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My Laundry List Linky Party Debut ~ July 2014

What a month this has been for me 😉  I am excited to see what YOU link up too!  And remember there is a fun gift for a LUCKY LINKER too!  This month I am trying something different and will contact the lucky linker at auction end.  The gift will go with their goals!!!  Yippee 🙂  So link it all up guys and gals!  I am reading them 🙂

This Linky Party is all about GOAL SETTING!  You see I have seen my fun improve with goal setting!  I want even more fun so I am having this linky party to allow us to encourage each other!!  So come on… Let us all List, Link and Party!!!!!

Here is my list from last month 🙂

 I had 8 goals for the month… but as I recall I also had included a few things I didn’t think would happen but Connie was coming so I planned a LOT! lol

Let us see now what all those checkmarks are for…

 I finished and mailed Project RJq to it’s happy recipient!  You can read about that finish here

She was ecstatic and posted a pic with in on facebook for all to see 🙂 

And there is more to praise God over… she will not need chemo right now!  Her surgery was enough… PRAISE GOD for miracles for sure!!!

Next up was to finish Oh My Stars….  not only did it get finished but it is hanging in it’s home now too!  You can read about that finish here

No work has happened on my table topper really this month… I have 1 star flower finished that I showed last month…

but no more finished star flowers yet…

I did some reading on Quiltmaking by Hand by Jinny Beyer… I even added a fun checkmark to that post to denote that I just got in my reading goal a week before it was to be done! lol  See that on this post!

Organizing my stash is what I got did with Connie during her visit!   Yippee 🙂  It now looks fabulous and is very easy to navigate and see all that I do have… as my stash is still pretty small!  But I love everything in my stash… that is a huge bonus I think!

This cabinet my honey built… it stands about 7 feet tall and holds all “our” stuff… mainly mine… but he has some real estate here too! lol

Under my desk was the other place that needed organizing and tidying… so here you can see a pic of that!

Since we weren’t sure of final names for everything I didn’t officially label it all with my label maker… we used little coordinating sticky notes I had on hand… and they are still there!  But we are not ready for permanent labeling quite yet….

My honey is putting doors with storage on the front of it!  So excited for this to get finished… but it is a BIG project.  He has covered cabinet in beadboard as well as the doors he built!  And we are using wooden thread spools for handles!  Can’t wait to show you when it is finished 🙂

One thing I have not done… and it got the big circle up there on the list… is to get my blog more organized and have all these finishes I have done easy to find for me or anyone interested… so that will come more into focus for me this coming month I think.

And finally…. I have revealed some of the Byrum Family Quilt here 🙂

Now to make my upcoming goals!  And just let me say… this part is much easier after you have a list… notice my first items are what didn’t get a check mark from last month…

Linking these goals met and made to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict… as I am whooping with happiness over my progress this month!  Check her blog out while you are there.. she is full of inspiration!  And has a big giveaway planned or today too!

So here we go… I have a busy month ahead even though I only have 6 items listed… school starts back for my dd.. & she is having a birthday party this weekend… she turns 16!!! and is my youngest 🙂

Now it is YOUR turn!  Link up a post to inspire yourself to move forward in all areas of your life… or just stick to the crafty creative side.  Link it up THIS WEEKEND and take time to read where others are at… maybe you have been there and can offer assistance in a blog reply 🙂

List, Link, & Party!!!!


Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster Linky Party!! ~ June 2014 ~

Welcome everyone to this months LINKY PARTY! 

Yep, it is time to List, Tick, and Party!!!!  Link up for a chance to win 2 fat quarters and a tad of coordinating Aurifil 50 wt thread I had left over 😉

share this giveaway with your friends!

Last month I must have gone easy on myself.. my list was very short! lol

And yet I accomplished so much… take a quick look!

Finished my honey’s quilt… “The Man” quilt is it’s final name he says! Blogged about it here
Made 2 quilts for a friend .. not even on my list from last month!  And blogged about it here
Finished quilting the white stripes on Oh My Stars!
Used this book…
to make this template for OMS 🙂

 I also did some reading and scanning of books this month in my self-education mode.. using my stash of books to improve my craft!

