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Happy Christmas Eve Eve ~ December 23 !!

Hope you are having a wonderful December and are all ready for Christmas! 

My bloggy friend Kathy who blogs HERE and has my favorite Sunday linky each week is hosting today as well with a giveaway open for all that link up !!!  

She is preparing for Christmas and so am I… making MY stocking finally!!!!  All my snow girl was done with hand stitching…

The buttons that make up the face and the tatted pink lace wreath  came from my friend Connie.  The thick watercolor paper with my name on it I harvested from my friend Debbie’s Christmas card backing! lol  I think that is my bag with 2 straps made of green DMC floss 🙂
I stuffed each section as I “built” this snow girl… even giving her silvery grey hair like me!!!  She has 2 jingle bells on her neck scarf too!  The hair bow, gloves and neck scarf ends are all 3D in make.  I hope to show this better once it is finished and hanging 🙂  I am hoping to fashion this stocking front into a full stocking later today… so it can go with the other two I have hanging already…

Kinda like Santa over there who is quilting away to finish a project…   
Do you have any projects you are still working on this Christmas?!!

Otherwise all our Christmas making and shopping is DONE!  We are loving enjoying this holiday season too!!!  Here is the cool waterpaper cardstock card my friend Debbie made me (that I harvested the backside paper from for my bag on my stocking)!
It came with a big box of fabric scraps (and big chunks too) that Debbie no longer wanted to keep around.  So I am her recipient of choice 😀  I love being that for her as well as GREAT friends!!!!
I have made some progress on Stars Among Usthis week… Here is an overhead view… showing my phone holder on the right side of my frame too…
Here is a view from the side that I liked better…. where my green thumb thimble is … is my spot to start back at when I focus on this later today for Sunday’s stitching time!
And here is my view from a bit further away… when I stitch early in the mornings I put on those head phones to keep things quiet for my honey and our pup.  I get up very early most of the time and don’t want to wake others up during my quiet morning stitching time 😀 
Of course I am thinking of THEM and not my own selfish need for quiet quilting time! lol

We got freshly redesigned (since we moved almost a year ago… haha) business cards finally!
 Using this cool shot!
I gathered 2 machines from our collection and some accessories we use for decor items these days… plus our latest item we are selling and most possibly the coolest machine we have ever had the honor of owning temporarily.  Here is our sale at for eBay…
The link to our ad is HERE…. if you would like to see all the photos we took and read more about this 1900 Victorian era chain stitching sewing machine that WORKS!!!
I made 4 bibs for our post office dude’s baby girl who is 8 months old… They loved them he says 🙂
 I made one more dog socking for my best friend Debbie to celebrate the season with her poodle dog Ma-lady.  I checked how I did the spelling with her and she sent the fabric in the BIG box 🙂  I sent her back the stocking already but likely mail is running slow and she will get it after Christmas.
 Our favorite thrift store ran a sale on their purses and bags… I harvested these 3 for under $7 all together!
 I am excited about the possibilities of each one too!

I also got some fabric as part of a attachments bartered for fabric trade a customer offered me.  This is many yards of quilt shop quality quilt fabric from her expansive stash I picked out and she mailed to me for a cool vintage set of attachments in a cool tin we mailed to her!  We are BOTH happy with this 🙂
Here is a table my honey is making from pieces and parts harvested at Lowe’s and put together to look like a big spool (wire holder)…. 
Here is it with red mahogany stain on it waiting to dry then be varnished several times…. it will match my desk and shelves and coordinate with his recliner which is where it will be… we love the rubber wheels it is on too !!!
And then Rick also got some tools he had been wanting that were on sale while we were there… then when we got home I ordered him this hat from our eBay PayPal funds remaining 😀 
He is mega excited to get this Australian Akubra hat by new years or so eBay says…  He tried one on when we were shopping and we both fell in love with it on him and it is waterproof make of European rabbit fur in a 6 week process (yes he found a YouTube vid on the process of making this hat type!).  It is sooo soft and not furry… this picture is from eBay so next week I hope to have a pic of him wearing it! 😉  We shall see as he is definitely camera shy!

