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Lots of Hand Stitching this Week !

Memorial Day is a hard weekend for me for many reasons… 

 So when I found this Bonnie Hunter ism… I knew it needed to be my opening reminder… in case some of you have a tough time and need a lift out 🙂

Early last week I had all the pieces of the stuffy I was making for my sweet Ellie for her 1st birthday…

 This kind of pattern comes with LOTS of hand stitching in the beginning…..

 I was happy to have such a great strong machine though.. as this stuffy was thick and needed a heavy duty machine like Cleopatra my Singer 319w!!!

 I did also spend a bit of time on my red work…..

 And the second bear paw over is where I stopped last night on Appalachian Delight…

 In my search for a more comprehensive yet smaller sized book on embroidery….

 I unearthed this in my stash ….  And it is hard backed but has spiral binding inside…

 And it comes with such a fun way of chatting…

Linking all this hand stitching fun to Kathy and the crew at Kathy’s Quilts link up HERE <<<

 Lori Holt has come out with a new pattern…
 I love what she is using as a bed runner as a baseline idea for flowers for a spring table runner next spring!!!

Remember the meaning for those in the USA for Memorial Day… I time to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to maintain our freedoms we have come to expect in the USA.

So as I close… and let this weekend slide away into next week … stay well and safe <<<  People are still dying from Covid 19 here in the US as we begin to return to a new normal.  What does it look like where you live?  Do you see lots of masks on others when you go out.. do you wear a mask when you go out around others???

We have some masks seen in this part of North Carolina but not enough for me yet!

Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping in!