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Showing off MY space … and some DEALS!

Today I decided it was time to share more of myself with you and show you my space… my main space IS my quilty space too…

I have my fave fb site pulled up “Celebrate Hand Quilting”;)

You can see THE MAN quilt in front of my Fiona (the sewing machine is in the wooden box).  Next to the sewing machine are my most used books and some patterns and a little stash I haven’t put away and some things waiting to be mailed… Beside that with the blue water and red headed mermaids is my ironing board… literally a board covered with a towel for a little softness and a cover!  Works great too!

Above is my design wall… when I sew a lot I move the room around and have full access to the design wall.. it goes to about 18″ from the floor the way it is built.  It is very awesome and handy when piecing and machining for sure!  We are still looking for something to go in the upper right corner of the frame but it will come 🙂

Under that table are lots of plastic bags.. holding nice new fabric waiting to be made into quilts… about 5 projects are here or more! lol

These drawers hold completed project leftovers and yardage I am collecting for a quilt for Daisy… she loves quilts! lol  And all my thread/needles and such… not currently in use items are here mainly!

But this holds LOTS OF STUFF!  And it was a DEAL!!!!

It is a Longaberger basket and holds my paper scissors, my applique scissors, my rotary cutters, some new stuff and old stuff I just bought… ready for using with soon to come projects 🙂  And I paid $1.99 for it at Goodwill in their basket section… it has a hanger on the back and a thick leather strap across the flat back side of it… it is exactly what I wanted and needed!

Then today we were at the Goodwill and my honey spied this….

 It is a little collapsible travel iron with no steam at all!  I am so giddy and it cost a whopping $2.99!!!  It came from Walmart where it had a sticker worth $12.99.  This will be PERFECT for piecing .. I think steam has been my downfall… now no steam available.. (unless I get some Best Press!) lol

I have only gotten a bit done on THE MAN quilt today but still feel confident that I will meet the goal I set out in my last post!   So excited about this now 🙂

How about you.. where do you do you sew?  Have you found any good deals lately?

Love to hear from you & respond to all comments 🙂