau will be gifted very soon.. she turns 21 next week but this will wait just a bit longer I think… to ship properly 🙂

 She will be getting the pillows, the shams that were machine quilted for long lasting durability there, and the quilt that was hand quilted A LOT!!!!

I am sew excited to gift this set… she was to come this coming weekend… but God had other plans and she got a new home instead so the visit is being parlayed for now until fall we all hope!!!

I am linking the pillow sham fun finishes first to Wendy’s Peacock Party because these colorful shams are definitely something to squawk about HERE!!!

End of the month this will be a finish I link up with Julie ~ The Crafty Quilter for her end of the month linky post HERE 😀

We have phone cases for iPhones up for sale local and on eBay…  The upper ones fit the smaller iPhone 6 and 7

The gold one fits a iPhone 6 PLUS, 7 PLUS and 8 PLUS

They are all in great condition and ready to work for you if you are interested let me know.. I can give you a bloggy friend discount and shipping in the USA is no problem.

 We have several vintage things for sale but most popular are these vintage Class 66 bobbins… they are the ones with domed top and bottom and these are metal!

This week was sooo busy even Molly needed a bit of a break at one point…

And Saturday was my honey’s Birthday!!!!  He left double 5’s  😀 lol!

He was 6 years old when … on his birthday… man landed on the moon!!!  So we have watched a lot of that kind of historical stuff the last few days… how neat is that!!!

I made a new friend this week too… She is learning to hand quilt and will start on this little wall hanging she found at a thrift store and we layered up and found a stencil she liked for the center…

 Will update you on her progress next week 😀  Her name is Jannessa… isn’t that pretty ❤  And below is a doll named Fiona that she made from scratch using parts and a pattern she found at Alice Bear's site from the UK HERE!  Isn’t she AMAZING … Jannessa has skills… takes more than a pattern and parts to make it for me!!!!  She says there are videos that help too though ❤

Here is a fun pic my bestie took.. showing off how long her hair is these days…

And here I am showing off my new phone case…

I am really enjoying this short haircut and even plan to get it trimmed up next month because short hair needs trimmed more often than long does! lol

For closing I finally finally found a closing quote I like … hope you enjoy it!  The photo itself is the town just south of us looking up into the mountains we live in…

Crazy Busy Week Y’all ~ Come Read All About It!

June is being crazy busy for us !!!

Sunday evening I finished up the hand quilting on Elliana’s quilt!!!  YAY 🙂  I was promptly exhausted and Molly was promptly excited to see I was cutting it off the frame 🙂  She is soooo cute I had to snap a photo of her on the quilt as I cut it loose! lol

Monday I sewed on the binding , made the label and sewed it on … and Tuesday I got a new do for summer time 😀

Y’all it is SHORT back there… but I totally love that she left the front long enough to do something with still 😀  I am not due to have it trimmed again until September but I am already contemplating late July to keep it up a bit better! lol

And look how beautiful the daisies are looking this week with the rain on them … we started getting rain mid week !!!  YAY  (Our pond is back to getting water to it again.. our river was very low from lack of rain here in the mountains!)

 I took a better photo of the table runner showing the machine quilting on it… I really like this piece in our kitchen decor now too 😀

 Look at this heart shaped flag piece we found when thrift shopping Monday… found a home real quick in our decor!

 And we got a 5′ x 7′ rug that Molly has promptly decided is her play area 😀

 I wish you could see her… she brings all her toys and treats here now to enjoy them and rolls around on the carpet to rub her back and play for her toys… she loves it!  Sew funny to watch!!

She turns 1 year old Monday the 10th !! YIPPEE 🙂

And look at this quote I found this week…

Then look how proud my darling daughter looks with her GED certificate in hand here…
Here is her official diploma she shared with me …

I am so proud and excited for her!!!!

She also starts a job now next week at the school where she took her GED classes… she passed above the expectations of the course too… and had fun teaching some of her classmates math … her favorite subject 😀

 I won Julie Cefalu’s giveaway for May y’all!  I am MEGA EXCITED about this ❤

 The Crafty Quilter… aka Julie…(HERE is the blog post she posted after contacting me<<<) contacted me early in the week and by yesterday I was looking at all these goodies 😀  I am stoked !!!  I never win anything I enter but my hard work and perseverance paid off here… look at my winning lot!

 Julie has her own stationary and she wrote me a very personalized not for winning… she did substitute for the Moda  2019 hand towel this cool label fabric and a spool of 50 wt Aurifil (my fave thread ya know) … I love this substitution… the other fabrics are 1/2 yard but mostly I am excited for the Ruby red Olfa 45 mm rotary cutter!!!!