Many of you know he has been dealing with severe severe right hip pain.  He finally got a steroid shot as a step before surgical intervention and he is feeling relief in his overall pain … now he is back to whistling and singing again 🙂

Well, I got a stocking to finish and a few things around the house to do so I am signing off for now… Hope you leave me a comment about your holiday plans and what you have left to do before Christmas.

Don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas… Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on your 25th!!!  God sent us such a massive gift for this Season 🙂  And remember to …


Happy Surprises!

Last Sunday I posted that I planned to slow stitch and just enjoy the day… and I did … until I was awakened by my honey and a knock at our front door!!!

Here I am fresh as a daisy after a great nap and my front door knocker … my Bestie!!!  Connie 😀

She drove over 11 hours y’all!!!!

And a group shot… my honey had no idea either she was headed our way for a few days of quilty fun!!!
Here she is after SHE had a little nap after her travels… hand quilting a wall hanging/ future baby quilt for someone very lucky…

 Daisy loves Connie and was by her side most of her time here… we also got another quilt layered… for her oldest daughter to snuggle once HAND quilted…

 We took a tour of the beach too…

 But the waves were up and still lots of trash on the beach from Irma so no driving on it this time.  Then we visited all our fave restaurant.. .a local restaurant and had a belated birthday celebration while we were there…

We also got pedicures while she was here… all in all a lot of quilty and friend soaked loving fun we had for 4 full days and 4 nights… sleeping here and there and quilting LOTS!
We chatted a lot while she was here about goals and plans … for us each… and Rick and I decided now that she had made this spontaneous visit and closed some loose strings really during her visit it was time to get a move on moving to cooler climate and getting our seasons back… so we spent a lot of time researching and came out with some answers…
We want a log cabin style home and we want southern North Carolina area… so we are moving forward and listing things on local sell groups and eBay too… so far we quickly sold these 2 things..

 And this was bought by a lady who will pick it up on the 6th of November… as she was on a Caribbean cruise when she contacted me and made the purchase via Paypal!!!  WOWEE 🙂

Facebook spotting of my son Mike… with my brother and his kids!
Can you believe too that in this next week we will enjoy costumed kids… and adults in a tradition we call Halloween… greet November in … and change time too!!!  Back to Standard time!!!

 My honey and I have been very successful selling things so we went and bought paint for a fresh coat on the house… but this wasn’t mixed right so we had to return it and have a remix….

 Meanwhile… I have been hand quilting ROW #7!!!!

 Here are charms #4 and #5 freshly spritzed and scrubbed clean of the chalk markings…

 And if I didn’t believe this before with all the changes and surprises happening around here I believe it now!!!

And here is a cool “Chrome Locomotive” as it was named… that we saw while driving around our town the other day!!!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have this traveling home for vacations???!!!

Well… time to get back to quilting this morning for me… and who knows what the rest of the day will hold as we have lots of things on local swap shops as we are clearing out the clutter and excess preparing our home to go up for sale. 

I am linking this hand quilting post up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching linky… come see what everyone is Slowing Down and Stitching!!!  HERE <<<

Keep our sanity in your thoughts and prayers PLEASE as we prepare to change all we know as “normal”!  So for now remember to …

Progress to share that is THIMBLY fun !

Hey ya’ll!  I am so happy to share with you today!  I am glad you stopped in for a visit as well! 
Each morning this week I have been diligently making 12 pairs of 1 7/8″ squares turn into a stack of 24 hst’s! lol  You see each must also be sliver trimmed to remove dog ears and excess slivers to bring them to 1 1/2″ finished size…
So I made the above pic collage to show just how much fun I was having and be able to share it today! lol  I HOPE YOU KNOW I am … Just Kidding about the FUN!!!  
Now I have 6 piles to share and decided this morning I would take the day off! 
I also added to the “fun” by moving around the pin cushion and scissors I use at my 301a Gloria for daily sewing machine use…
This is the pin cushion I chose and my bestie purchased for me on Etsy for my birthday… and these scissors have larger finger/thumb holes for my arthritic knuckles to get in and out of easier … so I moved these from the quilting frame use to Gloria’s cabinet instead… much easier for me when snipping the HST’s apart! lol
All these HST’s will be the points in the stars in this pattern…
EVENTUALLY I will have 14 stacks and have them all done 🙂

