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Busy June ~ Time for a catch up!

So sorry ya’ll that I have been MIA… but I am back!!! lol

Unfortunately, I must share some sad news.. there was a terrorist shooting here in the US close to our home in Florida… it is less than a block from the hospital my daughter goes to!!!!  Wow!!

Please take time to Pray for Orlando Florida today if you would… this is so devastating for us as it is for the whole US!!!

 Thanks for your compassion here!

On a happier note today … June 13, 2016… is National Sewing Machine day!!!

Feel free to copy this and post it on your fave social media spot 🙂  Or pin it for fun too!

So will you be sewing for the special day ??  Will you be using this mechanical ingenuity?? lol

I hope to!

I have been working on parts to blocks… for a quilt for our bed.

So far you can see I have lot’s of 4 patches complete and over half now of the half square triangles I need too!  Next up will be some specialty ruler blocks… I am waiting on fabric from my friends though… this is a memory quilt of sorts as I am using a LARGE variety of charms to make this quilt…

And more have been added… and will be added to this eclectic mix of blues 🙂  I am loving this and so is my honey so that makes me VERY happy!!!

Recently Connecting Threads had their cotton/wool batting on sale by Hobb’s Tuscany… I bought a king sized one just for this quilt for only $29!!!  I bought a queen and a tad of some  other things to get me free shipping… and now I just wait for it to arrive later this week! 🙂  Yahoo!!!!

Here is my sketch of what this quilt will kind of look like if you are interested!

I love drawing out my quilty creations on graph paper… sometimes I used colored pens/pencils etc… sometimes I just need to get an idea out with perspective that the graph lines give me 🙂  How you design your quilts to be??
I have added quite a bit of information since this photo was taken… this quilt is 32 each of 2 blocks… the 54-40 or fight block and the shoofly block 🙂  I may add a pillow tuck to the top or I may finish it to be a cover only… not sure yet… but I am building this with lots of extra quilty knowledge under my belt since our last bed quilt (it was my first quilt to make! lol)
On May 31 my granddaughter turned 1!!! 
And soon after… on June 6… my grandson turned 2 years old!!!
So this Grammy has had a busy month for sure!!!
I have been making only slow hand quilting progress it seems… but soon will move it and share a shot with you all…

Mainly we are getting ready now for my bestie Connie’s upcoming visit… she is coming down from Tennessee for 5 days and 6 nights!! I am sooo excited to see her … we chat almost daily … but not the same as spending time face to face for sure!!

Well, as we chat I am thinking of tons of things that need to be done.. so I will wish you well for now… and will promise to write more soon!  
Have a blessed week my bloggy friends!!!  No matter the violence in the world around us we must remember even MORE today than before that Life is precious and …