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A Bubble Quilt Cushion!!

My latest project started with a $25 Craisglist find… this oak rocking chair!!!

It looked fine like this… and it was sure comfy… but I had another idea… I watched this video on Youtube about Bubble Quilts!!!  The girl sharing the info is not a pro but she knows all about these “biscuit quilts or bubble quilts and the pros and cons… I watched several vids and hers was the most comprehensive for pitfalls to avoid 🙂  Highly recommend… so many of you are wondering what is this technique????

Well it is this…

The lumbar pillow is a basic quilted top pillow … but the cushion on the bottom is what this post is gonna be all about… isn’t is cute??!!!

First I raided my stash to find coordinating fabric that would be fun in our bedroom as this chair is in the far corner of our bedroom and will get LOTS of use we suspect 😀

I came up with some 4 patches leftover from our bedroom quilt and pulled some fabrics I thought would go well in that bedroom and made square in a square blocks out of them ….

Above is one… and below are 25 LOL!

The seat measured 21 1/2″ wide by 19″ deep.. so I had my square in a squares made and a pleasing pattern laid out on my design wall… now time to make them bubbly … or biscuity! lol

Here are some bubbled up… I accomplished this by taking a smaller square and pleating the fabric on the sides with very little seam and sewing the 2 together… here i am doing that on my 301 Gloria…

Once I had pleated each square in a square (6″ unfinished size) to a 4 3/4″ plain square of plain cotton fabric I didn’t ever plan to use in a project… I was stoked!!!!

I joined them together like you would a quilt with a deeper seam than I had used for the first gathering seam…

 I made the depth of the cushion with deeper seams to make it a bit shorter too… then I added a 2″ strip around the edge for a bit of batting to add more cushion to this cushion and give it a finished look…

 Before I added the back and filled the “cells” or bubbles with stuffing… I cut slits all going the same way… so as I would sew them up I could go from one bubble to the next until my thread ran out…

 I did this over 3 days actually …  the filling and sewing shut.  I found a sit upon cushion that was quite heavy with cotton loose filling in it at a thrift store… well once I got it home and cut it open to use it… the stuffing was as UT orange as the sit upon was! LOLOL  That was okay… I had some poly batting I was using for the base cushion on this … I don’t use poly batting in quilts so this was a good opportunity to use it.

So I cut some 7″ x 8″ pieces of this white poly batting and lined the back side of the front of each square in a square “cell” or bubble with that larger than needed piece of batting then stuffed away till felt adequately full for a bum cushion… as I said… this was a bit tedious but she mentions that in her video too.. so I just did a bit each day until it was finally DoNE!!!

When I planned the back side I used a heavy weight cotton fabric made for upholstery I had had in my stash for AGES…  I thought ahead too to add velcro holders to hold the cushion to the posts in the chair…

And before I knew it time and effort had passed and it was finally time to wash and dry this newly designed cushion… while it washed and dried I took the remaining square in a square blocks and joined them to make a lumbar pillow…

 My honey and my pup love it!!!!

Linking this great finish to Needle and Thread Thursday  HERE 🙂

Now I can get back to Happier work… like my first hand stitched applique… it is coming along nicely

 I got a hair cut yesterday… it looks to nice and new I made it my profile pic on facebook! ha

 I also started CPAP for the first night at home last night and slept GREAT!!!

Hope all is wonderful in your day ❤  Thanks for sharing some of your time with me today!!!