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From Muddling to Magnificent >> Hand Quilting Has Started Back Ya’ll!

Happy Sunday Y’all!  Magnificent is sew much nicer than muddling!!!

These birds are photos from facebook eastern North American bird types Jannessa sent me… we thought they would make a cute opener for my post today and cheer you each up!!!

I have spent the last month muddling through… sewing masks…

Til I am soooo tired of them… I think this is a breaking time for me as all my friends family and locals have a mask … I think! lol

This Corona virus – Covid19 is a wicked virus for sure!  But it is maddening … esp here in the US opening early or refusing to wear masks in public places and refusing to adhere to 6′ distance in shops… is sad really!!!!  There are some folks even rushing the state government buildings with no masks as a method of protest for the governors not opening their state quite yet… Just Sad!!!

After listening to a quilting related fiction book as an escape from all this.. I decided I wanted to see a Garden Maze setting ….

 Above is a setting like that… I bought a Marcus Brothers panel on eBay and it came in this week…

 I will be hand stitching in dark red all the 20 blocks… then using this pattern here to do the most traditional type of garden maze setting…

I have a photo of these blocks put together but it is VERY busy… so I will make mine look more like the first photo I showed you with this pattern for how to piece it most historically with the switchover squares in place.  I can be more precise with this NEXT Sunday once the fabric I ordered arrives.

Molly wanted to pose for a photo here… on a quilt she loves that I hand quilted …

 My honey and I celebrated 9 years together with filet minion, baked potato, and broccoli …..

It was completely yummy…. then the next day my honey talked to our neighbor who had mentioned selling a John Deere mower almost new… so he dove in and offered him a cash price he couldn’t refuse… we got stimulated this week as well so that is what our $$$$ went to 🙂  We are passing along the good deal by selling our older mower to a friends kids for less than it is worth 😀

What comes around goes around … the motto we live by… we got a deal so we are passing one on!

Do you have a motto you & yours live by?

Here is a great family idea… let each person in your family choose a different color paper and trace their hand… you might have to get a bit creative to have this outcome but isn’t this a great way to remember this “time together” as a family unit???!!

Here I am … multiple times in the month of April I sat in my chair and looked out the windows at the view and viewed my hand quilting progress but just didn’t have any desire to pick up my needle and thread and make stitches….
Well thanks to a challenge from a very nice friend I am hand quilting!!!

I had 3 different sewing sessions to hand quilt this area of the quilt I am on…. I also finished that right sashing but the light isn’t out to get a nice photo for you all…. more next week!!!!

Jannessa started on the Miss Jane’s Best miniature quilt pattern that is embroidery heavy this week …

She got these 3 blocks all done… she is going to trace some for me on this same thick doll making muslin when she has hers made (for me to use to stitch with)!!! 

It is a group project I guess… I let her use my pattern that had been a gift to me (I will make it when she is done),  Connie is sending her 30’s repro fabric from her stash, and Jannessa is using DMC floss from her stash and mine to do the embroidery…  How FUN for Pandemic Relief Efforts!!!!

Linking all this hand stitching and my renewed hand quilting to Kathy’s Quilts Linky HERE <<<  Come see all Kathy is up to and all the rest of the linkers too ❤

Even when I haven’t felt like it I have blogged every Sunday morning…. I appreciate your kindness for leaving a comment when you visit my blog too 🙂

So continue being Kind and Wearing Masks when in public places please!

Last minute stitching continues along with a whole lotta FUN!

Happy Sunday Y’all!  Did everyone make it through Friday the 13th with no issues?  Are you superstitious???  I had a great Friday getting lots of things finished up here … also did a bit of perusing online!!!

 Aurifil shared this sentiment… and this has been a lot of my week!  While perusing online though I also found some free patterns to take into the new year with me…

 This Idaho Lily I think is also similar to a Carolina Lily… the directions seem very straight forward!!!  I am excited about this.

Here is the quilt that grabbed my attention…
So I will make this and Jannessa may make it too..  we are hoping to use our stashes…and I already see hand quilting ideas !!!

2020 is also going to be a time I focus on a embroidery panel that will make into a little quilt once the embroidery is complete… more on my Miss Jane Doll Quilt I plan to make in the new year 🙂

Molly got a much needed trim.. she doesn’t like to be long haired she enjoys getting groomed too!  Funny girl that she is Jannessa and her daughter Whitney do a GREAT job with her though 😀

My daughter Brandi… wanted a backpack purse for Christmas so me and Jannessa each made a Savannah Backpack Purse from a pattern I found online… I can’t say it was the easiest to follow but it did come together in about 5 2 hour visits together!!!

