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October 2018 is around the corner!

Welcome to the last day of September 2018!!!

It is just so hard to believe that TOMORROW will be October 2018!!  Fall is here in North Carolina too!!  Cooler temperatures here in the mountains and crickets in the morning and early in the eves too… leaves are starting to fall on some of our trees and a faint yellowing is present on others…. ooooh soooo exciting!  I will take some pictures as this becomes more obvious for you all not in this area of the world to see… but I am so ready for natures show!  Keep your face toward the sunshine y’all… and your glass half full!

On that note I have an ALMOST finish to share and I am linking all this slow stitching post HERE to my good bloggy friend Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching… binding is where I will be today 🙂  Come over and see what everyone else is linking up… Grab a cuppa and enjoy the show and share!!!

Above I finished the quilt close to bedtime and cut it off the frame where it has been pinned since May…  Molly (our shih poo puppy) immediately claimed it as hers to enjoy! lol

So Molly has become my official quilt inspector!!!  She loves quilts even more than our Daisy did… she is so darling with her love of hand quilted quilts too… more than the ones I machine finished (which are few)… she prefers the softer hand quilted ones!

Getting Molly to pose for a photo is near impossible… but after letting her leisurely lay on the quilt as I trimmed up all 4 edges to prepare for adding the binding…  She even posed with my honey for a shot!  SCORE!!!!

Zena has been tied up quilting a quilt … I unattached the quilt mid quilting for her to do a more important task as she is the machine that can use the walking foot most effectively… so now the Cotton + Steel Optical Black cotton fabric… my favorite solid… got sewed on early the next morning…

 I used all I had and had to substitute some other black I found in my stash … all together 11 strips of width of fabric it took to bind this big old quilt!  It is about 109″ square now… I will remeasure it once it is washed and dried in the dryer this week though 🙂

Here I decided instead of the thicker YLI to put the binding on with 50 wt Aurifil in black… I love how it sinks into the fabric too ❤

 I added a label but this quilt was a lot of collaboration between my honey and I and my bestie… in fact 2 of the stencils I used were mailed to me by my bestie!!!  So I think I will add a proper label to the back side bottom as well to document this cool quilt better.

 Here is where I am this morning as I type this….

Here was the flimsy before it got layered and added to my Hinterberg frame…

 Here was the beginning photo I shared on my blog and social media too!!!

 Here are pillow shams I made with the leftovers of the fat quarters and yardage this quilt was made from…

 Here is one finished… we are using them now though…

 And here is how I feel in life right now…

So in other news… as I was finishing the stitching on the quilt earlier in the week… I took a partial day break from the stitching to make this cute table topper…

 And I tried out this NEW TO ME pen ….

It did NOT fade with washing and drying…

I didn’t dry it hard and it did need a quick steamy press for the three dimensional pumpkin stems.  It is added to my Etsy shop HERE and a quite popular addition I must say 😀  And it was fun to make something on the fly of my own design with new fabrics in my stash !!!  It is machine quilted in the center with hand quilting around the edges in the black border ❤

My giveaway winner from earlier this month was Jill who blogs HERE … she chose a pencil pouch from my shop as her prize!

She is going to use this pouch to wrangle her slow stitching crochet hooks 🙂  I can’t wait to see a photo of it in use too ❤ 

Congratulations Jill … she let me know what she was using it for and was so happy to receive it last week and impressed with how colorful it was and how wide it opened to easily see her different hooks 🙂  I am so happy for her!!!

Finally I wanna share a bit about my next slow stitching project… well I guess there are 2… I have a little pillow I am stitching on whenever I am on the go in my “go bag”… it will become my main project and will be completed before my next blog post so I will share it then.  It is just a simple wholecloth pillow I am hand quilting for my honey to snuggle as he sleeps… he has one but it doesn’t match our new decor in the bedroom with this soon to be completed quilt… so I will finish the pillow and make an envelope opening in the back for easy washing of this pillow covering.  The backing will be the same wide back backing you see on the quilt… I had a tad left over!

