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AQS Show ~ Daytona Beach 2016 and sooo much more!!!

I was soooo excited this week.. I went to the AQS Quilt Show ~ Daytona Beach 🙂

The AQS Show was held in the Ocean Center just across the street (A1A) from the beach!!!

I was lucky enough to go with my honey to the show on Wednesday the 24th…

We prepurchased our tickets in January and saved a few bucks… I also joined AQS for 1 year… see what I think of their mag and got a great discount on the 1 class I also chose to take …

Ya’ll this was my first quilt show!!!! lol

I had NO IDEA what to expect and was so happy my honey was going with me for this little adventure!!!  Here are some of our faves from the show…

Here is a quilt done by my friend on facebook in Germany.. Andrea Stracke!  I had my honey take this shot of her flowery wholecloth.. it was so pretty and bright!  Here hand quilting stitches are so tiny and precise too!

This quilt won BEST OF SHOW….

It had sparkles all over it too!

This one was machine quilted but look at the lovely piecing!!! It is totally fab in person!!!!

Here is a cute quilt I saw in a vendor shop… what a cute baby quilt this would make!!!
Speaking of quilts I wanna make… this kind of DWR is def on the list if I am able to learn applique well enough…

This quilt had some cool quilting that really made the quilt pop to me… can you see the texture???

And last but not least was our personal favorite aside from Andrea’s wholecloth…

Can you tell we enjoyed the show??? lol!

Thursday I braved the show by myself to go to the class I had chosen to take…

 Mary Sorensen is an EXCELLENT teacher too!  Boy was I glad I took this class… it helped me to like applique and look forward to my next attempt at it too 🙂  I identified my fears, tackled my troubling spots all during her 3 hour class… then bought the DVD for beginners that she offered at a discount to those in her class!!!!

She provided needle, thread, and green fabric for the leaves as well as a neutral background fabric to eventually be the block pictured in her class announcement above!  The red bird will be the focus of the DVD… I am very excited to listen and watch this DVD and give applique a true try again!!!

I also have 2 machine quilted finished… this was my trial run bib for my granddaughter Kaydence…

 And here is the second one I made… a bit larger than the first as I felt she needed one a bit larger too 😉  My 301a Gloria did all the piecing on these patchwork bibs… but Zena my 401a warrior princess did all the quilting and bulky sewing jobs!

 I quilted them each a bit differently… the first one is straight line stitching and the second is organic wavy line quilting… can you see the difference???

 Here are both bibs… now you should be able to see the second one (on the right) is a bit wider and longer than the first… I think this is the PERFECT size too!

 The backing on both is Kaydence’s mom’s fave print… PINK CAMO!!!!

I used velcro at the neck opening and really like the way these turned out!!!   The pattern was an online class I got for free and I have modified the pattern a bit to make the second one… will keep that pattern for future bigger baby bibs for sure!!!

I plan to mail these out to Kaydence this week… so I hopefully will have a pic of her with one on in coming weeks 😉

Finally, my ongoing project this week is complete!  The marking on Brandi’s quilt is finished!!!!

I spent 11 days marking this quilt for hand quilting… my daughter chose this stencil for all the background white fabric areas and the rest I used ruler and white ceramic lead to mark the stars… will be a fun quilt with detailed quilting that should show quite nicely when done… but I have NEVER yet spent 11 days premarking a quilt before layering and starting the quilting on it!!! lol

I marked these lightly with graphite… each square is unique to the area I found the stencil fit best on the space… here above you can see an odd shaped white area I am filling in with graphite.

Here is a close up of the design and stencil I used…

Here is that same area once I have marked it with the stencil…

Once marked the legs are still blank spots all over so the design is not contiguous lines… so I fill in the “legs” and whalaah!!!

Now the design looks like it should and when I am stitching I won’t have to figure out what goes where… I can just zenly stitch the motif on the white… in black thread 🙂  The white lines on the dark grey and black will be stitched in white thread… and each star on the quilt will be outlined in big stitched dark red thread… it actually coordinates well with the backing and binding I am getting ready to iron….

The backing was my daughter’s choosing… as this is her graduation quilt… for now this quilt is “Brandi’s Carpenter Wheel quilt 2016”.  She actually will graduate high school next May (2017)… but I have a bug in my bonnet to get this quilt done!

The chevron striped fabric above will be the bias cut binding for this quilt which will put all these cute zig zags on a 45 angle… will add a festive finish to this quilt I think!

I will be using my fave batting… Hobbs Tuscany Cotton/Wool blend… it is 80% cotton and 20% wool so it still crinkles when washed and dried but also gets puffier thanks to that wool and is very breathable so not too much in the Florida weather either! 🙂

So this week I will be quilting on this… and thanks to the marking shots I took… I think this will be fun to link up to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday here!  (Also, the applique she is showing is very similar to the method I learned this week! 🙂 )  I hope to take my first hand quilting stitches in this quilt much later today or tomorrow … after the pinning is finally done that is! lol  I also hope to get a full-sized shot of this quilt while it is laid out for pinning 🙂

This week… also brought the 31st birthday of my oldest child…  This was one of the pics I sent him… a little walk down memory lane… he is a HUGE history buff… Do you remember the song from the mid 80’s??? I didn’t until I listened to it on youtube! lol  Then it was VERY familiar to me … just never knew the name! lol

 Sorry this post is so long and I haven’t made time to share all this with you before the end of the week… but better late than never!  I hope you enjoyed the eye candy I had to share this week from the quilt show… I am MEGA inspired by that show!

Remember… no matter what twists and turns come your way this week…  Life is always precious and…