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I am soooo blessed :)

As May ends and 5 years ago so much tragedy hit our family I want to recall all that I now have to be blessed with.

Know what those purple flowers are???

I have 4 great kids 🙂

DL helps when I do vids and is my go to person for all things technical, historic or trivia like.
James lives in Tennesse with his beautiful wife and has an aspiring medical career and calls once a week just to check on me 🙂
Mike is about to graduate from high school.
Brandi is my only girl and the baby of the family… although at almost 15 she is NO BABY! lol
Love all my kids 🙂

starting to mature a bit now…

I have 4 great friends plus one awesome honey 🙂

Pam has been my friend the longest and even though our friendship started out close by to each other most of our friendship has evolved long distance and we know each other so well… She is a little older than me and her wise advice is coveted on a regular!
Brandy I met while working as a charge nurse in a large pediatric critical care where I trained her to our practices there.  She went on to be a shooting star in her field and is now a stay at home mom so we get more time to chat!  Love that 🙂
Connie I also met at work but only got close to over the last couple years as I have begun quilting our friendship grew and we are now very close 🙂  We have similar family situations and even though she is a grandma and I am not yet we find PLENTY to chat about 🙂
Joyce lives the furthest from me being in California… we met online and have yet to meet in person but we chat on Skype and on the phone and via email… we enjoy papercrafting together and sharing about our families.  Joyce is quite a bit older than me and has lots of great advice from her years of mothering to help me with the teenage angst I face with my son 🙂

My closest and most precious though is the friendship I have with my honey.  He loves me even when I fail at something.. he makes me laugh when I am sad and he listens to how I say something not just what I say.  He knows me better than I do myself sometimes.  Thanks honey!  You rock my world!

see the nectar leaking out???

I am blessed… now I will get back to quilting… heading to 3/8 done on these pinwheels I am quilting … baby steps gets it done with hand quilting 🙂

So relaxing… today we are gonna go to the beach and I will quilt and my honey will read… will we like that???  Something new to ponder 🙂

Take care and God bless you!

Hope you find something or someone (as I have) to be grateful for in your life 🙂


P. S. My honey is sacked out on the bed still reading and I am still quilting… just back home now… the beach is windy but a great place to get a lot of quilting done quickly we found 🙂


Uplifting palm tree card!

Today for the Paper Cabana I was asked to be inspired by a website… check that link out here!

So this is the picture that really made me feel happy!  Loved the tall palm trees on this poster!

 So I decided to create my own and mine turned out to be an uplifting card in the end!

So in being asked to be inspired by a website, with many many choices, it is good to just browse… until you find something you like… I could have added more art deco pieces and I even cut out some dancing girls but they didn’t make the final design…

After being inspired, try to figure out what exactly about that poster, picture, sketch, layout, et al that really impresses you and run with it… I was really inspired by the palm trees but couldn’t imagine them on a card… I loved the blue sky and the sand was my take on the boardwalk.  So I added a little of that… the ocean is solid cardstock that I tore to give it a wavy edge and the scalloped “sand” is my interpretation of a boardwalk.  This is the foundation of the card and grounds it.

After the inspiration I laid it out on my gypsy using Life is a Beach.  Like this:

In doing this design I used the flip buttons located under the advanced tab and it is in the middle.  You can flip horizontally or vertically but you have to flip all of your design that is pre-grouped in the cart… I did that with the trees and with the palm fronds!  I wanted my trees to pop!…

You can see the vertical and horizontal flip buttons here!

Now it is time to lay out all your colors on your mat!  That looks like this…

In the end I had some spare parts… I decided not to keep them but be assured I do keep them a lot… the sand in my card is a prime example!

What do you do with your spare parts?  What is your design process like on a broad spectrum like this challenge?  Don’t forget to go over to the Paper Cabana and play for a chance to win prizes!