Once that is done I will start on my Violet Craft  EPP Rooster Project.  I am adding Project to it’s name for the blog because look at this…

It is 8… yes EIGHT pages of cardstock templates to make this rooster via english paper piecing!!!
This will be a project!!!!  So I pulled out the project tote my bestie Connie made me several years ago for projects that need a place to be laid out and organized on the go…

I even invested in a spool of Bottom Line polyester thread to keep my stitches as hidden as possible.  Connie also sent me a video of thread basting the hexies but the author of this pattern recommends glue basting with fabric glue because the pieces are mainly odd shaped.  After seeing this … and the hexies in this project are a bit larger than what Connie uses too… I have the fabric glue and will use it.  The tape runner is the author’s remedy to hold the back side of the fabric temporarily to the template… she says it won’t stick to the fabric permanently and it is similar to her recommended type… so I should be good there… It was from my paper scrapbooking days! lol

The pattern can’t be used to make to sell… but after seeing how many pieces this will take for a 20″ square finish… I think I will be fine making one for us and having fun with it alone…

 I will also be sorting my “scrap users system” I adopted from Bonnie Hunter into colors instead of colors and neutrals then sizes … With my new endeavors I find I need colors specific scraps not size specific scraps more for my Etsy shop makings.  I have a big bin in my sewing studio that needs to be sorted so I will start there… and end with these boxes relabeled into colors with a could neutrals bins maybe … maybe one dark and one light neutrals… hmmmm.

 So my question this week is about this sorting I will be doing this week in prep for the rooster start after I complete the binding… that is my sole focus until it is in the washer!!!!!!!!!!

Do you sort your fabric scraps?  How do you sort them if you do??  Do you use any type of scrap users system???  I know Bonnie does hers by size AND color but as you can see from my photo above.. I don’t have the scrap volume Bonnie does… but I am heading there as great friends are sending me scraps for my making … so I need to get a handle on this.  Please send me a photo if you will to my email HERE or leave a comment explaining your system if you have one… Thanks All for visiting!!!


Happy Fall Y’all ~ A Giveaway Winner and Sooo Much More!

Fall has always been my favorite season and last night in the USA Fall began!  Leaves are beginning to fall here in North Carolina too… it has been 6 years since I have enjoyed a true fall!!!

 The above wall hanging was inspired by Bonnie Hunter’s string pumkins she did last year 🙂 

I had sooo much fun taking scraps from previous quilt making and from my stash and sewing them together to make pumpkins….

 This year is hangs in our kitchen over our little kitchen table…. we have a HUGE countertop level bar in our kitchen that we use regularly but this is nice too and cozy ❤

 Our weather is cooling during the night and early mornings and a heavy dew is present until mid day usually now… but the afternoons still get quite warm!  Waiting for that evening cool down to start as the trees are starting to lose their leaves with the wind blowing occasionally too.  What is your weather like where you live?  Is it comfy to be outside?? 

I have been inside mainly… working toward a slow stitching finish at my frame!!!

Since this collage.. I rolled the frame for the last time for this quilt…

 When I finish this row I will be cutting the quilt off the frame!!!  SEW EXCITED TO GET TO THAT POINT Y ‘ALL!!!

To the left are my quilting tools… and to the right I am ready for action with my thumble and thimble and a bit of electrical tape wrapped around my pointer finger to increase my gripability! lol

Here is the corner where I started on this row…

 And now I have a lot of wavy lines and black line in the ditch stitching to do … as well as basting that top edge…

I have truly enjoyed every bit of the 4 months this quilt has been on the frame … every stitch was added with love and devotion to me and my honey and our relationship… this quilt will next be shown (hopefully) off the frame .. bound… washed and dried… and on our bed!!!  Yippee in advance 😀 

Linking all this fun slow stitching accomplishments (including that Fall quilt I opened my post with as it is slow stitched too!) to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday link up… There my tribe is gathering today to share their slow stitching accomplishments… whether is it needle and thread like me or other slow hand accomplished work like crochet or cross stitch or embroidery or knitting!  Come see us all HERE!  Kathy even has a new blog header up with her latest finish on it… beautiful!