Used this book… to read as my goal…
and found this design I used on Project RJq! 🙂

This book will take a while to read and absorb all she has to offer… this was my book for June.. I will use a different one in July to rotate my reading based on my focus of the month!  Yippee 🙂  Blogged about it here

So what could be left for June/July’s list???!!!  Take a look!

 And here is where I have started… with the table topper I will hand piece and hand quilt for a centerpiece to my kitchen table.. this is something that I have wanted to do for a WHILE! lol  So happy this linky is helping me get to things I have wanted to!!!

And the organization focus has started and my sewing studio outdoors has gotten a new shelf to add much needed organization out here too!  Thanks honey!!!  Blogged about it here

Don’t be disheartened please by the length of my list… I just realized that I can do more this month as my quilting mentor is coming for a 1 week visit when I will be supercharged to get a lot done! lol  So I am taking full advantage of that.

Didn’t it rock that I was able to complete May’s list AND make 2 quilts for a friend??  I really liked how God blessed that!

Okay… now is the time to link!  And while you are dreaming of your goals.. check out what others are linking and leave a little bloggy encouragement along the way!  We all love feedback 🙂

Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster LINKY PARTY & GIVEAWAY!! May 2014 :)

Welcome to our first ever Linky Party May 30, May 31 & June 1 &  a GIVEAWAY too if you play 🙂 

I say our because me and my friend Wendy are hosting a joint linky… she lives in Australia.. I am on Florida’s east coast in the USA… we will get to see more fun eye candy but more importantly see how we are motivated to share what we are accomplishing!!!… and what we hope to accomplish!!!  Since this is kinda complicated.. we picked a crazy name .. made a badge and are still working out the kinks .. but here we are with the great unveiling!  Yippee!!!  Come join us and celebrate and share across the world!!!

Write a blog post.. just for this linky party… doesn’t have to be fancy.. but talk and show pics of what you have accomplished and what you hope to work on in the upcoming month.. this can be quilting related… or otherwise… but you know we LOVE eye candy!!!

Why would you do this???  Hopefully to challenge yourself is enough motivation… just a once a month “check up” of sorts.. where you have been.. where you plan to go with all everyday life is throwing at you.  .. well for everyone that links up .. there is a giveaway for you… I have something and Wendy has something… so 2 chances to win something cool!

Here is how you win>>> List… Tick… Party!!!  Blog about it and link that post here.. simple as that… those that linked will be notified via their blog that they are the winner and we can get personal after that! lol

close up of Clips & Fabric Charms 🙂

So let me post for an example and you join in below when you have figured out what has meaning to YOU! 

 Welcome to my blog… today I want to share goals for Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster linky party!  This is my first post so I want to focus on upcoming goals.. and show where I am now as well 🙂

I have now quilted, bound, and returned to quilting on THE MAN quilt.  I hope this quilt has a name but my main objective is to have it finish and gifted… I have left the naming to the recipient.. my awesome honey!  And how cool that it will be about Father’s day when I call this one done… see here I am stitching straight lines in the ditch with 2 needles!

I have a total of 9 of these double lines to stitch to cover the quilt completely.. as I am going I am erasing the pencil marks too!  So I am getting so much accomplished so quickly… I now only have 7 strips of double lines left!  Yipee!!!

I also got a book a couple months ago that I have not read but part of the first chapter… called Loving Stitches..

on how to improve and be creative with your quilting hand stitches 🙂  I really want to read this book… so I will go for 1 chapter a month and give you all a little book report next month! lol

I continue to clean out cluttered spaces in my home and renovate furniture… those posts and activities will remain.. we are also starting a vintage sewing machine repair business that is doing well but takes my time and attention from personal goals… so giving room for them… I still hope to get this beauty quilted in June as well!