 I am a July born baby and ruby is my birthstone and me and my honey’s fave color together too ❤

So to celebrate winning we finally bit the bullet and ordered a “bistro set” … a couple of cozy oversized chairs that swivel and a table that is glass top but not see through and larger than we expected…

 Here you can see our front yard a bit better and how it sits near our flag pole on a concrete slab that was there when we bought the house… we used it for a burn pit for paper trash… now that is moved to near the river for burning purposes where it is more safe anyway and we have claimed this space to enjoy sitting (when it stops raining )…

No complaints about the rain but I will be glad to enjoy this newly claimed spot!

I am not showing any more of the quilt but little snippets until next weeks post when they have received the quilt… but look at the cute label I made here…

 And here is the 3rd corner as I rounded each one during the week and busy stuff was happening…

 Finally Friday nite I placed the last pins and stitched all the binding down using my favorite new stitch the ladder stitch I shared a while back in a picture tutorial here…

Linking my slow stitching finish that mailed out yesterday to it’s new home to: 
Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday HERE <<< where she is sharing some hand embroidery and other linkers are busy sharing hand stitching of all kinds too!!!
& to
Wendy’s Peacock Party HERE <<< where she is sharing all sorts of goodness and close ups of a Lucy Boston quilt I LOVE!!!

 This week I ordered fabrics and made a proper pattern for the basket themed pillow shams to coordinate with my daughter’s graduation quilt she will be coming to get sometime end of July around her birthday she says 😀

To the left is the pattern I fleshed out when I wasn’t able to sleep one night…

To the right is the fabric that I didn’t let myself near until the quilt for Elliana was done 😀  I love torturing myself but I loved more playing with the new fabrics!!!

Going through my stash I knew I had a bit of nice white fabric for the flying geese … and some more grey in the steel color I bought… but the colors are a tad off on the grey… so I may make the grey fabric I had be part of the back of the pillow shame and keep the new grey fabric to be the pieced front part of the pillow sham 🙂  
I am enjoying this project more now that I have started it too!!!  Playing with my latest gift from my honey, Julius, is amazing too !!!

 And before I knew it my other new rotary (Clover green 45 mm rotary) along with the 28 mm with a fresh blade (great for trimming to size all those hst’s)… had this top part of the basket laid out 🙂

 Molly got a new toy this week… she got filthy dirty in the dirt and rain by the river that runs through our yard… so she got a bath and brush out… she looked so good I had to grab a photo of her and her new ball toy too on the rug 😀

 And here is Ellie at 2 weeks old… they will call Elliana that I think 🙂 

Isn’t this the cutest photo of a baby!!!!  LOL I am sew in love with her… I think we will be going there first part of July for my birthday!!!

In closing, I want to share that my honey went to the hospital with low oxygen levels this week too… We loved the EMS crew that took him on oxygen to the hospital but our local small hospital pales in comparison to his regular VA experience 2 hours drive away when he had his hip replaced and where he sees his regular doctors…  His oxygen levels are still NOT stellar but not as low as they were either… please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this week that the doctors can figure out what is going on with him and provide him with medication/technology to help it get better… for now he has increased his oxygen level he receives when he sleeps.  We are hoping he doesn’t need oxygen during the day though!!!  Take care and remember…

Happy Spring Y’all!

Finally Spring has come to our calendar in North America …

March 20, Wednesday here in the northern hemisphere brought us the welcoming of warmer weather and my arthritis is sooo happy to hear that warm weather will be coming! lol

Actually I don’t have any photos of flowering happening this week but soon we will have lots to share I think… we have green plumes all over the yard… just no colors emerging just yet.  I am just happy to have made it through our colder than normal winter here in the mountains of North Carolina 🙂

I have been making steady progress on the Spiral Log Cabin this week…

 I am sharing this photo and this post with Kathy’s Slow Stitching Linky Party HERE.  Kathy is asking what we watch or listen to as we slow stitch… I loved watching Bluprint and learning as I stitched… I am letting my subscription run out though for now and may reup if I miss that… I also watch Youtube learning videos from other quilters and bag makers and enjoy the Hallmark Channel NOW all on my phone with headphones on 😀

As for progress now… I am halfway across the last row of the quilt as you can see in the photo above.  I will be hoping to finish this and be binding if not completely done for next Sunday’s post 😀

And I redesigned the baby quilt I shared last week…

 I got all the blocks I planned to applique except the name strip of fabric complete and ready to machine applique…

 And this morning I finished all the chain blocks (13 of those) as well!!!

 This week I will snowball the 12 applique blocks and start putting this top together 🙂  I am sharing this project as my focus at Wendy’s Peacock Party HERE!

The quilt will be a mix of machine and hand quilting I am thinking… the batting will be coming to me by way of my bestie who bought it during a sale at JoAnn’s.. I don’t live anywhere near one and soon she will be delivering a quilt for me to hand quilt… and will drop off this batting for all the quilts I have been piecing of late.

