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Surgery a success & LOTS more to share!

Hello to March 2019!!!  Here is a snapshot of my calendar this month….
“Journey through life happily and full of joy”
I turned the calendar soon after we returned home from my honey’s right hip replacement surgery.  Before I get to that though… look what I completed before we left to go to Asheville for his surgery!!!

 Not only are the colored bins below all organized and put away neatly as possible but almost all my wrapped fabrics are organized too..

It took some finagling to get the fabric and the scraps all organized in the closet of my sewing room but I did!
All that is left is to address the elephant in the room now… my cutting table with all my civil war fabrics from the last 2 quilts on it… not ready to organize them yet because I have pillow shams to fashion for Appalachian Delight that I am adding borders to this morning! 🙂
I put this quilt up for sale this week… 

 The fall wall hanging quilt sold last week….  this is the only one I still want to destash.. it is a lovely quilt but just doesn’t fit our mountain decor here … so hopefully it will fit someone else’s decor and find a fitting home.  The fall wall hanging got glowing feedback when the person received it.

Also before we left for our journey to surgery… I started cutting out and assembling the Diamond Clutch Wallet that I planned to make into a wristlet!

So Sunday and Monday were busy days… I doubt I touched the hand quilting on the wall hanging but the sorting did take a front seat and that is hand work of sorts… so I feel I accomplished a lot getting my sewing room in order before we left Tuesday to drop Molly at the groomers for a trim and boarding too… and then on the Asheville as the VA was putting us up in a motel before surgery to be close by for a 6 am arrival time.

 We found the motel and spent a sleepless night awaiting a 4 am wake up call from the automated motel system.  The VA was only 15 or less from our motel though so that was a definite blessing.  We also found parking close to the front doors to go to the pre op waiting room and Rick was changed and ready for surgery by 6 am as scheduled!!! yay 😀

Here is a photo I took the morning after surgery… for our best friend Connie.  He was so happy to be able to be out of the bed and up in the chair under his own steam with leadership from a great occupational therapist and physical therapist too… the day of surgery was rough all around but the next day was GREAT… and soon he was actually being discharged!

While he was running laps around the surgical unit I spent the night at a great place called the Rathbun Center… think Ronald McDonald house for adults.  It was a beautiful hideaway behind a subdivision of Asheville and is monitored 24 hours a day… your stay is free or they accept donations and they provide some basic food stuffs but you can cook and store food in their kitchen… watch tv in public spots… use a computer in the library or relax in your private room with bathroom.. very nice… here is a photo of this sweet spot…

It was ramp accessible which made it a perfect fit for me… so when Rick has to have his left hip replaced (near future we think) I may try to get an appointment to stay there again as I only stayed 1 night and thought it would be 2 or 3!!!  My honey just did GREAT though 😀

We got home Thursday evening and within 1 hour of getting home we had the car unloaded and Rick had switched walkers to one more keen for outdoors and walked along the flat path to his man cave outside… he loves that spot… and he enjoyed the fact he could walk there by himself too!  This was unexpected for us pre operatively!

Thursday night… as it turns out was his best sleeping night of all our nights home yet.  We each slept in shifts as he couldn’t settle and I was exhausted… so I slept first and deep and good… then woke to catch up on missed hand quilting time… He took a round of medicine for pain and I got him cozy in the bed and he slept with me just checking in on him until 4 hours passed and it was time for more medications… we used the bathroom and we re-positioned him and off to sleep he was again!  lol  He slept another 4 hours and woke to get up and work on little projects around the house he had on his mind… moving around and adding pull bars in the bathrooms… packing something we sold while he was in the hospital… and going to run errands with me in the afternoon  🙂

Saturday I decided it was time to finish the wallet I had started before his surgery…

 Working on the zipper… had to remove metal teeth to shorten it and move the stops to where the teeth were removed required some tools my honey donated to my bag making stash from his tool stash 🙂  I love that we share passions in some ways too!

Tah dah….

 Here is a betting photo of the whole Diamond Clutch Wristlet Wallet I made from a pattern that was very well written with photos and a video for a few parts too…

In the light peach change pocket I added a swivel clasp to hold car keys so they don’t run off on me 🙂  I also put one of my Handcrafted label sin this wallet you will see 😀  I learned a lot making it and think there will be another in the far future for me to make for myself but all together I don’t think the pattern directions could be improved upon !