After tidying my sewing room I decided to ponder my fabric stash and see if there was anything I could “de-stash”… I found these 5 fabrics of the many I have that I probably couldn’t do justice with at this point… so I have these listed on eBay now HERE is one! 🙂
But my fave progress to share this week is on my hand quilting frame !!!!  This is where I plan to spend my Sunday too!
Here is my view I woke to and where I started stitching this morning…

 Here is what I finished this past week…

 And yes… to show off the blocks with any detail… it took 2 shots…

So as you can tell above .. I FINALLY got in my order stencils on Thursday and am pleased with my assortment to choose from now 😀  Maybe I will play with the panoramic setting on my phone camera… do you use yours ever?? I never have! lol

Several have asked so I thought I would share…

Here are the needles I use for Perle 12 cotton thread… 
They have quite a selection I saw this week now at Joann’s in store… and in the sewing notions department you can find these quilting betweens by Dritz in an assortment of sizes from 5 to 10.  These have a round eye and are easier to thread perle 12 and in the largest size ~ perle 8 even with these needles… or you can use a different style needle instead… but I like how a between handles with my thimbles…                                                                          So I had gone to Joann’s this week to check where these needles were still located and they are NOT with the quilting supplies but with the sewing notions as I mentioned above… and I got a ball of DMC brand perle 12 cotton ecru that I am using in the charm squares for each shape… my ball is almost gone now… and with coupons I got the needles for FREE basically!!!

Me and my bestie use this handmade version of a thimble… I made a tutorial to share with you how to make one for yourself if you are interested ….

I use the white colored electrical tape found at home improvement stores… because the black leaves a black residue.. whereas the white leaves NO RESIDUE when worn all day even!  This style of handmade thimble will last a good while ( 2 days or more?!) for me even with taking it off and on throughout the day! … but still it takes time to make and then use… so I ordered one I had seen being used in my facebook groups…
And I do really like it!  I got this in a Large size for my big thumb.. the medium wouldn’t go wide and flat but this large shapes to my thumb nicely… there is still a getting used to it phase that we have to adjust to.  But if you were thinking of one of these and on the fence about it… Joann’s sells them in the store I THINK and the box is made so you can try it one in the box!  Very cool design. 
The metal thimble on my middle finger is made by Clover but Dritz makes one similar as well..  It is adjustable but is not available in this large size anywhere I can find yet… maybe once more are using them they will.
So there are 2 ways to outfit your thumb for hand quilting/ hand work 😀  Enjoy it!
While quilting in the early mornings … I like to watch some Netflix on my honey’s iPad… currently that is “Good Witch” with the lovely Catherine Bell playing a lead… it is a Hallmark series and I like those!

 While drinking fresh brewed coffee!

We just got a new basic coffee pot … and a holder for our fave sugar substitute “Stevia”… we are making several lifestyle changes presently and Stevia has been a happy one of those!  So we bought the ceramic container to hold it with ocean shell motifs on it at goodwill for all of .99 cents! lol

Well that is all for now I think.  I look forward to seeing what you are each up to … I am linking this to Kathy’s Quilts today HERE… Hope you stop there for a visit as well!  She has LOTS of FUN going on there too and some interesting links if you wanna see some qayg techniques!!!!

So until my next post with hopefully more progress to show… make time to

6 years blogging y’all & still so much to share!

Happy Sunday… lots to share including a 6 year Anniversary Celebration here too!

So above are 6 candles on my celebration cake!!! lol
This has been a crazy busy week… yet I still made headway with my slow stitching progress….