So everything else I have been up to has been LOTS and LOTS!

First I want to announce the

 Jill is the lucky lady I drew out of the coffee mug!  I have sent her an email… next week I will share what she chose as her prize if it is ok with her 😀  SEW EXCITED FOR HER!!!!

And here is a peek at what is new at MY ETSY SHOP!

Pencil cases for trendy students… mug rugs for any time but perfect for the season we are in and a table topper I hope will find a home soon when I get it quilted and listed as well!!!

And these sets of fabrics are for sale on facebook!

Wowee… I have been sooo busy this week 🙂

So what will I work on next you ask???

The rooster is an EPP project by Violet Craft… 
I have always wanted to try EPP but never found a project that I felt like inspired me.  So this darling rooster I will do in reds and blacks and greys with a tan background to coordinate with a wall hanging still left undone… hopefully I can show you all this stuff next week when I post a blog entry 😀
For now this is my wish for your all…. 

 Do you drink coffee???  Or do you prefer tea or water or something fun otherwise when you stitch???  I love sugar free sweet tea and coffee with a little bit of coconut creamer in it! lol  I would love to hear your favorite stitching beverage 🙂

Until next Sunday y’all…

What does your artistic voice look like?

What does your handwork voice look like?  Mine is very quilty and scrappy I think!  Linking this thought provoking post to Kathy’s Quilts… Slow Sunday Stitching linky party HERE… come see what all the slow stitchers are creating today!!!
Here is a picture of the first 2 squares completed on the last row of this quilt… I did this while watching Bluprint (a Craftsy subscription service) and listening to YouTube vids and music too!
Here are a couple of my tools of the trade I use when quilting by hand…

 And here they are in action!

 Notice I am using electrical tape on my pointer finger… it helps me grip the needle instead of rubbing a callous on that finger 🙂

Here is part of one block sashing border stitched and beginning the other side…

THIS is where you will find me on this rainy Sunday in southwestern North Carolina as Tropical Storm Florence moves very slowly up this state to the north eastern area.

Here is a view of all I have completed….

 And what I need to work on today so I can roll and mark my final borders on this quilt!!!

This is melancholy for me… I have been working on this since mid-May 2018… so 4 months of quilting so far and I am nearing the end of this arduous journey… I am excited to wash it and dry it and sleep under it and photograph it with the pillow shams we are already sleeping with… but not so ready that I want to rush the finish either! lol  Melancholy is the best word I can use.

As I do near this ending… I ponder my quilting voice.. and what it looks like… as you go back over the photos I shared of my slow stitching… I use small regular stitches and big stitches… I use regular weight quilting threads and large bore threads requiring different needles too… I use them in unison to make a patchwork artwork of sorts that is then very usable when complete!  THIS is MY voice… what is YOURS???  Have you pondered this ???  I would love to hear from you all about this topic!

Please leave me a comment today September 16, 2018 through September 22, 2018 EST USA… if you answer this question you will be entered in a drawing to receive a fun SNAP BAG made to order from me to you anywhere in the world too 🙂  This is NOT an advertised giveaway but I truly want responses and I love making these little snap bags.  Here are some and pics below show how they work and different sizes available…

So fashion a response to my question above for a chance for me to make you a snap bag in your favorite colors and your desired size too up to 9″ wide 🙂 

The drawing will happen Sunday 9/23/18 at 6 am EST USA and announced on my blog… so come back here next week to see if you win 🙂  You must sign in or leave your email with your answer to the question to be entered in the drawing!!!