No work has happened this week on the EPP Rooster this week so hopefully that will change today and this week.  Molly says hello to you all also!

 My honey is doing stellarly well after his hip replacement… he is still having a bit of post operative pain and finds it difficult to find a comfortable position for any period of time.  But he graduated to a cane and now to nothing at all most of the time and is losing his pre operative limp they said could take months to overcome!!!  So he is doing well.. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Take time to find something in your life to be in love with y’all and have a great Spring or Autumn if you are down South 😀

Hope you had fun & productive National Quilting Day / Week Y’all!

I want to open this post by wishing you each a Happy and Blessed St Patrick’s Day…

I used to know all the history of our holiday celebrations… but now I just focus on quilting and current events more than anything… so I thought this sweet wish to each of you would be nice whether you are Irish or not I hope you pursue good luck each morning and night too!!!

I know National Quilting Day was supposed to just be Saturday but after sharing it’s coming with you last week… I had the MOST PRODUCTIVE WEEK SEWING & QUILTING & ORGANIZING TOO!!!!

Sunday I spent between focusing on slow stitching on my quilting and my english paper piecing to sewing this on Gloria for a sweet 5 year old named Jasper…

But what to my tired eyes appeared when I took this photo but a big OOPS!!!  Do you see that on either side of the center panel both sides are laid out the same instead of mirror image…OH NO!!!

So out came my trusty seam ripper and bit of coffee and patience to fix it right up and re sew!!!

 The photo above made me say “Tah Dah!!!”  I was sooo excited to see what I thought I was gonna see in the first photo happen finally in the second.  This sooo energized me that I pieced together a backing for this 47 x 53″ flimsy and figured the binding and found a square of fabric to make a nice label too & took another photo…

Now the 2 brother’s quilts (I shared Simon’s flimsy last week) are ready for some quilting… but I need batting and that isn’t in my mind at the moment… because I have lots of other things happening too.. and a large batting will hit our budget next month for sure and then I can focus on 3 quilts that need to be quilted… for now production continues!!!  lol

For Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky HERE I wanted to share a fixed seam… come see what she is slow stitching today!

I used a ladder stitch I found on youtube HERE… I loosened the tension of the top and batting only… so that the backing remained taut.  I thought this would lessen the chance I would catch it and that was true for me… Then I used 50 wt Aurifil that I use for regular machine piecing and knotted a single ply of it and inserted it into the fold of the fabric on top and started ladder stitching into the good part of the bottom fabric … I had completely missed this in the preparatory ironing this quilt top got as it waiting 2 or more years to get quilted… CRAZY!!!  But it happened and it is now fixed!

Here are some progress photos of this Spiral Log Cabin too…

 Last week I was smack in the middle and thought I could avoid hand quilting some this week to slow down the progress I was making as I let my best friend finish my next project to hand quilt… I do not like an empty frame gawking at me… many of you commented that I should keep on quilting and the urge was too great in the end… I did as you can see above.

In the photo below in you lok to the far left of the photo where the green marks of the baptist fan disappear… THIS is the area I had to fix that I shared above!

 And here is a view to the top and end … Just one more row of baptist fans.. and not even a full row really… and I will be on to the top border!!!

So as not to rush my bestie as she works 50 plus hours each week and has a very busy life otherwise too with kids, grands and a guy besides finding time to piece her quilt she wants me to quilt together… I will focus on binding and labeling and enjoying this quilt when it gets done and now on the empty frame that will be left in it’s wake.

I also have another hand project I can more fully focus on then too… many of you wanted to see progress I was making with my English Paper Pieced Rooster 🙂  I am sharing this with Wendy’s Peacock Party Linky HERE.  Come find out how cool SMOYG is 😀

Here is my basic setup… batting on a tray from the meat department (cleaned of course) is my holder of these little pieces of varied sizes…

 above you can see the cool pin cushion my bestie made and sent to me… I ❤ it!!!

Here is my progress if I flip over my progress to see the front with all the papers still in place of course!

 And with 2 more pieces in place this will be the head of the rooster and the eye is a sultry grey 😉  I may change that… but we will see as this project progresses… I planned it grey for a reason I think and that fabric is VERY special to me too!

 Here is the project all put together from the back side…

 This rooster finishes as a 20″ square wall hanging then I may add a border… this was Violet Craft’s colorway… My colorway is red and black and tan neutrals….

