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Whooping it up on a Friday!!! ;)

I am very happy to see Friday roll around this week..

it has been a wonderful (but long) week around here! lol

First I want to wish you each a happy change of Season!  My Australian & New Zealand friends are welcoming Spring… and above the equator we are heralding in Fall… with warm weather in most of the US still!!!

So with fans going I have been stitching on Starlight… Starbright.  I want to link this progress and all my Friday Whoops below to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict blog linky HERE >> Come see what other quilty fun is being whooped about over there!

So sometime beginning of this month I started Block 8 of this queen sized quilt for my daughter to be gifted when she graduates high school in the spring…

And because this week has been a bit stressful and I have been hopped up on steroids to get rid of some bronchitis… I have been quilting and watching Netflix on my honey’s iPad!!!!

 Above you can see where I have had to remark most all of the stippling… I am using a blue water based marker that just spritzes away when the stitching in that section is complete 🙂

And below you can see that area is now complete and I am moving on to the right of the pic working on some straight lines in the wheel part…

We shall see how quickly I can progress on this today… I finally will be decreasing my dose of steroids today but doubt my high energy level they leave as a result will wan until tomorrow or later… so I will harness this energy for ironing a bit and hand quilting A LOT!!! lol

While on the subject of hand quilting… check out these 2 beautiful quilts by my best friend Wendy!!!

Here is Anniversary Blooms… her design from drunkards path beginnings… with gorgeous fabrics too!

 …. and Lollipop Drops.. a more modern quilt and all hand quilted as well!!!  Totally her design here using a Creative Grids specialty shape ruler 🙂

She has entered these quilts in Amy’s Quilters Blog Festival this season!!!

Viewers favorites are currently being voted on… Please take a minute to follow THIS LINK to her blog post that will open in a new window and will explain how to vote either or BOTH of these quilts as your fave quilt shown… you get 3 choices!!! and there are many quilts to choose from… go take a gander if you would!  Wendy would appreciate your votes too as would I !!

My Nanny turned 98 years young yesterday too y’all!!!  I am sooo glad to still have her around !!

She lives with one of her daughters and has had a very full life already… I had chatted with her just the previous week… she was concerned that her life was going on so long when she feels useless… yet she gave me lots of great advice (as she always does!)… so I plan to call her again next week and see how her celebration went when she has relaxed some from all the parties the family has planned for her.  My grandfather died many years ago of cancer… she never remarried and has had a very full life… please pray (if you do) that she will find value in her days/weeks/months/years remaining!!!  Thanks y’all!!

Also I got a photo sent to me by my son James!

He is almost 26 now!!  He had a tooth break off and this big grin ( really a big grin for him!!! lol) is because thanks to his local dentist he has great teeth now 😀  Yippee!!!

His daughter, Kaydence is also walking and getting chatty now at almost 16 month old… hoping to make a roadtrip to see them in late spring next year… but will have to see how things work out.. she recently had to get tubes put in her ears for recurring infections… and made it though with flying colors they said 🙂  Whoop!!!

So as we all take turns Whooping it up today… let us remember…

How do you score in this area?  I know I have room to improve my internal thoughts that form how I save memories and what memories are saved!!!

My hope is that each will take a little time over this weekend to…