So here is hoping June gives me lots of energy, focus and stamina!  Thanks for walking this with me all that link up…

Look closely at the blue “star” are on the flag above.. Those are 9 of the prints in the charm pack as this is the charm pack I got but didn’t use from this quilt… make your own if you like!

Enjoy making a list, ticking it off, and Partying all month long and come back the last weekend of June to share your achievements!!

Monday, Monday!

Happy Monday after Mother’s Day!  Are you still flying high or did you fall back into the reality of being a full time maid 🙂 lol

This bloom opened just this morning about 9 am and I was delighted to see some clouded sunlight coming in the sunroof of the living room and shining so nicely on these lilys 🙂  There are several of them in the arrangement… and not all of them are open yet! … I arranged and played with them after this pic to get them organized for peeks throughout the day 🙂

I have been dutifully working on THE MAN quilt… and happy to report I have finished over half of this block…

And as you can see I am almost 2/3 done with the block and feather combo… my friend asked me if I could see the end of this quilt yet.. my response was that I can see the light to binding… as that will be next up after I finish the 3 other blocks in this center section of the quilt.

More quilting to do after the binding though… but that should go faster for me 🙂  Mostly straight line stuff.. not intricate swirls and swirly feathers ! lol

My honey just finished rehabbing this machine… he fashioned the cabinet himself.. it is all wood and for sale here on eBay if you are interested in sewing vintage and want a cherry of a machine!

I call it Firecracker.. because it is tan and blue with a reddish case!  And I am a 4th of July baby so this one is near and dear to me… 🙂  My daughter named it String Bean! lol  I don’t know why at all 🙂

Here is a self portrait my daughter made me along with a darling note in her beautiful cursive handwriting for Mother’s Day 🙂

She has a knit cap on in the picture 🙂

I love this pencil drawing so much!

And here is a brownie with coconut creme icing on it..

Yummy… made by my son Mike for me!

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Now on to goal setting..

My goal is to finish this block by the end of the day and send you all a report tomorrow! 🙂
Do you have a goal for the week.. or the day… or the month even?? 

Would you play in a linky that you post goals and show progress in a special post once a month??  Just wondering!

Have a blessed day!

Oh My Stars flimsy COMPLETE!

Tonite I finished and photographed my beautiful flimsy that will now be called “Oh My Stars” 🙂

Measures 37″ x 49″ currently 🙂
As I was adding these borders the name came to me… and once I finish my honey’s quilt and start on this one you will see why this quilt will earn it’s name 🙂
I love the mitered outer borders.. Wendy suggested them and I agreed… I watched this video by Fat Quarter Shop and followed the directions.  I love the end result!
Here is an idea of how I plan to hand quilt this fun wall hanging!
Sunday will be my time to accomplish lots of Slow Stitching…

on THE MAN quilt for my honey…

With Oh My Stars in the wings I must push forward and get this one done and given! 🙂  And he is anxious to have it! lol

Linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching… as my goal is to complete the marked half of the block and the feather on Sunday 🙂  
Cheers to setting goals and meeting them!

Monday ~ Goal setting again!

Well if you follow me you know last week I set a goal and missed my mark… then when I did meet that goal…late!… I set a better goal that I did meet yesterday!  I was STOKED!!!  Yippeee 🙂  So this week I am sharing a new goal with all of you to keep me accountable…

Here are TWO blocks.. THREE feathers and ONE cornerstone that need done… THIS WEEK!

My plan is to hopefully meet my halfway goal of 1 block and 2 feathers by Thursday… 🙂

Wish me luck!

My brother and his family sent a new pic taken on Easter and I love it!  They are all so beautiful!

And speaking of beautiful things… check out the magenta pink blooms on the bougainvillea 🙂

Looks so nice to me with all the other lovely plants surrounding it!

 And we have this beautiful teal sewing machine now listed on eBay.. Wanna see it?  Check it out better here!  My honey rehabbed it and the case and don’t they just look FABULOUS???!!!

So what’s beautiful in your life on the beginning of this week???

Would love to hear what you find beautiful too!

Have a blessed week and here’s to MEETING goals!  Happy Monday 🙂