I can tell my EPP stitches are getting more small and less noticeable as I go along… I have watched many many vids on EPP stitching by Violet Craft, Rob of Man Sewing, and several others on Bluprint and youtube to mix it up for me to think of a bit of each of those teachers in making my stitches the least noticeable… I enjoy the thread I am using for invisibility and durability… I will be glad to get to a place where I can take some papers out too! lol
Right now it is a struggle to remember all the things of making my stitches stay small and not to take big bites of fabric with my needle… but I am persevering and it is getting easier… this will coordinate when I am finished with the Spiral Log Cabin Quilt too ❤

I have been working all week on finishing the organization of my sewing room and stash… I have lots of progress to share and this is the only part of the room I haven’t done yet … so I may finish that today too… it is hand work anyway and not a machine that does the sorting!!!

 I sorted all I had containers for and bought all they had (two!!!) at a store while my honey saw the surgeon for his follow up appointment (2 weeks post op now 😀 )….

So yesterday while I was out to go to the quilt shop and some other errands for Quilting Day… I stopped by Dollar Tree and got one more container for my white scraps that need desperately to be divided to cream and white instead… so the lids will go on and stay on until needed… like all of these are now!!!!

I couldn’t find the link where I had printed off the colors initially so I found this link and saved it… but I need to make a handmade one for offwhite or cream for the not really white box… what do you all think???

So my door is skinny but I wanted to share all my fabric stash in this closet away from dust and light and our low dander pup too…
Above you can see the shelf that is to the left at eye level

To the left is the left side of straight ahead… the shelf system my honey built to the wall for me to use with my board wrapped fabric system.

To the right is more of that shelf system and you can see the rest of the U shaped shelves with book and such at eye level (yep even phone books for string piecing – thanks to Bonnie Hunter for that tip! )  And a bit more fabric in that tower of shelves on the bottom right of the photo … I am sorting that into my main fabric storage as I get to it though 😀

Here is the photo I will share at the Crafty Quilter end of the month though… more concise 🙂

Finally for my sewing room review is a corner I haven’t shared in AGES because it was piled up with civil war fabrics and junk… now it is actively holding only what I need to see for current and future projects 🙂

The green tray is my EPP stuff and also has the binding for the Spiral Log Cabin… along the back of the table are frequently used rulers and other such things that I need quick access to that I haven’t seen in ages so I was happy to find some of those things again and get reacquainted.  
On the front edge is fabric for my granddaughter to be’s quilt I am planning… more on that as it happens 🙂  My grand daughters name will be Elliana… I will be appliqueing her name on her quilt as well as some wilderness animals at her parents request… it is their anniversary tomorrow on the 18th… 2 years married!!!  I will probably work on that project then as I enjoy thinking of them and maybe ring them and see if they can chat! 😀
Here is the backing I will expand and plan to use… it is Moda and Flannel and soft!!!

 Here is the print I plan to put into use on a bag for a friend of my daughter’s… she will pay for the supplies for a purse and has chosen blues and elephants and this print from several I shared with her…

I am excited to have a bag to make and another coming soon too… more on this stuff next week though!

If you have Bluprint or access to it and are looking for a good comprehensive applique class… check out this one … Bluprint was Craftsy in the past…

I have 1 class I can buy and this may be it before my subscription expires… I may re up next month for a new year but it isn’t in the cards this month and that is okay too… I have certainly enjoyed it… if you ever want to expand your crafting horizons consider a year of Bluprint as a gift for yourself… I did and I have and I don’t regret a penny I spent doing it 😀

 As part of a parcel of loveliness I got from my bestie yesterday (she sent me the pink fabric I shared in the fabric for my grand daughters quilt to become)…. she sent my honey a sweet “get well” card and a gift card to his fave store!!!

He was floored to get such a thing from her and excited to start a post op project he had wanted to do… so off we went on our way to the quilt shop to afterward take him to Lowe’s for wood to expand our bedside tables….

We both use cpap machines at night… his is a fancy version that is top of the line sleeping assist for severe sleep apnea called IVAP and mine is the low end version for minor sleep apnea … just CPAP… he converted a couple 2 cube tables into pull outs on the top for our machines and baskets below to hold our supplies… now he is adding wood to the tops of each to give us more room for books and remotes and clocks and change… the list goes on… he made us hooks off the lamps that hang on the walls… so it has been a project to get us all fixed up to sleep well… but these table tops (thanks to Connie) are something he really really wanted next month… so he got them this month and found the energy to cut the wood and fit them yesterday and let us try them out before staining them to match the bases then poly will cover them to make them fluid resistant since we like water or a soda to drink at bedtime.

Rick got out yesterday and fed our fish in the pond for the first time since winter… they hibernate and won’t eat in wintertime!  CRAZY!!!!  So he grabbed my phone and took some pictures… the ground is still saturated from all the rain we have had of late… but he managed to find a dry enough spot to stop on the golf cart to take these photos for you all…

Soon it will be warm enough out I can go out and swing on the swing and watch the nursery grow in the pond (nursery of fish that is)… I love our home and our pond and yard!!! I feel so blessed to have the grist mill attached to it too… it is fun to feed the fish and watch the little ones become teens and the teens become grown ones… we love having friends stop by and fish in our pond too!!!  I enjoyed winter… don’t get me wrong but I love spring too.. and here it comes!!!!

