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Quarantine Continues Here ~ Come make time for a pit stop and a smile!

Check out this cool mural made my an artist in the USA!!!

Can you find this mural in THIS video??? It will open another page to play in ūüôā
   >>>This has been a favorite listen by Alicia Keys this week in my house<<<

Feel free to share a fave song YOU HAVE in the comment section below!

This week I worked on LOTS of crocheting… and removing and replacing stitches… here is the one I was working on last week…

¬†And then one I just finished last night for this weeks work….

¬†Isn’t that second one nicer?¬† I am making progress!¬† All of these will go in the quilt… some will be better than others as this is my learning crochet project….¬† I am struggling with maintaining consistent tension on the thread coming in and learning how to fudge when stitch counts are off… etc.

Here is my black I will be crocheting today….

I want to link this hand moving and brain working activity to my friends at HQAL…
Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Margaret, Tracy, Deb, Susan,  Nanette,  Edith, Sharon, Karrin, Gretchen, Kathi,  Bella, Daisy, Connie and Monica
And I want to link to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching which is my favorite Sunday blog stop and a time I catch up with all my stitching friends >>>> RIGHT HERE gets you there !!!!
I mailed off a bunch of masks to my previous boss this week and gave another bunch to our local grocery store!¬† I have handed them out for free to all those we come in contact with regularly for private or professional use to protect themselves too…

¬†Finally yesterday afternoon I pulled out some flying geese on a new project I had cut several weeks back and pieced mindlessly as I enjoyed that Alicia Keys song again! lol¬† Did you listen to it yet and take in the thanks to all those on the front lines… ALL those???!!!

We have really been enjoying watching a robin family that has occupied our train engine birdhouse my honey built last year… and this hummingbird feeds a family¬†¬†somewhere in the front yard…¬†

¬†We make our own hummingbird food from sugar boiled in water … you can find out on the internet¬† but DO NOT use the red colored food… that red coloring makes it hard for them to reproduce successfully.

ALERT!!!!¬† ¬†We want an outside camera with great picture taking ability we can watch on our pad or phones in real time or record to take still shots from… anyone have ideas on this kind of camera and where to look for something like that… I looked at Go Pro’s .. but those are too over the top I think and a trail cam is too low end… I can’t find something that is good right in the middle of those.

We got in some LED lights we ordered for the lights shining down from our microwave onto the stove top…

¬†and it was like saying… “Let there be Light!”¬† We got the cool white color and it is nice and bright!

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies my honey and I devoured ….

¬†Fell in love with this idea I saw on facebook…

¬†Wished I could visit my hairdresser… we are closed at least until May 8 here in North Carolina though… how about wherever you live???

¬†I have this pattern in my “to be started soon” pile…

¬†And seeing this one made me wish I could work on it… didn’t this maker do a great job… this is 14 x 17 1/2″ about!

This yesterday when perusing Facebook I saw this gem… enlarge the photo if you like but the quilting is spectacular and those stars are string pieced Bonnie Hunter style….

¬†THIS though was the laugh of the week… would you do this to your special someone????

Thanks for visiting with me here virtually … where we are all Covid 19 free in this arena…. Take care all my virtual friends ‚̧¬† I hope this post has brought you a smile along the way!