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Binding Stories…

Do you love binding or hate it… it seems to be one or the other for crafting and quilting… do you like the wind up of a project???

For quilters binding is sewing up all the quilt and readying it for the first wash and dry!  It is an exciting time and a time where expedience really counts.  So why am I writing here instead of binding???

 Well the good news is the binding is over half done…. so I will finish today and post that finish on links noted at the end of this post 🙂  but I needed a personal post… just for me and my followers 🙂  So here it is…

 See the dragonfly above that I quilted… there are 2 in this quilt…

 You see this quilt is destined for my bff of 25 years Pam…

She is lovely and talented but currently has decided not to talk to me anymore and she returned anything “borrowed” over the last few months that we are happy enough to say we only live about an hour from each other now… so this quilt will go in the closet to wait for it’s intended owner to wake up and smell the love that has been sewn into every inch of this quilt!

Love that!  Thanks for letting me vent my personal issues here… thanks for listening if you read this far and thanks for your prayers for me… but especially for Pam and whatever her torment is.

Have a blessed day!



3D Canvas art by Pam ~ Guest Artist!

Today I have such a sweet masterpiece of my Daisy Mae to share with you…

 that my bff Pam made with modeling clay.. paint.. mists… embellishments… and lots of LOVE!

Take a look close up at the details…

do you see the message in a bottle just above???

I love starfish!

A pop of color by way of a beautiful hibiscus!

look at all the textures she put in!

 Okay so if you can’t tell I am IN LOVE with the techniques she used on this project.

The modeling paste recipe is simple.  I found it on youtube and the process that works best is EQUAL parts of:
flour (regular kitchen flour)
mod podge (whatever the end result is that you want… we used matte)
white gesso liquid

She also wanted you to know that you can color your modeling paste with regular acrylic paint or a few sprays from your mister… if the paint you add is thin you may have to add more flour to get the right consistency.

Here is the finished piece in my bathroom… reveal coming on that… I PROMISE 😀 

 Here is a trio of 3d canvases she did of her grandkids as a surprise Mother’s Day present for her one and only daughter!

 Just so you have a better idea… here are some close up’s of one of them 🙂

Don’t you love the dimension and all the types of lace and ribbon she used???

She repeated many elements a little differently in each piece of art to make them a trio their mom can love forever!

Hope you have enjoyed this guest post today!

Happy crafting and have a blessed day!


God moments….

Have you ever worked on a project and every road block opened as you hit it???  Those for me are God moments… a time God shines through and perseveres in our place!

I had 2 of those so far on this quilt and wanted to share them with you… here they are!

I went on a quest for John James quilting needles in a short size 8 and they had 1 pack left!   Yay 🙂  I couldn’t find the desired size 8 perle cotton thread but they had a size 12 which is a bit smaller and easier to manage.  They said they didn’t have the color I wanted but when I got there and dug around I found the perfect matching color to the embroidery already on the quilt!  Yay 🙂

Finally I went to another store looking for crewel needles in which to stitch this larger thread with … sure enough they had them and for super cheap so I indulged by using a 40% off coupon to get my first quilting mag!  I chose Love of Quilting and the first major article in it is on hand quilting… Super yay!  What a bunch of God moments there…

Finally I went to see my dr and he used his last prescription pad sheet for me… I asked if I could have the cardboard back to make a template for the quilt waves and he said yes!

So now I just have to wait for this sample to be approved and I can cut it out and start adding waves to the quilt once I am done stitching in the ditch.

Tell me about a God moment in your life… I would love to hear about your successes!

My bff Pam had God moments in designing and making these cool 3D canvases….

The one on the left is completely done… and the one on the right is still in the working stages… the one in the middle she wants to add just a bit too… aren’t they priceless works of art for a grandmother to give her daughter of her kids??? I think they ROCK!

Have a blessed day!


Wonderings while quilting…

Hello my friends!  Thought I would share my first stitches and some other pics as I work on quilting this quilt for my daughter!

I really enjoyed this youtube vid to refresh me on hand quilting basics… and it is only about 6 minutes long!

I found a needle I really like…

it is small but has a nice eye that I can thread with handquilters thread.  I am using Coats and Clark from JoAnn’s in white and black for the quilting… white first for the dolphins… then black for all the background.

Finally, in about a month I get to put this great binding on it

 and wash it then and present it to my darling daughter!  Hopefully BEFORE her surgery is my goal.

Meanwhile I have been checking out Swirlydoo vids with my bff Pam and look what she made with her newfound knowledge!

I picked out my fave things and she made them all 3 D and stuff… very cool techniques on this canvas and so much dimension and it is secure for a lifetime!!!!

What are you springtime goals? Make some before summer is here! lol

Have a blessed weekend!  I will be quilting and going to visit family this weekend… hopefully with some new pics to share!


A day with my bff!

Do you have a bff.. that you are NOT married to?  lol

I am lucky enough to have 3.  I used to live close to 1, now I live close to another… and my 3rd bff lives far, far away 😉  I love them each as much but each differently… today I wanna share a little time I got to spend with my bff Pam!

We got together for our first ever “crafting day” to make Valentines 😉  We had a blast visiting and crafting and creating and having fun heat embossing too!

Here she is with the front of a LOVE pop up card from the Artiste cart that I cut out and she put together and decorated…

She made the heart with an arrow on her cricut then embellished it with bling and now it is the front of a sexy card to her hubby of 30 years!  They are still madly in love with each other and I love that role model for me as I am now engaged 🙂  I was a widow almost 5 years ago now and never thought I would be here… but here I am!  lol

And isn’t this little I love you card and little envelope DARLING!!!  This cute 9 envelope set is part of my BLOG CANDY!!!!  I can tell you where you can buy it though NEXT!  Find out more about how to win my blog candy by responding to a post here.

You see I had some valentine sets of cards and a frame I am working on all set out… sorry no pics of our set up… will try to remember next time we do this… because there will be a next time 🙂  But no true valentiney things had arrived in the mail yet… and I had ordered them a week ago so they would be here!  Shame on me for ordering with only a week to go… then my honey walks in with a box that was delivered by the mailman… our valentine goodies… we took some quick pics for you and we were off playing in goodies 😉

Stay tuned for a post on my haul from a new to me online scrapbooking company with EXCELLENT customer service 😉  And another card set I completed.

Meanwhile my honey is still scraping wallpaper but not one box is in the house… they are all now in the garage.

We are planning a shopping day in the garage for the family to dig through boxes and pull out last minute things they want then me and my honey will go through it all.. sort it to keep, give away, trash and whallah… we should be BOX FREE soon!!!!!

Have a blessed day… more posts coming 😉