So take time this week to be in love with your life… share your fave part of your life with me in a comment if you will… give gratitude for what is going great for you or what makes you happy!

Surgery a success & LOTS more to share!

Hello to March 2019!!!  Here is a snapshot of my calendar this month….
“Journey through life happily and full of joy”
I turned the calendar soon after we returned home from my honey’s right hip replacement surgery.  Before I get to that though… look what I completed before we left to go to Asheville for his surgery!!!

 Not only are the colored bins below all organized and put away neatly as possible but almost all my wrapped fabrics are organized too..

It took some finagling to get the fabric and the scraps all organized in the closet of my sewing room but I did!
All that is left is to address the elephant in the room now… my cutting table with all my civil war fabrics from the last 2 quilts on it… not ready to organize them yet because I have pillow shams to fashion for Appalachian Delight that I am adding borders to this morning! 🙂
I put this quilt up for sale this week… 

 The fall wall hanging quilt sold last week….  this is the only one I still want to destash.. it is a lovely quilt but just doesn’t fit our mountain decor here … so hopefully it will fit someone else’s decor and find a fitting home.  The fall wall hanging got glowing feedback when the person received it.

Also before we left for our journey to surgery… I started cutting out and assembling the Diamond Clutch Wallet that I planned to make into a wristlet!

So Sunday and Monday were busy days… I doubt I touched the hand quilting on the wall hanging but the sorting did take a front seat and that is hand work of sorts… so I feel I accomplished a lot getting my sewing room in order before we left Tuesday to drop Molly at the groomers for a trim and boarding too… and then on the Asheville as the VA was putting us up in a motel before surgery to be close by for a 6 am arrival time.

 We found the motel and spent a sleepless night awaiting a 4 am wake up call from the automated motel system.  The VA was only 15 or less from our motel though so that was a definite blessing.  We also found parking close to the front doors to go to the pre op waiting room and Rick was changed and ready for surgery by 6 am as scheduled!!! yay 😀

Here is a photo I took the morning after surgery… for our best friend Connie.  He was so happy to be able to be out of the bed and up in the chair under his own steam with leadership from a great occupational therapist and physical therapist too… the day of surgery was rough all around but the next day was GREAT… and soon he was actually being discharged!

While he was running laps around the surgical unit I spent the night at a great place called the Rathbun Center… think Ronald McDonald house for adults.  It was a beautiful hideaway behind a subdivision of Asheville and is monitored 24 hours a day… your stay is free or they accept donations and they provide some basic food stuffs but you can cook and store food in their kitchen… watch tv in public spots… use a computer in the library or relax in your private room with bathroom.. very nice… here is a photo of this sweet spot…

It was ramp accessible which made it a perfect fit for me… so when Rick has to have his left hip replaced (near future we think) I may try to get an appointment to stay there again as I only stayed 1 night and thought it would be 2 or 3!!!  My honey just did GREAT though 😀

We got home Thursday evening and within 1 hour of getting home we had the car unloaded and Rick had switched walkers to one more keen for outdoors and walked along the flat path to his man cave outside… he loves that spot… and he enjoyed the fact he could walk there by himself too!  This was unexpected for us pre operatively!

Thursday night… as it turns out was his best sleeping night of all our nights home yet.  We each slept in shifts as he couldn’t settle and I was exhausted… so I slept first and deep and good… then woke to catch up on missed hand quilting time… He took a round of medicine for pain and I got him cozy in the bed and he slept with me just checking in on him until 4 hours passed and it was time for more medications… we used the bathroom and we re-positioned him and off to sleep he was again!  lol  He slept another 4 hours and woke to get up and work on little projects around the house he had on his mind… moving around and adding pull bars in the bathrooms… packing something we sold while he was in the hospital… and going to run errands with me in the afternoon  🙂

Saturday I decided it was time to finish the wallet I had started before his surgery…

 Working on the zipper… had to remove metal teeth to shorten it and move the stops to where the teeth were removed required some tools my honey donated to my bag making stash from his tool stash 🙂  I love that we share passions in some ways too!

Tah dah….

 Here is a betting photo of the whole Diamond Clutch Wristlet Wallet I made from a pattern that was very well written with photos and a video for a few parts too…

In the light peach change pocket I added a swivel clasp to hold car keys so they don’t run off on me 🙂  I also put one of my Handcrafted label sin this wallet you will see 😀  I learned a lot making it and think there will be another in the far future for me to make for myself but all together I don’t think the pattern directions could be improved upon !