 Above is my frame this morning when I woke… and a close up of that is below with the legend of my progress…

 Below is that same area completed for you 🙂  60% done now!!!!

 Here is the t-shirt I recently got… I love it!!!

It says “Live well ~ Laugh Loud ~ Quilt often”  !!!  It is very cozy cotton fabric 😍
I am linking on this fun quilty progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post HERE!  Come and see what others are linking on this happy Sunday!!!
I also woke this morning to confirmation my bestie is coming for a visit for our birthday’s in July!!! I am mega excited!!!
I told you this week was very busy… well we also have been getting used to a new addition in the house…
Wednesday we went to LOOK but then came home with a new vehicle!  We have named her Cassie as she is Caspian Blue color… it is a deep metallic blue with silver trim… but occasionally she really looks a deep purple too! Totally love at first drive for us both!!!
My honey got an N scale train on eBay last week and finally felt good enough to try it all out this week…

This scale is small but so cute and ornate… it also came with some buildings but since he is currently on medications for his cold that are making him jittery… those will have to wait to be added to the decor of this train 🙂

Here is my honey driving Cassie down the beach with the tide out quite a bit too!

We also went shopping for a couple other things we needed and found very cool place to keep our oil can collection…

 A wood shadow box with glass front we can now hang on the wall!!!

 And here is Francis our White sewing machine from the early 1900’s in a Martha Washington case…

She is now closed back up and decorated with a clone of a Willcox & Gibbs machine and a cool old Singer chain stitch childs toy machine also from the early 1900’s…

Change can be nice…. progress is good… funny when I reflect though on my first blog posts… they are about eBay sales… well we still sell on eBay but now instead of clothes and misc… we are selling vintage sewing parts and supplies 🙂  HERE is the link to some cards we are selling on eBay.  From there you can view other items if you are interested… we don’t have a store there…

eBay has gotten harder to deal with and more expensive for selling while PayPal has become more central and handy to use! lol
For our Singer Featherweight sales we use Facebook primarily with PayPal for invoicing and security!

Thanks for stopping in … thanks for celebrating with me and us… and hope you have a blessed day today!!!

Make time today to show you …


Feeling LOVEly Here!!!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day around the world… I am sorry I didn’t have more time to be able to chat with you all… but you are important to me ❤

If you are friends with me on Facebook you saw this Valentine Sentiment I shared with my followers…

But here I like to share the WHOLE story and not just snippets…

It has been over a week since I have chatted with you all here… let me catch you up!

I have been doing some slow stitching 

this week as I worked on the binding of the Tennessee Fall wall hanging…

I have been calling this my Fall Wall Hanging… but when it was time to make the label I thought this quilt would surely deserve something a bit more sentimental to me… I am in love with this wall hanging!!!

Below is a shot I took that doesn’t show my quilting really… as it hasn’t been washed yet.. but is just after I sewed down the binding to the front… then I slow stitch it to the back of the quilt… as I am doing above 🙂

And here is my “practice label” I wrote out on a sheet of paper to decide how big my triangle needed to be to include all the info I wanted /needed to put on it to properly label this beauty….
I bought the pinwheels and the embroidered pumpkin in 1 lot off someone on Facebook.. so I wanted her to have credit on the label.. thus the Pinwheels by info above 🙂
Now I have that label blind stitched into place along that loose diagonal edge… the idea for this style label can be found on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog site btw..
I am finally to the hanging sleeve …
I am following Bonnie Browning’s AQS video on Youtube for my hanging sleeve instructions… makes a perfect sleeve quick and easy… now to get it slow stitched down! That is my goal for today…
Once I get this hanging sleeve stitched into place I will wash and dry it so it crinkles ever so wonderfully and hang it for pictures and enjoyment for a couple days!!!!  Yipee for that!!!
I can then store it away rolled up for fall! 🙂  Now I am excited for Fall to come to Florida… even if not in cool weather with leaves turning all fun colors… I can enjoy this wall hanging in our foyer all season long!  And still go for long walks on the beach too!  Best of both worlds for sure!!!!
Linking this slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post HERE!

