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A busy week then an afternoon in the park :)

This week has been crazy busy… sorry I have been a few days in writing 🙂

My son Mike got his Florida license on Monday then flew back to TN to work on getting himself a car with his brother’s help 🙂

Tuesday morning he bought a 2000 Mustang… his first car!

I have been steadily working on the quilt so much so that I have finished the quilting…

and started the binding…

with a little help along the way…

Then after a doctor’s appointment for my daughter… we stopped by the park and remembered the reason we moved to Florida!  The Great Outdoors 🙂

Brandi on a topsy turvy ride… yep I tried it too 🙂
showing off her walk the plank skills!
Driving us… she wishes!!!

But the hit of the park was all the carved wood sculptures and how pristine and peaceful the park was!  Here is Brandi with a tortoise…

Here is a real turtle running away from the park area because kids came in and started messing with him!

Sea horse

Sea Turtle

Pirate… maybe Captain Hook???


Where I hope to marry my honey some day!

So hope you enjoyed this little pic heavy post… just wanted to share some of the stuff going on and the beauty all around too!

Have a blessed day!