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Sew Fun Weekend :)

Welcome ya’ll!

I am having a very groovy weekend with lots of SLOW STITCHING! 🙂

I have been productive this week around the house and listing some things on eBay with my honey so now I am making some time for my favorite things… quilting and blogging to you my friends 🙂

First up is the Pet Cushion I created on both my Singer 401a (Zena) and 301a (Gloria) …

I shared this close up of a cornerstone in my last post..

Well that was a close up of this part..

 Then I auditioned this fabric and decided I had enough and it coordinates well.. the color of the center panel does not photo well though.. it matches some of the hues in this batik fabric though 🙂

And once washes it was immediately enjoyed…

 So much so that Daisy decided a nap was also in order!!! LOL

We have put this next to the back door that is the busy in and out part of our home… she can keep an eye on us and rest in luxury too! lol

I stuffed this one same as the other… with some fiberfill.. then cotton batting shredded up with an old rotary.. the center part has the remaining foam from her original pillow then shredded cotton batting and more fiberfill.. close the opening and wash as needed 🙂  Tadah!!!!

Next I thought I would try a coaster. but it didn’t turn out as well as my boxed corners on the cushions did!
Back to the drawing board on this one.. and figure out why it is sooo wavy!

All the while I have been working in my down time on the FALL WALL HANGING!!!

I finished the inner border this week and started on the outer border!!!!

 I am marking this border with my Pounce Pad in WHITE… they have pink and blue also 🙂

 If you notice … it is very clear to see the markings when you mark it.. then they disappear and become muddled as you quilt each area… the trick is not to touch the powder much as you quilt!!

Here is the end of the bottom border getting done .. this will have me 1/4 done with the outer border too!!! Yippee 🙂

Linking this awesome progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.. HERE 🙂

Soon I will start piecing my Journey of a Quilter..

it is set up as a BOM.. and I am likely to do it that way as I have sooo much happening! lol  I am doing this quilt with my friend Kathy… we are calling it “Friendship Journey” 🙂  The picture shows all you are to do in the first block only!!!  There are 9 blocks like this!!  Won’t this be fun though.. embroidery… piecing… creating… then quilting and enjoying!!!

I have found so much solace this week in a simple verse of the Bible… John 10:9… if you have this book in your home.. check out this chapter .. it is very interesting for sure!

I just love finding pasture in my life too … hand quilting certainly helps that!

Until my next post.. please remember…


Lovin’ me some Slow Stitching today :)

I don’t make New Years Resolutions… but if I did I think this year’s would be to try to be slow stitching something each Sunday and link to Kathy’s Quilts blog… HERE is the link to her party TODAY!!!

 I rewarded myself for getting my new calendar all caught up for this year with what activities are already set in stone by writing this post just for linking up with Kathy!!

 I love the header to start out January… this motto got me through a rough year in the past. I have followed Suzy Toronto for some time and hope she continues to put out high quality calendars like this as this is MY style for sure!

I finished this flimsy last weekend… thus no slow stitching to share for Kathy’s last years post…

this wall hanging won’t be used til August or September …but since I had nothing else close to a finish to start quilting I chose this to finish and quilt and check out the slow stitches I am doing in the alternate blocks…

I started out with this pencil drawn shape…

And ended with this thread fashioned shape…

I love how it turned out… in the first shot you can see all the shapes I am stitching in the alternate blocks! 🙂  I marked them all with graphite (pencil) and am stitching with YLI 40/3 in black 🙂

Here is a cute embroidery pattern I am pondering for my next quilt to start piecing… it will be called Friendship Journey and is supposed to finish 50 x 50″

Finally I want to share some back yard fun we had a couple days ago.. when the weather was nice 🙂

 Tanisha (my daughters friend since preschool ) has been visiting from Tennessee… and it was HAMMocK weather!!!!

Daisy even joined in the fun… and handed out some kisses along the way too!

Fun times for sure!  Tanisha goes home today sadly…

How about you are you taking any slow stitches today??

Until my next post please remember Life if Precious … handle with care &

My Faves ~ July Edition :)

My Faves ~ July 2015

Recent Pictures…

Great friends!

Great Memories!

and Great Looking! lol

 We did it together…

Matching Tshirts
Pedicures… she went back for a mani before leaving too! lol

A pic I worked on as a sweet memory of her short beach time this trip

Birthday Memories…

Yep, I am a firecracker!  Born on the 4th of July 🙂  So we celebrated and had dessert..

Such a yummy dessert we got for our birthday celebration at a local restaurant 🙂

It didn’t last long.. there were 4 of us celebrating birthdays in July! lol

My dd made me red velvet brownies too!  Yummm 🙂

And I was blessed with lots of loot… My daughter painted me a special large canvas in a cool way…

My honey really spoiled me this year though!

I got my fave chocolates.. in mini size!!

And this pattern on the left is a BOM style pattern of a quilt I want to make.. I will share more on that later… and the fat quarter bundle on the right is the fabric to make it with that I had already picked out!!!!

I can’t believe how generous he has been to me for a birthday too!

 Now what to do for him!!???  His birthday is coming on the 20th

I also got a host of cards and other gifts… Connie had given me a wall hanging to quilt, and the matching t-shirts to wear during her visit!  My favorite card was from my grandmother who is 96 years young and never forgets my birthday or to send me a card on my day 🙂  That means sooo much!

I certainly feel loved this year for sure on my special day.  Do you enjoy your special day each year??


Quilting Accomplishments…

I am so excited about this part of my week I am linking with Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday on Sunday morning… that is my fave spot to read on Sunday’s and my fave thing to do!!! lol   Today she shows her hand embroidery and talks about how good closure on a project feels! 

So come on now and check out how well my week has gone…

Got this quilt layered and pin basted ready for hand quilting…

Close up of the center block 🙂

 This block measures about 16 x 22 inches and is a little 18 month old jumper.  I only need to quilt every 8″ with this particular batting (it says how close/far you need to stitch or the batting to remain secure within the quilt on the batting packing or insert if getting off a roll) but I want this to feel cozy.

My friend Wendy suggested something like this and I LOVE this more interpretive quilting idea…

I plan to stitch in white YLI 40/3 thread to keep it super sturdy for years of snuggles too!

And in the meantime I have been working on my Bulls Eye wall hanging…

 I am now on the 11th of 16 bulls eyes.. hope to make better progress on this before my next report to you! lol

And finally choosing which of those luscious fabrics from the fat quarter bundle and which from my own stash to put together for the pattern I received for my birthday…

Although the official pattern is called “Journey of a Quilter” by Leanne Beasley… I will be calling mine “Kathi’s Friendship Journey” quilt… It will hold my first embroidered patchwork done from scratch  and my first applique… needleturn or otherwise.. will be my firsts!Yay!  Do you have quilts you enjoy that are full of firsts too?  I love to see my first hand quilting too!  I sleep under still every night! 🙂

So that is what is up with me… hope you enjoyed the ride today!

Thanks for visiting 🙂