This weekend has gone so well… last night I sat down and figured and measured and CUT the borders for Appalachian Delight!  This morning I attached the freshly pressed borders and am now planning to lay them out on our kitchen bar to figure the mitering that needs to happen…

 Isn’t this lovely!!!  The center I pieced measures 80″ square and the outer border is an additional 13″ of top quality quilt shop quality fabric I bought for a song in bulk from a quilt shop closing and advertising their remaining things on eBay over a month ago.

Yesterday I also rolled the quilt and will now be going right across the center of the quilt and that top border is noticeable!!!

This morning I have already put in some baptist fan stitches and have 2 of the 8 needed fans complete… I am pointing to my current spot where I will spend this day stitching below with my finger…

Linking this progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday Party HERE << see her applique!!
The Peacock Party at Wendy’s Quilt and More HERE << where Wendy is showing a Giraffe stitchery by Kim McLean that is very cool!

Here is a photo of Molly.. freshly groomed and looking cute and our freshly pre-op organized living room… you can see Fiona behind the sofa now and my quilt frame beyond that…

 Here is a close up of my Fiona… she is a straight stitching Morse and she began this drive to own only vintage machines… we bought here without the beautiful case my honey bestowed on her … for $15 as found on Craigslist… she took a bit of work but she is a fave of mine and will always hold a special place in my heart 🙂

Someone posted this on facebook this week… so I will leave you with this thought… if you Rise … why not Shine too 🙂

Well … off to be busy hand quilting and pressing Appalachian Delight and figure out those miters for the 4 corners… this quilt will be neatly folded once finished as I focus on finishing the wall hanging on the frame and wait for Connie to find time to finish a quilt she wanted me to hand quilt for her bed 🙂  I also am planning a couple toddler quilts for my daughter’s best friends kids…  No rest for the weary… sleep will happen eventually! lol  For now I am just glad we are in love with our life here in NC… every minute of it!!!

Opening an Etsy shop and slow stitching progress too!

That is right y’all!  designoriginalsbykc is now not just a blog and my personal signature but an Etsy shop too…check it out HERE if you are interested in the first few things I have listed!

My goal includes keeping it fun and affordable for my customers… and selling things through the holiday seasons I enjoy making with Gloria…

Our business card I designed to start us out 🙂

 Our stock initially includes these things…

Rounded corner drink coasters with acorns on them 🙂
Hexagon shaped coasters
Pumpkin square coasters too!

I even added a few “action” photos! lol

And a Snap Bag too… using Tula Pink fabric I have had in my stash!

 My honey helped me with some of these photos… even caught him red handed at the end….

But he took these photos before he thought of the above action shot for me! lol

See the snap bag opening by using the triangles 🙂

I also have a hand quilted wall hanging in our shop!  Come on over and take a look following the link I gave ya at the top of this post 😍Before I got the bright idea to actually OPEN an Etsy shop I finished these fun things ….

A fun snap bag to match the wallet I made for my darling daughter!

A proper bed to go in the basket we bought as a spot for Molly in the living room 🙂

 Molly loves her bed too ❤

 She just loves fabric though too… here she is as I create….

 Sleeping in the basket of fabric scraps waiting to be processed into my scrap users system! lol

FINALLY to some relaxing slow stitching now!  This I worked on while my honey had a doctor’s appointment… it will be a new pillow for him once I get finished stitching the design into this wholecloth pillow top….

 It coordinates with our quilt I am stitching too…

I finished this row of swirlies… then it was time for a much dreaded task… adding to the backing that for some reason … even though measured so carefully before loading it initially on the frame… is about 3″ too short!!!!
So I came to Fiona… my Morse 600 straight stitch machine and a bit more portable than my 301…
My honey got her out of her beautiful case to put her on a low sitting table beside my frame to add on a bit of fabric to the backing and I just had to take a photo of her to adore her a bit.

 And her hard at work without breaking a sweat…

 And now… just about 1 1/2 hours from the time I started tearing this quilt off the top of the frame….

 all back together 🙂

This quilt is now 86% complete!!!  Y’all with this backing issue now fixed I am on the home stretch!!  Linking this part of this post to my fave Sunday Stop with other hand stitchers… Kathy’s Quilts and her linky Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<  Come see what others are making with their creative fingers 💟✋

I am planning to work on the wavy lines in this blue row you see above… 😀

My LQS posted this photo Friday… I thought it was cute… so wanted to share it with you all too…

 Hope this LQS photo from Bless My Stitches in Murphy NC gives you a smile!