I have also been doing some fast stitching…

I made my honey a very cool Valentine’s gift on Zena … my Singer 401a 🙂
I bought a yard of this cool fabric and first cut out the mitts per her instructions on Youtube…

I used 1 layer of Insulbrite and 1 layer of cotton batting per the Insulbrite directions… 
They are fit perfect… but we took a poll of our home and decided a bigger pair was in order… so I will make a second pair and gift these to my daughter for her future home… is this gonna be the beginning of a hope chest kind of thing?? lol!   I don’t know!  She is planning to move back to Tennessee when she graduates high school… she is on the downhill slide of her junior year currently.
Either way.. this pair will NOT go to waste! lol  We will use them until I buy more insulbrite 😀

My Review…

I really love her pattern… and Vanessa’s instructions on Youtube are wonderful as she walks you through the tricky spots… I contacted her via email when I read that my Insulbrite said to you in conjuction with a layer of cotton batting to be best… she said then use that in her reply … BUT this change put more bulk in that outer layer … so the fit is a bit more snug than it should be… but I do LOVE how well they work!!!  Thanks Vanessa the Crafty Gemini for a fun and easy project!!!!

Next up is….

A lot of quilt marking on this beautiful flimsy that has been PATIENTLY waiting it’s turn …

This is a partial sketch of my idea… I did this by importing a picture I took of just the center star and drew on it in PAINT… the more I use this method to decide quilting designs.. the more I like it and am getting used to what different functions do… how do you decide your quilt design???

You can see I have been pondering this project a while… This is over 10 days ago that I worked on this drawing… and I still haven’t sketched it ON the quilt itself yet!  Just haven’t had any time though it seems….
Ebay has been stellar… we have nothing that didn’t sell that we want to list again… so we are done with that for the moment and we have the $$$ to pay the house tax that is due… in Florida if you don’t pay your property tax on time… they will auction your house off!!!  It is crazy the hoops you have to jump through here when owning a home.. much different living in a high tourism state versus Tennessee where it isn’t that way… for instance here you have to show up in the tax office when you buy a home to prove you live here year round via evidence they ask for… mail etc… then they give you a homestead exemption on your tax amount owed.. .basically a discount because it is your primary residence.  It is also expensive to tag a car from another state in Florida… we paid a very high tax the year we moved here to get a Florida license plate and stay compliant to the laws.  

That said though..

 I would do it all again to live in my Shangri-La!!!!

Well… Off to slow stitch that hanging sleeve… but oh so happy I got to catch up with you!  Have a great week my bloggy friends!!!!

Sunday Slow Down…

Sunday mornings I love getting up early (my regular time is about 4 am.. lol) and enjoying the peace and quiet of a quilty Sunday morning… here is my view today 🙂

Not too much progress since I moved the hoop yet… I am hoping today will change that!

I am linking this to Kathy’s Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching.. as that is where I hope to be today 🙂  Stitching slowly and loving it!!!

I hope you check out Kathy’s post today too.. she is chatting about beading and embroidery and quilting all together.. very fun post for sure!

I have also made a few design decisions on the wall hanging..

I will take this block and use it in 2 vertically pieced halves on either side of it…

It is a free paper pieced pattern with instructions I found on the internet via Goggle and was directed to a lovely blog post with lots of photos too!  Yippee 🙂

Then I have a nice sewing festive fabric for sashing and borders!  So this may come together… we will see how my “3 little geese” block turns out.. I doubt it will be as nice as this one but I will make it fun anyway! lol

Also, I found out my bestie Connie is making huge strides on a wall hanging for my home.. here are the parts all stacked up… she will mix them up and assemble into a flimsy and send to me for quilting!!!

It is made mainly with homespuns and is machine pieced.  I will quilt it with big stitch quilting using dark grey perle 8 cotton …

VERY EXCITED about this project coming up!

