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Showing off MY space … and some DEALS!

Today I decided it was time to share more of myself with you and show you my space… my main space IS my quilty space too…

I have my fave fb site pulled up “Celebrate Hand Quilting”;)

You can see THE MAN quilt in front of my Fiona (the sewing machine is in the wooden box).  Next to the sewing machine are my most used books and some patterns and a little stash I haven’t put away and some things waiting to be mailed… Beside that with the blue water and red headed mermaids is my ironing board… literally a board covered with a towel for a little softness and a cover!  Works great too!

Above is my design wall… when I sew a lot I move the room around and have full access to the design wall.. it goes to about 18″ from the floor the way it is built.  It is very awesome and handy when piecing and machining for sure!  We are still looking for something to go in the upper right corner of the frame but it will come 🙂

Under that table are lots of plastic bags.. holding nice new fabric waiting to be made into quilts… about 5 projects are here or more! lol

These drawers hold completed project leftovers and yardage I am collecting for a quilt for Daisy… she loves quilts! lol  And all my thread/needles and such… not currently in use items are here mainly!

But this holds LOTS OF STUFF!  And it was a DEAL!!!!

It is a Longaberger basket and holds my paper scissors, my applique scissors, my rotary cutters, some new stuff and old stuff I just bought… ready for using with soon to come projects 🙂  And I paid $1.99 for it at Goodwill in their basket section… it has a hanger on the back and a thick leather strap across the flat back side of it… it is exactly what I wanted and needed!

Then today we were at the Goodwill and my honey spied this….

 It is a little collapsible travel iron with no steam at all!  I am so giddy and it cost a whopping $2.99!!!  It came from Walmart where it had a sticker worth $12.99.  This will be PERFECT for piecing .. I think steam has been my downfall… now no steam available.. (unless I get some Best Press!) lol

I have only gotten a bit done on THE MAN quilt today but still feel confident that I will meet the goal I set out in my last post!   So excited about this now 🙂

How about you.. where do you do you sew?  Have you found any good deals lately?

Love to hear from you & respond to all comments 🙂


Happy November!

We have been very productive here for November 🙂

I got the sweet buzz on Sugar Bee crafts for my Hammock Quilt Finish… check them both out!

Sugar Bee Crafts
 We cleaned the Florida room out and pressure washed it and reorganized it as we filled it back up.

 Where I am set up for hand piecing now… is the part of the table I set my quilted item on for hand quilting… keeps the dirt and my sweet animals off until they are ready 🙂

Behind me is the design board my honey made me 🙂

We found shelving on Craigslist for free and some for cheap that has really helped us reorganize the garage 🙂

Don’t look at the unorganized shelf… my honey say 🙂

The cabinet is actually one we got for FREE and was originally used at a local city fire hall… it is really heavy and all wood with magnets to hold the doors closed!

 So check your local Craigslist for finds!  I even found some quilting fabric there a couple weeks ago… more on that when I use it though 🙂

My daughter has been busy… greeting Halloween

Getting an eye check up

And hanging with friends 🙂

She also needed a chest so we found this great one … on Craigslist… for $40.00 and it is HEAVY and all wood!

And in her room… the thank you pic we sent to the people that sold it to us for so cheap 🙂

And in doing so she cleaned her room for the first time this month! lol  Okay first time in SEVERAL months… but it was clean that day!  Give thanks for what we can right?!!

Daisy has been frolicking and enjoying the fall sunny day we had today for a bit before the overcast skies returned…. check out the aloe in the top left of this pic too!

My honey made a hangar for the hammock to be stored when we aren’t using it… very cool!

And when we are using it I just finished a quilt to abate the windy days and cooler nights that will be greeting us more and more into winter time for the east coast of Florida!

Doesn’t that look inviting???  I love how “quilty” the quilt turned out!  I will be sharing the blog post about it linked at the beginning of this post to several linky parties!  This is my fave finish so far!  We have slept under it a few nights already… just cuz! lol

When we moved the hammock from it “storage spot” we found a friend finding refuge behind it… can you tell what it is???

a sleeping froggy!