I am accustomed to Sew Sweetness patterns with an accompanying video I think…  It is definitely not a pattern for a new bag maker in my humble opinion though… but they are made and are very sturdy… Jannessa is showing hers on on the right… I will share the front when it has been received … probably by next weekend!

I added a book to my hand quilting library of ideas for hand quilting….
I plan to make a snowball block quilt alternating with a second block to give an overall secondary design to a quilt and use this book for ideas for the snowball blocks and the alternate blocks to show off my hand quilting flourishes 😀  I am sew excited about this project… but I can’t go further until Swoon is done…

We found this cute little machine in complete and appearing able to sew chain stitches condition at a cute new shop to us this week….

I love vintage pink sewing machines… even just the color is delightful!  It sold quickly! lol
I finished putting together a wall hanging for the kitchen behind the Christmas tree… we still have our turkey wall hanging up! hahaha 

 This beautiful panel and coordinating fabric was given to me by Jannessa… she loved it when she bought it but has too much Christmas stuff now and wanted to know if I wanted it … well YES!!!!  So now I am working into making it a machine quilted and hand quilted finish 🙂

I had to add a bit to the back because it was only 1″ wider than the front … so I pieced in a diamond and added some green fabric for a festive look!

 Soon I was layering, marking and pinning the quilt …

 Organic lines using registration lines to keep me mostly straight happened across the panel…

 I use garden gloves from Dollar General that come 3 pair for some small amount of $.  They fit loose and make me sit back every 10 minutes or so to readjust everything but that is good!  Those organic lines went quick and look great I think for this wall hanging…

 Being silly I sent a shout out to some of my fellow vintage quilters in a couple facebook groups… they liked the trio of photos 😀

 I took the quilt out of the machine and worked on finishing those bag straps … I also used this time to chat in depth with Jannessa who loves to machine quilt… on how my path should go to quilt this and it look it’s best.

With her words echoing in my head… this morning I got us and took a shower and hit the sewing… I am making great progress but I am going slow and steady this time so as not to overshoot where I want to be….

Here you can see my morning spot as I enjoyed a cup of coffee and walking foot quilting….
The other place I was prior to this quilting time was enjoying a slow quiet wake up stitching on the swoon quilt… let’s see what I have to share this week with you!!!
Last Sunday after blogging I came here and worked….

 Soon I was into the border…

 Before I knew it… It was time to ROLL!!!!!

 Y’all … I started this Swoon Quilt in June of this year and have worked on it fairly steady most every week….  Now it is about to be complete… it will take a bit of my heart with it!!!

 Here is my start on the left side border on the middle row of swoon blocks…

 Now here is the center of the swoon itself getting quilted….

 And when I complete this blog writing and visiting time… I will go back to the center flower and finish stitching it and mark the lines in the right side of the swoon block and finish it next 🙂  I love this quilt and quilting it for Connie!

 This is all that is left now… surreal!

I got 3 different homespun type plaid fabric lots in 1 sale on eBay!  Giddy to get it I washed it and pressed it then prepared it for cutting my honey out a new scrub shirt…

 I made a fresh pattern… the other was out of size now and was crumply… it needed replacing… to do this I iron roll type of Freezer paper wrong side to right side and it sticks… not a hard hold but good enough 🙂  Cut out your pattern then add tape if needed…

 I was blessed to win these handmade pattern weights from Virginia Lindsey of Gingercake Designs on Youtube… you can see the video where she makes these exact ones HERE <<<

 In early October … Jannessa found an all wood table on Marketplace and her daughter and sil went and picked it up for her because it was large and hard to carry….

You can see in these photos the top is a yellow color wood and the sides and legs are wood painted white … a farmhouse look.

Jannessa wanted it to house her 2 most used big sewing machines though… she asked Rick to do this for her… it took him a bit but it is just waiting on varnish now… several coats but the design and construction is complete!!!

Here is the table now… new legs… beefed up table top with 2 drop downs for her machines and it is all 1 color now!!!!

 She brought her machines over for a “final fitting”  and all passed with flying colors…

 That is Jannessa and her grand that came over with her.

And down below is a beauty shot she took of her machines in their new homes…

 I saw this meme early one morning and grabbed it… do you have a time of day you call “your own”???

Mornings is that for me… my honey goes to bed late and sleeps in late because of that.   I enjoy flitting from one project to another watching progress happen on house chores or sewing or organizing… whatever I am doing so this spoke volumes to me… and I do love sunrises!!!

I don’t talk outside crafting  and creating much… but I wanted you to know that I do believe… do you?

Thanks for visiting my blog today… for more hand stitched things and for all the random hand stitching I have done and shared from this week I link to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers crew HERE <<<>>>

Meanwhile come back next week.. there is bound to be a surprise on Sunday!!!!