Otherwise this week we have sold a featherweight..

Here is my honey caught during his photo shooting… lol

And he also took shots of my scrapbook cabinet..

It is now for sale on eBay 🙂

Then yesterday my daughter got “fixed up” to go to a birthday & slumber party and allowed me a photo shoot!  What mom can resist that from their almost 17 year old!!!  Check her out !!!

The center one is my fave.. but she liked the smaller shots too.. so I combined them and used Picasa on my computer to make the collage 🙂

And I got a little something special for Kaydence… it will go in a package with other things I am collecting to send for after she is born…

 Check out a close up of my cousin’s embroidery …

She has an Etsy shop too!  She made this custom for me and I am very pleased with it!

So you can see some of why stitching just hasn’t been happening… here’s hoping we all get some hand stitches in today!!

Making HUGE progress :)

… in so many areas of my life right now.

I am selling a lot of great Aurifil handquilting quality thread on eBay right now…

in all these delectable colors… It is 28/2 hand quilting 100% Mako Cotton thread as I only use cotton for my hand quilting.  Check that auction out HERE!

I am doing the final stripe of double stitches on THE MAN quilt 🙂  Yippee!!!  This is really going fast!

Just this row of double stitching and it is on the the chain border and the label and then WASH!
(Oh my goodness I got all my jobs in one line! lol)!!

I also got the stars all painted and laid out for “Oh My Stars” that I pieced last month…

it is patiently waiting to be sandwiched for hand quilting! 🙂

And I am already getting some of the fabric in for Rebakah’s Journey quilt!

I have a pattern picked out that I found online for free.

While I finish THE MAN quilt the rest of the items I need will come it… then I will share more on my fun plans for this project!  Almost all batiks on the front, and a cute fun fabric for the back though 🙂

How are you doing on your goal setting?  Ready for June 27th weekend to link up?  Think about all the things you list and check off in other parts of your life.. why not the crafty side too.. if only in pics where you can see what is ahead of you.. and what you completed too!

Hope you have a blessed week!

Catch up and back to slow stitching! Yippee!

 This week has been a whirlwind of activity as we have been doing lots of eBaying

One of our items we are proud of currently for sale on eBay 🙂

and I have been doing lots of quilting and straightening of things.

My honey has been keeping up the house and working on his things… however, we are both delighted this week to see Sunday roll around… a day we keep to ourselves and relax and reflect on the week behind us and focus on the week ahead!  I love that about us 🙂

But I am most excited about the progress made on THE MAN quilt!

 On Friday I was looking at this last block on the left…
And yesterday I sewed on the binding there on the right…

Now I am hand stitching down the binding!  Yahoo!  Such a glorious job to do on a Sunday as well!

I don’t use a thimble but already have my electrical tape out to cut into unique shapes to fit my middle “binding” finger… last large quilt I bound it wore a hole in my fingernail… so I have been taking my calcium.. using cream occasionally made to condition my skin and nails… and have trimmed my nails last week in preparation for this binding… we shall see how my hands hold up…

Using my new “binding clips” aka Wonder Clips… love them 🙂

May be that I will buy a leather thimble to use just for binding… but we shall see.. I hope not really!

Also yesterday I got the border added to the Aida cloth label my bestie Connie made for this quilt… isn’t it lovely!  It is the only part my honey hasn’t seen and won’t see til the end! lol  His decision to have a surprise 🙂

And since I needed a place to “park” my needles while I machine sewed the binding yesterday and this morning… I found a bit of batting and put in the top of the bottle that holds my thread and threader!  AWESOME 🙂  Excited to do multiple needles now by prethreading several then just picking one out at a time.. more on that when I get back to quilting as I will be using more needles too 🙂

Now I want to share something VERY SPECIAL! 

 I will be chatting more about it this week but be following me here…. you won’t miss an update!  Next weekend we are sponsoring a linky with GIVEAWAY for all to enjoy and enter in.