This weekend has gone so well… last night I sat down and figured and measured and CUT the borders for Appalachian Delight!  This morning I attached the freshly pressed borders and am now planning to lay them out on our kitchen bar to figure the mitering that needs to happen…

 Isn’t this lovely!!!  The center I pieced measures 80″ square and the outer border is an additional 13″ of top quality quilt shop quality fabric I bought for a song in bulk from a quilt shop closing and advertising their remaining things on eBay over a month ago.

Yesterday I also rolled the quilt and will now be going right across the center of the quilt and that top border is noticeable!!!

This morning I have already put in some baptist fan stitches and have 2 of the 8 needed fans complete… I am pointing to my current spot where I will spend this day stitching below with my finger…

Linking this progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday Party HERE << see her applique!!
The Peacock Party at Wendy’s Quilt and More HERE << where Wendy is showing a Giraffe stitchery by Kim McLean that is very cool!

Here is a photo of Molly.. freshly groomed and looking cute and our freshly pre-op organized living room… you can see Fiona behind the sofa now and my quilt frame beyond that…

 Here is a close up of my Fiona… she is a straight stitching Morse and she began this drive to own only vintage machines… we bought here without the beautiful case my honey bestowed on her … for $15 as found on Craigslist… she took a bit of work but she is a fave of mine and will always hold a special place in my heart 🙂

Someone posted this on facebook this week… so I will leave you with this thought… if you Rise … why not Shine too 🙂

Well … off to be busy hand quilting and pressing Appalachian Delight and figure out those miters for the 4 corners… this quilt will be neatly folded once finished as I focus on finishing the wall hanging on the frame and wait for Connie to find time to finish a quilt she wanted me to hand quilt for her bed 🙂  I also am planning a couple toddler quilts for my daughter’s best friends kids…  No rest for the weary… sleep will happen eventually! lol  For now I am just glad we are in love with our life here in NC… every minute of it!!!

Saying Goodbye to 2018… And looking forward too!

2018 had been a year when I finally took charge of my life I feel. 

My kids are all out on their own and the end of this year is seeing them each settling in to their chosen paths well.  Me and my honey sold a house and bought our dream home moving from the ocean to the mountains. 

Leaving a little water feature on a back porch and gaining a pond with a built in grist mill in our back yard!

This home is becoming everything we thought it could be!!!  We even got to meet the people that fashioned it into the house we bought from a little building near the pond that didn’t exist anything like it does today!  We have watched many of our dreams come true and I finally have not only a guest room for friends and family… but a sewing room and a place for my 10 foot hand quilting frame. 

Likewise, my honey has space in our well insulated attached garage for some of his storage needs as well as an out building he can enjoy the rain hitting the metal roof and have room for all his guy tools and things!

We are certainly feeling blessed as we reflect on every place 2018 has brought us.  We have lots of hopes and dreams for 2019 but let’s stay focused on 2018 for this post 🙂

I did finish my stocking with no time to spare!!!

I even cleaned my desk up and caught it on digital media for a sweet memory! lol

 I took a photo for fun that I really like too …

And one of my honey with his new hat!

It was made in Australia and is a top grade brand too… Akubra my honey says is originally an aboriginal word for head covering!  🙂  How cool is that!!!    It is made of a 6 week process beginning with rabbit fur and varnish and ending with a cool hat with a leather braid trim and this cool feather and button 🙂


We even decorated for Christmas … a surprise to both of us really… but we found some economical lighted display items at a local big box store and had fun decorating with what we found 🙂  Our flag pole turned into a 20 foot Christmas tree… those light s are blue.  And the snowman is lighted as well and is 9 foot tall !!!

Rick got a steroid shot in his hip to avoid surgery for a bit and is finding enough relief from the shot that he was able to do the decorating… unfortunately… it isn’t lasting as he had hoped.  Also he got the nasty cold that is going around so we are fighting it from all angles with herbs and cold medications too… Please pray that he feels better or send up happy thoughts if prayer isn’t your thing! Thanks 🙂

I found lots of different chocolates in my new stocking Christmas morning… I must have been a good girl this year to get so much yummy stuff… I still haven’t eaten it all! lol  Next year I must ask Santa personally to leave a bit of fun stuff for my honey too… but he doesn’t care for chocolate really… think Santa would leave other stuff instead???

We had to send Daisy this past August to live with my best friend Connie… it was very sad for us but a good thing for Daisy and for Connie and her family too…

 but the dander of a doxie is not good for me with COPD or my honey with allergies in general and newly diagnosed Asthma as well…

Not wanting to be dogless … we adopted our little Molly who is a more hypoallergenic mixed breed of shih tzu and poodle called a shih poo…

I started an Etsy shop and have sold a few things there…

And this winter… I am learning how to safely start a fire with gas logs… maybe this is easy for some but I am very shy about doing this on my own…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a fireplace though that I can start without real logs to have to shovel and mess with the after affects from… the gas the fuels the logs also gives us heat via furnace so it is nice have propane handy for both purposes.