And now I am gonna get back to slow stitching… praying for a sale in my Etsy shop and working on a few things with eBay too… Have a blessed one you guys and…

Goal met… just a little bit left!

Today… in fact just a bit ago.. I finished the goal I set last Sunday week…

And completed 2 blocks… 3 feathers .. 1 cornerstone 🙂
Now it just leaves this bit to quilt before I bind and label (my honey wants the label to be a surprise) !! 

Then back to a bit more quilting with no batting roughness… just soft quilt fabric to brush against!  I enjoy it when a quilt can be bound before all the final quilting is done.. 🙂

 Next up is a creative project I am taking time off from THE MAN quilt to complete … here is where I am so far…

No ideas yet except I love all these 1930’s prints and solid together 🙂

Time to search the internet for ideas and see what kind of patterns I can find to incorporate my own design ideas into… do you have any suggestions??? I want to just use the 2 top fabrics and the label of course… and use the red plaid for the binding of it.  I like the 3 flowers framing the label top binding area.. we shall see what ideas YOU have!

My honey has been busy in the yard and at the workbench.. today Fiona went in for a check up…

and got a glowing report and her tension knob fixed… so all is well… also a good oiling was had… so now I need to sew a bit on her to rub it all in good 🙂

Weekend Hodge Podge ~ April 2014

Welcome to my corner of blogland… today I have lots to share! 

So I am calling it a Hodge Podge… I have a bloggy friend who follows someone that does this on Wednesdays… answers misc. questions for fun and to share more of herself with her bloggy friends… so I am gonna do my version this weekend!

What are you passionate about?

Currently I am hand quilting ~ my major passion IS hand quilting right now! I am making my honey a quilt that will be a queen throw size… very large! lol

You can see a snippet of what I am currently working on by viewing my blog on it’s own page instead of in a reader!  My blog header changes every month or so with a pic of what I am working on featured somewhere on it 🙂

Here is block #10 on my count down…

I am now about 3/4 done with this block!  WhOOP!!!

I am also passionate about vintage sewing machines and own 3

not one Singer in the bunch either 🙂  You can see 2 of my vintage machines in my header… sweet Fiona and reliable Francis… I recently added a zig zagger Japanese class 15 clone I named Nelly to my little group of machines… I only sew to repair things or to piece/bind quilts.. so these machines do all I need!  Check out my post on how easy vintage is to care for by yourself HERE!

Prefer a modern machine??? Check out the Janome I am selling on Ebay here

gently used and ready to go!

What is your favorite form of social media?

I like facebook best.  You can find me on Patchwork Friends (my own fb quilty friends group) here to request entry as it is closed to quilty folks only… both machine and hand quilting happens there and no advertising or sharing sales stuff… currently doing a QAL:

for which I have these 6 spool blocks done…

I am also a member of other quilt groups on facebook and have chosen to make my facebook page a quilty place to be… so many of my previous fb friends have slowly gone away to make room for current and more appropriate friends to fit the no political stuff policy I am adopting for facebook 🙂

My fave place is a place just for hand quilters called Celebrate Hand Quilting group.  You can request entry here… and Caron or Janet will grant you access if you are a quilty person and this sounds like something you would like go for it because the eye candy and knowledge shared there for hand quilting techniques is nothing short of AMAZING!

I Pinterest for remembering ideas and keep a running page each year of ideas…. here is 2014’s page 🙂

I don’t tweet, or instagram or anything else… I am almost 50 so I feel pretty hip as I am 🙂 HA!

So that was only 2 questions… but I hope this gives you a better feel of who I am… would love to hear any questions you have for me!  I can answer them in next weekends Hodge Podge… and I haven’t even shown you the back yard yet!!!!  So subscribe if you haven’t and come back to visit!

I blog about twice a week usually and cover all aspects of quilting, home reno, beautiful outdoor shots I take from my own back yard, funny moments in our lives, and whatever I need written down to remember… my blog is an ongoing scrapbook of sorts for me!  Hope you enjoy the ride with me!

