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Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster LINKY PARTY & GIVEAWAY!! May 2014 :)

Welcome to our first ever Linky Party May 30, May 31 & June 1 &  a GIVEAWAY too if you play 🙂 

I say our because me and my friend Wendy are hosting a joint linky… she lives in Australia.. I am on Florida’s east coast in the USA… we will get to see more fun eye candy but more importantly see how we are motivated to share what we are accomplishing!!!… and what we hope to accomplish!!!  Since this is kinda complicated.. we picked a crazy name .. made a badge and are still working out the kinks .. but here we are with the great unveiling!  Yippee!!!  Come join us and celebrate and share across the world!!!

Write a blog post.. just for this linky party… doesn’t have to be fancy.. but talk and show pics of what you have accomplished and what you hope to work on in the upcoming month.. this can be quilting related… or otherwise… but you know we LOVE eye candy!!!

Why would you do this???  Hopefully to challenge yourself is enough motivation… just a once a month “check up” of sorts.. where you have been.. where you plan to go with all everyday life is throwing at you.  .. well for everyone that links up .. there is a giveaway for you… I have something and Wendy has something… so 2 chances to win something cool!

Here is how you win>>> List… Tick… Party!!!  Blog about it and link that post here.. simple as that… those that linked will be notified via their blog that they are the winner and we can get personal after that! lol

close up of Clips & Fabric Charms 🙂

So let me post for an example and you join in below when you have figured out what has meaning to YOU! 

 Welcome to my blog… today I want to share goals for Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster linky party!  This is my first post so I want to focus on upcoming goals.. and show where I am now as well 🙂

I have now quilted, bound, and returned to quilting on THE MAN quilt.  I hope this quilt has a name but my main objective is to have it finish and gifted… I have left the naming to the recipient.. my awesome honey!  And how cool that it will be about Father’s day when I call this one done… see here I am stitching straight lines in the ditch with 2 needles!

I have a total of 9 of these double lines to stitch to cover the quilt completely.. as I am going I am erasing the pencil marks too!  So I am getting so much accomplished so quickly… I now only have 7 strips of double lines left!  Yipee!!!

I also got a book a couple months ago that I have not read but part of the first chapter… called Loving Stitches..

on how to improve and be creative with your quilting hand stitches 🙂  I really want to read this book… so I will go for 1 chapter a month and give you all a little book report next month! lol

I continue to clean out cluttered spaces in my home and renovate furniture… those posts and activities will remain.. we are also starting a vintage sewing machine repair business that is doing well but takes my time and attention from personal goals… so giving room for them… I still hope to get this beauty quilted in June as well!

So here is hoping June gives me lots of energy, focus and stamina!  Thanks for walking this with me all that link up…

Look closely at the blue “star” are on the flag above.. Those are 9 of the prints in the charm pack as this is the charm pack I got but didn’t use from this quilt… make your own if you like!

Enjoy making a list, ticking it off, and Partying all month long and come back the last weekend of June to share your achievements!!