& my friend

The idea is you write a blog post with goals you have made… short or long term.. and that you met this month… then share what you plan to accomplish the following month… you have your blog post to keep you honest and each of us reading your goals met as well as your goals set!  Sound fun??

We call it M4.. but that is just short for Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster blog 🙂

Finally… I have some very exciting news personally this week… as I was cleaning things out I found my old nursing license and had a sad feeling that I hadn’t kept up my license… just to have it.. not that I may use it again but I worked hard to get it and used it professionally … so it was important to maintain it… I thought it had lapsed…

Well according to the State of Tennessee it is still good and Active til my birthday!!!!

I will have to call them and register my new addy so I get an update to renew.. once renewed I will move my licensure to Florida.  But that is in the future…

Thanks for sharing in all my little victories this week!  Would love to hear about yours … please feel free to leave a comment!  I respond to every one that isn’t spam-a-licious! lol

Linking this slow stitch binding post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching here

Have a blessed Sunday!

It’s Friday and I am Happy Dancin’!

Hello my bloggy friends… Hope you have had a STUPENDOUS week!

I have been super busy listing and selling stuff still on eBay but also making progress with the MAN quilt!

Happily I can report I finished block #2 on the bottom of this pic to the right Thursday morning and have already gotten over 1/4 of the LAST BLOCK done!  Yip Yip Yippee!!!

I am really enjoying this last swirly block as I call the blocks of this quilt… and if you look at the pic you can see I still have 1/2 of a feather to do.

But all of a sudden this quilt… that I started hand quilting on Christmas Eve and marks as the most intricate quilting design I have done yet… has become fun again!  Yahooo 🙂

I plan on enjoying this last block and feather combo and then bind and sew down the binding to seal those exposed edges.. then come back and complete some straight line quilting so all this hard work will show off.. and the edge border needs done.. it is straight line too… a chain 🙂

Soon .. very soon!  I can see this quilt being done and gifted!  I am so excited for me and the recipient!!!! lol

If you are in the market for a Singer Featherweight or other vintage sewing machine check out these 2 beauties on eBay! 

1950’s Vintage Japanese Clone ~ Sews through anything you can needle through!

Vintage Singer Featherweight 221-1 with case and attachments!

Vintage is ALL I sew on if I use a machine in the first place! You can do the servicing mainly yourself once it has been professionally done… and my honey does just that Professional Servicing of vintage machines 🙂  He greases and oils all the spots and crevices according to the machine’s needs and then sews up a storm on them to get them well lubricated. 🙂  Metal parts don’t degrade if cared for and these machines were built to last… instead of sending them to a landfill.. use what has already been manufactured for your sewing needs!  Just my humble opinion on the subject!  HA! 🙂

Linking up this Happy Friday post to Confessions of a Fabric Addict here WHOOP!  She is sharing a helpful tip that made her Whoop this week 🙂  Check it out!

Will be back tomorrow for a catch up for real on everything… so stay tuned to a weekend post just for all of you my readers 🙂  Is there anything you want to know or a question you may have?  Ask and an answer may be forthcoming in a future blog post! 😀

Tuesday Report!

Reporting for goal met.. this morning whilst chatting with a friend online I finished the 4th block, the cornerstone and started the next feather that needed done…

Now I have marked block #3 on my countdown to binding!  Yipee 🙂

I also have been busy scouring my paper craft room for more things to sell on eBay and cleaned up a bit while I was there… check out this sweet corner…

Much better!  And the cabinet that I craft from is slowly closing and getting empty…

If you are interested in a great deal on a Cricut Expression and Gypsy die cutting machine duo check out this auction 🙂

So that is what we are up to 🙂

How about you?  I am planning a linky at the end of this month that will be a monthly linky featuring posts from each of you sharing what goals you may have set and met.. and goals for the upcoming month related to quilting… I have had good feedback from this idea so plan on more details to come in the next week… you can start planning a post! 

I love linky’s and hope you will play along.. the last Friday of each month through the weekend is the plan…