In closing I have an icon I made below with my motto for 2014!  Read more about what it means here.

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I have a surprise for you!

Welcome 🙂

With all we have been up to lately rehabbing sewing machines and such we found ourselves craigslisting and thrift shopping for older sewing machines that needed help!  We have seemed to be on a roll and my honey so enjoys it… and I reap the rewards of his labor! lol

Anyway, while thrifting locally we bought this beautiful zig zag machine that has 13 decorative stitches… for less than $13.00!!!  $12.78 with tax! lol  For my honey to fix and then sell for seed money to start a side business and expand his new hobby.  Ha!

I fell in love with her… the more research I did, the more I liked her… then he sewed on her.. it was LOVE!  For both my honey (as he lovingly repaired her unoiled parts and frozen gears and figured out her broken bobbin) and also I realized THIS machine would be my Janome replacement!

He and I decided Nelly would be her name… after her brand name Nelco. 

Nelly is a light seafoam green and white and is cast iron.

Nelly’s cast iron body was made in Japan… she is a “Japanese Clone”.  Then she was shipped to the US for branding and assembly.  For Nelly that meant St. Louis, Missouri!  And she is extra special with all her added features so they called this model a “Centennial Series”.

I love that Nelly is a Japanese import like my Fiona (she is featured on my blog header :).

My Fiona ~ Showin’ off her new spool doilies my bestie made for her!

These machines were all made in the early 1950’s when there was a loophole in sewing machine patenting.  Most of the machines made in Japan during this time are straight stitch machines… a few zig zags and even fewer like her with extra metal cams built in for the buttonholes and other decorative stitches!

So now I just gotta clean up the Janome and take posing pics to sell her so we have money for my honey to buy machines to SELL! lol  Anyone want a great deal on a Janome 8077 sewing machine?  lol

Hope you have enjoyed meeting Nelly… she is still getting cleaned up… as you can see in this pic…

Used to raise and lower the feed dogs on Nelly!

But I couldn’t wait to share!  I will only have 3 machines… I can’t use more than that! lol

Have a great rest of your week!

My first feathers!

49 feathers I marked on this quilt top…

now that quilt top is “sandwiched” I am hand quilting those feathers…. usually on a quilt you start from the center and do ALL the quilting as you work your way around and to the edges in a circular pattern of sorts…

Well this quilt is different… each of the blocks will be heavily quilted and decoratively quilted so I want them to be stable… so the sashings all get done first… 49 inner sashings means 49 beautiful feathers to hand quilt!  What joy I will have… 2 down so far 🙂

For small print…

This quilt top was machine pieced all on Fiona

on December 3, 2013… and finished on December 7.
I sandwiched (with my honey’s help)

and started the hand quilting on December 23, 2013.

Most of that gap was waiting on these amazing stencils from a stencil company I hadn’t used before…here Quilting Creations International…  if you are interested in stencils their customer service rocks and their catalog is an inch thick but don’t try to order it online… there was a glitch for me… thus why I know their customer service rocks.. they took my order right over the phone!!!

shipping was slow but product was shipped well and was top quality 🙂

On the other side of that coin… shame on me for not deciding til the last minute what company to go with and what I really wanted to spend 4 months looking at! lol  A big thanks to my bestie Connie for helping it all happen… the stencils were part of my Christmas present!  Something I wanted and could use she said! lol

I used Pellon cotton batting from JoAnn’s with lots of coupons making it super affordable and it is a breeze to hand stitch through 🙂

I am using Aurifil 28/2 thread for all the stitching in a steel gray color!  It is pricey but nice for hand piecing and quilting and my honey loves the color of it.. I like how soft it is too… and not too linty.

If you have any other questions … please ask!  I love comments and love helping others understand how to do something they don’t … or how to choose an online company to deal with.  You get the idea 🙂

Our friend Liz with Brandi and the gingerbread train they made 🙂

Hope you have a blessed Christmas Eve!

Fiona’s grand reveal & a little rant too!!!

I found Fiona, my Morse 600 ~ 1950’s model straight stitch only class 15 Toyota made sewing machine, on Craiglist, about an hours drive from our home.  We picked her up on November 26 🙂  Here she was…

And here are a few pics I took when we first got her on this blog post!

