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Happy November!!! Already??

Ya’ll .. I can’t believe it is November already!!!

And time for us in the USA to turn our clocks BACK 1 hour 🙂

I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep for sure!!! But I was still up before the crickets… I will be sad when it gets dark earlier though… I enjoy the long days of summer most!!!

Did you celebrate or partake in any Halloween activites.. we did not… but I had this cute greeting in my feed from facebook.. so I snapped a shot of it to share with you!

Made me feel special though 🙂

Otherwise I have been working hard on finishing Kimber’s memory quilt… I am done now with the borders on the top edge…

And am now marking the long left side of this quilt…

I love the view as I mark though 🙂  Don’t you??

So I plan to finish all the marking and start the stitching of this long sided border… What are you up to on this fabulous Sunday??

I am linking the Border Fun I am having with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky HERE!

Have a blessed one!  Thanks for visiting 🙂


Happy mail from a blogging friend!

Earlier this week I got some HAPPY MAIL!!!  From a fellow blogger who is very accomplished and is very talented too… her name is Kathy Martin and she has Card-Blanc blog!  Check out her blog here!  I found Kathy’s blog a few weeks into blogging and love her crisp clean creations… most of which are cards!!!  My fave 🙂

So I replied to one of her blogs after she gave away one of her creations and I didn’t win to see if she would offer something like that again… she offered to send me some of her extras!!!!  Wowee!!!

So what did I get????  Lots of stuff 😉  First are some cute book marks my daughter immediately took as her own to share at school…. she is 14 😉

 And her favorite is the skeleton head because it reminds her of her favorite show “Bones”!

Then she sent me a cute Halloween card she had made that I had actually commented on in her blog how much I loved her design of folding down an edge… check it out!

LOVE the spider peeking out even if this pic is fuzzy… this one isn’t!

And if you look carefully she has put some of her precious hand sewing on this project so I can be inspired to try this art of hand sewing on cards for embellishment!

Next up are some matchbooks she designed using Doodlebug papers!  They are filled with note paper for making little notes!!!  Bet my daughter will snag these but I have plans to add 1 each to the Boo hangers I made in this post or this post.

Also in this cute lot of loveliness are these cute gift bags… they are about the right size for a fun sized candy bar so I will get some and fill them up to give to best constumes!!!  We have a LOT of trick or treaters 😉

Then she even included some candy in the form of 3d stickers for me to add to my projects… check them out!!!

Finally, and my most precious thing… is a card she personally wrote in and signed!  How lucky am I??!!!!

It has a dried flower on the front of it and says “take note”.  Inside she wrote me the most personal note just for me ;D

Do you have any friends you have made in blog land???  Do you enjoy meeting new people this way??  I have found several good friends through my blog that share similar interests… and now I think I have a hero in Kathy Martin!  She ROCKS!!!!

Here’s hoping your weekend was and is crafty!