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July is a time for Winning!!!

As July comes into the mountains… and I turned 54 yesterday too!  We are enjoying summertime in our own yard!

I took some selfies of an app on my phone that features me on my birthday…

And I took some selfies of me too and made a collage… all early in the morning on the 4th… the house was MINE!

 I spent my birthday hearing from ALL my kids… including watching sweet little Ellie play and be sooo cute on video chat time!

 Some of my birthday wishes included:

Can you guess what the last trait I have is inside this card??? <<<


Tell me in a comment below if you are interested in having a MINI QUILT PATTERN
I HAVE 2 to give away 😀
>>> Thanks to my bestie Connie for this birthday month giveaway! <<<
Giveaway limited to USA at this moment >>> 

 Amaryllis watch is coming to an end…

On the left was the beginning of the week and by the end of the week the one on the left was fully bloomed and earlier blooms were already fading a bit!

We will cover it well in winter and see if it blooms again in the future after such a beautiful show this season!!!!

I have NOT spent any time at the frame this week…  But next week that will change 😀

 Instead I was sewing on Julius my black 301… a wall hanging for my son and his bride-to-be. 

My son Michael and his bride to be ~ Kristen… called me early yesterday morning before celebrating HER birthday with her visiting family.. Her birthday is actually July 5 and I sent her a sweet card and sewing kit for their new home (my son gave me the green light for this home sweet home gift).

Michael & Kristen
Due to marry April 11, 2021

 I did take time to press these seams open as I sewed together all these little pieces…

 Until soon I had the bottom half together…

 I also sewed the top half strips all together making sure to stagger the seams so they weren’t all in one spot.  I woke up early on my birthday to figure out the writing I will HAND EMBROIDER on the white stripe of the picture above…  you can see below close up …

 Here I am deciding exactly how I will be hand embroidering in different threads I have and have on order…. and writing on the quilt area with a pencil my intentions…

Here is a sneak peek of my quilting plan too…

 only single vertical lines are in the final as they seemed more modern.. My goal is to make them a keepsake wall hanging they will always enjoy over the years.

As July was ringing into being… I found I was a winner in a facebook group I am in for Color Street nails….

 Have you ever done your own manicure and used dry nail polish products like this???  Let me know if you are interested in knowing more… I can hook you with my nail stylist!!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for me…

 I won a foot massager & should get it this week!!!

Here is a darling idea for dressing up a house plant for the patriotic holiday… make your country’s flag…

 Here is a quilt pattern I am currently lusting over and got my honey’s agreement that he likes it too…

I can only find it on an Etsy shop atm… my LQS doesn’t own it.

Will you be a winner this week ??!!Did you miss the pattern giveaway I offered above???

I am excited to get back to hand work this week and getting things done 🙂  How about you???
Linking this post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE… I will be embroidering today on the wedding wall hanging!!!!