 And finally… I have taken a stab at hand piecing… this is what I have done so far… it will be bigger and better… learning with every stitch.  For the record I started this on November 3, 2013.  I have given myself a month to hand piece and hand quilt what will be table toppers for family Christmas presents… Do you hand piece???  Do you hand quilt???  Would you be interested in classes if you knew someone locally???

Hope you have a completely crafty November and don’t forget to share it all on your blog so we can see what you are up to too!  It is fun to share 🙂


The end of our projects is in site!

So as we have been busily working… me on quilting and my honey on refinishing the floors in our Florida room (screened in porch with a roof on it).  We had indoor/outdoor carpeting here from when we bought the house so we are happy for this upgrade!

See how nice the other side looks… now for my side 🙂

This was my temporary desk…. while my regular desk got a good cleaning by my honey!  Yipee

And I got moved out of my seat while the floor was drying… but I just kept on quilting!  My honey rocks like that!

See the quilt I am hand quilting!

You can see the bottom edge is not quilted yet.

And my new and improved work area before I move my sewing machine and cabinets back in…

I got my chair back now… and I have a plastic mat on the floor that is clear so it is protected but not obvious!  LOVE THAT!

Now for a peek at what I got my honey as a belated father’s day and thanks for all he does around here 🙂

He got a hammock… built for 2.. it will hold us both!  Yipee!

See how my sweet Daisy thinks it is all for her!  She is such a poser 🙂  As for my honey… had to drag him out for these shots 🙂

Have a blessed week and hope something happy happens for you!


Slowly making progress… Aloe Update too!

Well in my last post I shared all we have been up to… the family like has gotten busier and the work has slowed but not stopped 🙂

I am on the 20th butterfly on Pam’s quilt out of 30 total.. then on to border work.  Yahoo for progress… sure wish the butterflies were done but I won’t wish away the time to stitch them either!
 Here is the back side with my needles loaded and ready to go…

In between stitches I fixed this curtain to hang up higher in the middle… I like it now and like the shabby chik look it has 🙂

My honey is making progress on the Florida room floor tiles and is cutting the last one as I write this…

So now it looks like this…

And now for an aloe update…

Here she was earlier this week…

The blooms are drying up and blowing away and the hairs that grew on te limbs are shooting out a seed pod looking thing… there are 3 of them on the aloein this pic on Thursday…

Today it looks like this…

Now all the blooms are basically gone and the seed pods are getting jucier looking… hmmm wonder what is next???

We have had a lot of rain for this time of year thanks to an early tropical storm from the Gulf side of the state… but it looks healthy and happy otherwise… will keep watching!

Have a blessed Father’s Day and a happy Sunday!


We are halfway there!

Halfway to where you ask… to meeting our goals… 🙂

My goal is to finish the butterflies on Pam’s quilt with outlining and start on the border… I am almost halfway there!  Yipee!

 Here is one of the little fellas now… when I don’t have a hard surface to use the graphite I have to go back to my water soluble purple marker! lol

Linking this much complete on Sarah’s blog for her Friday Whoop Whoop here….do you have something to whoop about??? Check her out!

I am planning to mark a quilt before I sandwich it while Connie is here so that will make using the graphite easy peasy!  We are excited about that…. while I have been stitching my honey has been busy too… working on the Florida room in Casa Del Loro!

Yep, I am getting tile flooring where once was indoor/outdoor commercial grade carpet!  See my honey pulling it up!

Now he is almost halfway done laying the same tile we put in the house but bigger!

 This is 18″ tile…

Important to note in tools for this job are kneepads… spring on the good ones.. they have really taken the wear and left my honey’s knees not sore! 

Meanwhile, my dd is in Tennesse and I am missing her terribly… she is my youngest at 14 (15 next month) and has been so looking forward to this trip… so I let her go and she is having fun so it is all good… just miss her daily chatter 🙂

My boys are happy in their lives… or seem to be so all is well with the world! lol

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!