I made my FIRST SALE in my Etsy shop this week too… the recipient of this product should get it Monday via USPS.  I added another couple sets of drink coasters to the shop too!!!

Molly got her first haircut this week and did well considering it was her first and she is only 3 months old and quite fiesty and rambunctious…

You can see her eyes a bit better but she wasn’t having much of a trim around her face yet… she likes being brushed and didn’t mind the personal and body trims but face wasn’t happening!!! lol  So we fought the battles we chose and followed the trim up with a bath and blow dry which she tolerated very well for her 3rd bath ever!!!

As I have been getting our Etsy shop up and running my honey and my friends Debbie…
and Connie have been MEGA supportive, helpful, and most of all very honest with me in my product design and delivery… I am very thankful for all of these people in my life!!!

 And they will ALWAYS be my friends I hope… they do know me so well… and they know so much!! lol  I love that quote regards to them and their helpfulness in all facets of my life!  Thanks 😀

So go back and read the middle… fashion your response and leave me a way to contact you… if you are a NO REPLY BLOGGER and you want to be in the drawing leave your email address in your response for me 🙂  Only those that can respond get added to the drawing next Sunday !!!!  Now go and ….

Opening an Etsy shop and slow stitching progress too!

That is right y’all!  designoriginalsbykc is now not just a blog and my personal signature but an Etsy shop too…check it out HERE if you are interested in the first few things I have listed!

My goal includes keeping it fun and affordable for my customers… and selling things through the holiday seasons I enjoy making with Gloria…

Our business card I designed to start us out 🙂

 Our stock initially includes these things…

Rounded corner drink coasters with acorns on them 🙂
Hexagon shaped coasters
Pumpkin square coasters too!

I even added a few “action” photos! lol

And a Snap Bag too… using Tula Pink fabric I have had in my stash!

 My honey helped me with some of these photos… even caught him red handed at the end….

But he took these photos before he thought of the above action shot for me! lol

See the snap bag opening by using the triangles 🙂

I also have a hand quilted wall hanging in our shop!  Come on over and take a look following the link I gave ya at the top of this post 😍Before I got the bright idea to actually OPEN an Etsy shop I finished these fun things ….

A fun snap bag to match the wallet I made for my darling daughter!

A proper bed to go in the basket we bought as a spot for Molly in the living room 🙂

 Molly loves her bed too ❤

 She just loves fabric though too… here she is as I create….

 Sleeping in the basket of fabric scraps waiting to be processed into my scrap users system! lol

FINALLY to some relaxing slow stitching now!  This I worked on while my honey had a doctor’s appointment… it will be a new pillow for him once I get finished stitching the design into this wholecloth pillow top….

 It coordinates with our quilt I am stitching too…

I finished this row of swirlies… then it was time for a much dreaded task… adding to the backing that for some reason … even though measured so carefully before loading it initially on the frame… is about 3″ too short!!!!
So I came to Fiona… my Morse 600 straight stitch machine and a bit more portable than my 301…
My honey got her out of her beautiful case to put her on a low sitting table beside my frame to add on a bit of fabric to the backing and I just had to take a photo of her to adore her a bit.

 And her hard at work without breaking a sweat…

 And now… just about 1 1/2 hours from the time I started tearing this quilt off the top of the frame….

 all back together 🙂

This quilt is now 86% complete!!!  Y’all with this backing issue now fixed I am on the home stretch!!  Linking this part of this post to my fave Sunday Stop with other hand stitchers… Kathy’s Quilts and her linky Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<  Come see what others are making with their creative fingers 💟✋

I am planning to work on the wavy lines in this blue row you see above… 😀

My LQS posted this photo Friday… I thought it was cute… so wanted to share it with you all too…

 Hope this LQS photo from Bless My Stitches in Murphy NC gives you a smile!

And now I am gonna get back to slow stitching… praying for a sale in my Etsy shop and working on a few things with eBay too… Have a blessed one you guys and…