And today… here she is all dressed up for a party thanks to my handy honey!

Doesn’t she look lovely!  And nothing for me to snag or catch on … and a wider work surface to sew on and still be portable!!!  LOVE THAT!

I made the prairie pointed cozy/rug and blogged about it last week here

It matches my ironing board cover 🙂

Here she is fully dressed…

This was a Christmas present from my honey and the great thing is…

  • we did it together!
  • it cost less than $100 total!!
  • she sews smoother than ever now 🙂

Okay so here is the real story…

My honey planned it but asked for my input… we looked at the old original base for necessities and looked at some cabinets online but nothing struck my fancy… or his… so off to Lowes we went with a meager budget of $30 for OAK!

We added Ribbon to be a handle to the drawer on the side…

Fits my big ginghers and all Fiona’s tools!

Love her two-toned look on the cabinet door closed 🙂

We had the stain colors we wanted from previous works of art… so away my honey went … he planned and measured and planned and cut… meanwhile I looked into jewelry.. what kind of name could I find for her and… and what to do about handles…

The handles were found and the clasps to hold her closed when traveling were found…

But mostly I was obsessed with her name being on the case somewhere… hopefully the base not the top so I could see it anytime I was using her or not! lol

So after ordering her name from an Etsy shop I waited and waited… anxiously wanting to see HER name in lights that would shine on this case my honey had so lovingly made and adored…

However, the name came out looking nothing like Fiona or her personality… so we used the cute heart attached to the bottom of the name… and found she would give a partial refund since we the name was unclear to us in how she wrote it… took the refund and headed to Hobby Lobby where we found Amy Tangerine thick fabric stickers we glued on with super glue get then a couple coats of varnish 🙂

Ta Dah!  She is officially named now 🙂  And my honey even found this cool leftover wood from the project to mount her name on in light oak and her heart on on dark mahogany stains… all still oak! 🙂  Yippee!  Do you see the grain of this woood… it is an arrow or chevron pointed shape.. LOVE!

Now… do you want a rant from me telling the good and bad of online shopping or would you rather me leave this post as is???  I shop online A LOT because I love cool one of a kind things… so I can share that with you in a future post… but for now… just make sure you read the fine print before agreeing and paying.  That fine print is all what is important to the seller.  Let’s you know more about them…

As for me… back to marking my honey’s quilt… right now… working on swirly feathers in the sashings 🙂  Have a great Friday and a Happy Weekend before Christmas!

Sorry I don’t rant well btw! hehe… but if you want more rant I have it… and can share it if you are interested so comment and let me know what you think of Fiona.. think of online purchases…. do they meet, exceed or fall short of your desired outcome???

Merry Christmas Season!

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Merry Christmas for me … a bit early too!

Okay,so last night my honey FINISHED my sewing machine cabinet!!!   That was soon after I finished the cozy/rug to go underneath her!!!  🙂 

Almost time for the big reveal!!!! 

But until then you get a tease… still waiting on 1 thing to come in before Fiona makes her BIG debute with her new clothes and jewelry 🙂

This pic I took this morning to memorialize and to tease… I have the best .. bestie EVER!

Here are Connie and I last summer in my back yard…

She came and stayed a week and though she was glad to return she often wishes it had been a longer visit… as do I .. so until out next visit she send me some LOVE!

The bag is hand made and hand quilted… she did it all with her two hands and a bit of help from her most excellent sewing machine!  The chocolates I have enjoyed… esp the Coconut flavored ones 🙂

Above is the other side of the bag quilted with diagonal lines while she recovered from surgery!  Now that is love and devotion to hand stitch your recovery freshly from surgery… it was the only day we didn’t talk much! She admits now :)lol

She is making me a handle as I tend to lose things and this hand made Vera Bradley esque bag … but MUCH better for me!!! is my everyday carry my phone and wallet bag… don’t wanna be losing that!  Love that fuscia zipper too… and on the front she stitched a little medalion on.. no sharp points either!!!

As if that wasn’t enough… she sent me some rulers that I picked out over the phone while she was in the store…

and I was gonna pay her back for… Merry Christmas she said!!! lol  I do that to her too really… and in my box I found them… ready to go to work for me… No clues yet on the hexi ruler but we did a lot of research and both wanna do something working with larger hexies like this ruler does so now I have it when it was 50% off! 

