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Giveaway on my blog! Did you miss it?

If you missed my post yesterday then go back to my main page and scroll down to yesterday’s whooping post!   This giveaway ends Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 6 AM when I draw a lucky winner !!!

At the bottom on THAT post are easy details on how to win a fat quarter 🙂

Also… just a reminder while I am in Mom mode! lol… 3 weeks to get some stuff done so you can show it off in my linky party weekend!  And another chance to win something cool and quilty….
Hope to see your comment on yesterdays post!

August.. a Happy Quilty Month for me :)

It is so hard to believe August has rolled around again… I started quilting 3 years ago and have forsaken all other hobbies for this one 🙂  And I love it!!!

Don’t get me wrong… I love reading (about quilting), watching tv (about quilting), and enjoying the beach (while quilting)… I love quilting!!!

Thus I started a monthly linky for goal setting…
so I could accomplish more each month with focus added to my artwork!  It has been amazing how much I have gotten done just knowing every month I will be updating my goals for all of you to read.  Makes me get MORE done and I am having sooo much fun along the way!

I am soooo excited to share my new Linky Loot idea with you all…

Linky Loot Icon 🙂

instead of having a pre-chosen gift to receive if you link and you are the lucky winner.. I will choose something quilty from my stash for the winning linker!  Yippee!!!!

So as I celebrate my 3rd quilty anniversary this month… will you share the Linky Loot icon on your pinterest or fb page?  Would love to have more linkers playing for sure!  It encourages me to see your goals being set… then MET!

Have a blessed August!  Hope you link up the end of the month 🙂  And thanks for sharing my icon…

Linky Party almost here!!!

Today is Tuesday.. I haven’t been chatting much about my monthly linky but it is still gonna be here for you THIS WEEKEND!  So get your post ready.. think about where you have been and where you are going with your quilting or other stuff too… write about it in a blog post and link it up!

And yes, for my faithful followers… I changed the icon and the name..

I really want this linky to reflect all goals.. not just quilty ones 🙂  But don’t fret as there will still be a PRIZE for the lucky linker!!!  That won’t stop for sure… and prizes right now come from my quilting stash & deals I find with all of you goal setters in mind!!!!

So ponder it a bit as you go through your week… write a fun post about what you have done… what you hope to get accomplished in the next month.. and link up here anytime this weekend!


Meanwhile.. I did get a bit of slow stitching in.. doing embroidery on my current project I am piecing…

 Hope your week is fabulous.. and hope you make time for yourself to write some goals!  And share them with us 🙂