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Quilting in Calmness on a Slow Stitching Sunday :)

Yesterday was a heck of a day for me and my house… so many ups and downs in life in general in one day I was happy to call it a day and head to bed last night…

Today I was still unsettled when I awoke so I started stitching…

I quilted in calmness 🙂  The peaceful morning sounds of birds and bubblers worked there magic as I quilted and calmness overtook me!  Yippee 🙂

Today I now have some great progress to share with you..

only 2 blocks and a feather left until I can bind and finish off the last of the quilting on this wonderful quilt for my honey we still only call THE MAN quilt !  ha 🙂

So today my focus is on this block I just marked…

and at least half of that feather too 🙂

I am not setting a goal for this as I have still lots of stuff going on otherwise… and I need this quilting to be my therapist of sorts for now..

One good thing that did happen yesterday is we got a recliner off the local Craigslist for my honey… when I called on it she said it was olive green… when I told her I wasn’t interested in that color but thanks… she said let me send you a pic and if you like it have it for FREE!  Yipee 🙂

See… it is oatmeal not olive green! lol

So that is all I have to offer and am linking this post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky..

Don’t forget… more details by weeks end but I will be hosting a linky the last weekend of the month to set and show off goals met!  Make some goals this week so you will have a post to link up soon on my linky party !!!!  Prizes are planned for those that link too 🙂