Then on the left is the apple core template… nice for using the rotary cutter… I have decided that will be next falls quilt made from Fossil Fern charm packs… and I will even use the side I don’t cut as these are 3″ x 4 1/2″.. so I need the charm pack.. don’t want the similarities yardage or even fat quarters would give me so charm packs on sale is it… and I love those Fossil Fern fabric colors and designs 🙂

So that is my Christmas from my bestie Connie and a sneak peek at Fiona too!

Would love to hear what you think!  Have you opened any Christmas presents yet just cuz you can??? Perk of being an adult my bestie said! lol and I agree!!!!

She is getting my gift today I think… I can’t wait to see if she likes it all.. I didn’t do anything hand made for her.. but I did a lot of her fave things 🙂

Finishing up on the cozy/rug :)

I had hoped to share on Kathy’s slow stitching Sunday here… check out all the great handwork going on… but the only pic I could have shared of hand stitching is this one… my last row to stitch 🙂

And this my overall done now time to figure out that pairie point border!

So first I trimmed the edges above to 1/4″ bigger than the quilt top… to give the bottom layer extra “fudge” room for my plan on finishing this up 🙂

Then I turned the whole thing over and pinned back the backing piece… to reveal all that batting (I used 2 layers of leftover batting for this project).

Then to trim the batting back so that the seams from the prairie point border will fold back and meet them like they do in this pic….

Yippee!  I trimmed off just enough… had to sliver trim a couple places but mostly it played nice 🙂

Finally I pinned down the backing like I wanted it to look… finally I took it back to my Janome and added a straight stitch finish to catch all the borders and a decorative edge finish inside that … pretty fancy stuff!

 All turned out well as you will see in the grand reveal when her name comes in and is placed on the case 🙂  For now I pet her often and talk to her too… shhhh don’t tell anyone though! lol

Do you name your sewing machines??? Do you have any specially handmade things that adorn your machine… maybe a spool doily??  I would love to have one of those next… 🙂  Only problem is I don’t crochet… my fingers don’t move that way… anyone up for making me a spool cozy next!?? hehe 🙂

Have a wonderful Christmas season and take time to enjoy it!

It is a Friday to WHOOP about :)

Have you ever been happy to close the books on a week and see Friday come??? I sure have this week… we have been so busy… but I took a little time to show you some progress we have made this week!

Starting with my sweet girl Capo… she is 15 1/2 years old… senile… and silly these days… she just came back from being groomed though and wanted to primp for the camera! lol  Her groomer gifted us the sweetest ornament for the Christmas tree for her 🙂  Whoop!

My daughter is all into the rubber band bracelets… well let me tell you she is mastering it and enjoying herself and really using thought process to do it… I am loving that addition this week!  Whoop!!

Next pic is a big whoop, with my busy week anyway… I am over halfway done hand quilting the little rug to be a cozy for my new sewing machine table top cabinet my honey is making me for Christmas… I am only doing a simple 1″ cross hatch…

I marked with graphite and have fabric erasers by Sewline coming in the mail from here 🙂

Right side DONE!  WHOOP!

Second side cross marked to stabilize ~ now let the quilting begin!!!

 The navy with sea water and fish is a preview of an upcoming project I am still planning and gathering for… but work has been done on that this week 🙂  It is for my favorite therapist… she will use it in her office… it is 27 x 45 panel I will quilt larger and embellish and quilt with gold thread!!!  Any helpful hints for dealing with hand quilting gold irridescent thread??? lol

Next is the case my honey has been devoting quite a bit of time too… yesterday morning it looked like this…

Heading to get sanded and the base stained 🙂

Now it sanded with rounded corners… the base is two toned inside but not out.. and we went shopping today for “jewelry” for Fiona!  The grand reveal with rug/cozy, cabinet and machine should be very soon!!!  Stay tuned 🙂  WHOOP!!!!

Finally is a project I am sure you will see a lot of.. It will take me 2 to 3 months to handquilt it.  It will be my 11th quilted item and made especially for my honey THE MAN quilt I call it now 🙂  He has to name it as it comes to life!

The templates arrived today so now to finish this cozy and get to marking his quilt top and get it sandwiched!!!  Those are my weekend plans anyway.. see if “other” things pop up as they have all week! lol

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