So I shared my honey got a cool hat and an amazing deal on some tools for his Christmas… here is what my daydreaming was all about…

I named her Cleopatra… she is from the 1954 era and is a Singer 319w.  My best friend Connie has a multi shade green version of her… they also make a rarely found tan version.  When I saw they made a black with gold Egyptian decals though… it was just pure unadulterated desire to have one myself… after hearing Connie chat endlessly about hers! lol

Cleo has 5 built in cams and a cam holder for more designs to add to the front of her using those old typewriter style levels.  I also got a full set of these fashion disc for Christmas and have some scissors that more match her than the scissors in the photo above. 
She is a 3/4 size machine but is HEAVY DUTY in how she preforms… so I have been using her exclusively in December for all my utility and crafty sewing completions.  I will use Gloria (my Singer 301a) for quilt piecing as she handles that great!  Gloria also has a wonderful working seam guide that Cleo doesn’t care for! lol

 Here is a view of my sewing room from Gloria’s side of the room…

 Here is my current work in progress on her… and my next to be hand quilted for our bed… maybe mid year 2019 this quilt will see the frame though!

 Here is the plan on how this quilt center will look… I have all the pieces cut … just need to web the center and start on the borders I have planned… but crafty sewing and Christmas and nesting in our new home got in the way! lol

Molly celebrated 6 months old with a haircut… we were trimming her but this was after her first professional grooming.  My honey is still shook up about how she changed just with a haircut but I like it 😀  He will get used to it over time I hope!!!

 Slow stitching progress for this year… I finished this one for my daughter… but she has to get her diploma before she receives it… so it is on our guest bed at the moment where I can enjoy it and be excited to send it to her or gift it to her when I see her next 🙂

 I pieced and hand quilted this quilt… the pillow shams coordinate but I machine quilted them for speed and durability over time… my honey is very oily skinned… these get washed weekly to keep them clean too!

 This is a big view of the quilt on my hand quilting frame at this moment… I am on the 4th row up of stars now….

 Here is a photo I took before rolling the frame…

 And here is a photo of the 4th row getting started in earnest…

Here is the next quilt I will hand quilt when I am done with the Stars Among Us quilting…

 That log cabin has been waiting a couple years from when it was pieced to get quilted … but it will go in the kitchen where the snowcouple is now 😀

Then I have the whole cloth quilt I have worked on over 3 years time… and it is still going and not yet halfway done.  I have added quilting to it every now and then but have been so busy with other stuff… it hasn’t gotten much playtime… I hope to make progress on it too in 2019.
This photo on the left was taken in Florida.. it is remounted in that PVC frame my honey fashioned for me before I got the Hinterberg wood frame.  I like them both really!  I had to take it out of the frame for the move to the mountains in January though… it only got mounted back in the frame over the summer and waits for me now!

I will say to you though… I am VERY excited about my next project after the log cabin (or before if Connie gets it finished to a flimsy before ) … I will be hand quilting a swoon patterned 1930’s era fabric quilt she is piecing now to add ambiance to her room… and because hand quilting a large queen (105 square quilt top) without my big frame isn’t near as much fun… so I am going to gift her that for this year 🙂  SEW EXCITED TO QUILT HER EXQUISITE PIECING!!!!

I have quilted a quilt for Connie early in my quilting history… it was fun but it was a hoopless quilting and not the work I do today… I much prefer the artistry of my quilting today to my learning stitches that brought me here.  I am linking this hand quilting info to my friend Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching post… come check out what other bloggers are sharing with things they have completed this year or worked on if not finished HERE!

I am very proud of my machine quilting on these two projects ( the wall hanging snow people and the tree skirt I fashioned from Christmas fabric scraps I had on hand)!

 I love how it looks early in the morning when I wake!

And I love the Santa blown glass ornament we added this year to commemorate the year we met… 2011!

 In closing I have some VERY SPECIAL news to share….
I will officially be called “Grandma” by someone I can’t wait to meet…
I visions of quilts and bibs and spit up rags all ready to make!!!  Just waiting for colors and other decisions to be made… and for her to have her friends hosted baby shower so I can make what else she may need… this baby is growing in my daughter in love Heather and along with my son James they are very excited to have this welcomed addition to their family.  They are making lots of changes to prepare for their new baby and I am very excited !!!

You may remember Amethyst Stars that I completed by hand over new years 2017/2018. 

It left my frame empty over new years too !!! lol

As I commemorated their quilt with this label and my own label… and spend new years day sewing on binding and mailed it off to them to enjoy!

I also have this little wall hanging waiting to get hand stitching finished…

 And these blocks I started making and have worked on with Gloria here and there…

Maybe I can look back on this post and between my finger skills and Gloria’s skills and now Cleo’s skills I can finish some fun things I started already before starting MORE! lol

I do hope to make me a wristlet clutch soon though… hmmm! hahaha

For now I bid you Happy 2019… May it bring you all you hope and wish for my bloggy friends!  And I close with this wish as you enter a new year wherever you live …

And don’t forget to make your life….a life you love!!!

25% COMPLETE Hand Quilting & MORE fun stuff to share!!!

Happy Sunday Y’all!  Thanks for stopping in as well!!!  From the North Carolina mountains to you I wish you all well!

The views here are amazing and birds are always out chirping and singing happy songs!  We just love it here 😀  And this Bonnie-ism really seems appropriate today to share with you all…

Have you designed a life you love???  It can be quite tricky to accomplish I agree!

It has been a busy week here at the Lazy Daisy 🙂
 Last Sunday I spent time hand quilting and designing this wholecloth pillow from stash and leftovers of the quilt I am quilting currently…

 Why does my honey need a new snuggle pillow??  Will #1 his current snuggle pillow is getting worn… and #2 I made these cool pillow shams and the current snuggle pillow he sleeps with just doesn’t coordinate… it is cool batik colors and as you see… this calls for more warm muted colors…

 I used some tips from a Craftsy Unlimited class to make the Friendship Braid pattern on these pillow shams… the rest was all my design though 🙂  I love creating things in this environment!

I also am FINALLY a North Carolina citizen with voting priviledges and all!!  I am waiting for the official driver’s license to come in the mail… for now I have this paper ID to show my pride in my forever home state!

 I have been looking for this pattern and after successfully getting my driver’s license we made a run to Walmart down the road and in waiting for my honey I found this pattern…

 Yahoo!  It is for making memory bears… I can’t wait for the opportunity to make one with this pattern too!!!  Have you seen/made this pattern yet???

Also this week my honey got a close up on one of our resident FROGS!!!!

 He was by our water wheel… his favorite place to hang out… but rarely will he let us get close enough to get photos of him….. Yay!

I got 2 different orders of fabric… first came some backing and batting I ordered for the charity quilt I will be machine quilting later this week… I shared the quilt top last week….

 And I got this cool fabric to make a wall hanging for my sewing room!

My deal with myself is though… I must finish the pillow for my honey to snuggle before I bite into this next project… and I haven’t started to hand quilt his pillow top yet! lol  So it sits on my ironing table waiting for me to finish 1 to get to the next!!!!

After chatting with a good friend who machine quilts a lot… I decided to invest in some pool noodles at the dollar store for pin basting on the big island in our kitchen … I will be pin basting all 3 layers following a youtube video by Melanie Hamm.  She explains the process in 5 minutes and includes info on spray basting if you choose that.. I don’t but pin basting is my fave way to layer up a quilt for any type of quilting… I will be using Zena my 401a to machine quilt as that has the walking foot on it 🙂

The above photo is 2 pool noodles per “pole” and each pole has a long piece of quarter round to make it stiff and long … my honey came up with that idea!  I was gonna use mop handles we had picked up at the dollar store… so now we will return those and use what we had… being ingenious is my honey’s favorite talent btw! lol

Finally we are getting to my favorite part and where I have spent a good bit of my week…

 Hand quilting IS sooooo powerful…  I have made lots of progress too!!!

 From marking with my pounce pad (check out a YouTube video by Leah Day if you are interested in trying this method)… to stepping back and realizing I am 1/4 done with ALL the quilting on this quilt!!!

 Here is a close up of my current progress point….

 And here is a long view…

So all this hand quilting goodness I am linking up with other hand work lovers over at Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday linky party… Come on over HERE and see ALL this different kinds of hand work going on today all over the world!!!

Update for those of you following my honey’s sciatic pain… he did a steroid dose pack and muscle relaxers and heat this week and took it easy… the hardest part… and is not much better once the steroids finished up so we will be calling his primary doctor on Monday!

Also his newly acquired oxygen concentrator has a yellow flashing light… we thought we had solved the issue with a bit of water in the line… but this morning it is flashing again!!!  So we will be investigating both issues this week….

Keep him in your thoughts this week please!!!!

I will be making a comment first as soon as I post this so hopefully all your comments will come to my inbox today (that was a solution offered by another blogger last week)… otherwise if you don’t hear from me and you are nice enough to leave a comment on this post… come on back later and see if I saw it yet… I comment on EACH post every time! I love comments 😀

Have a blessed day and remember to…