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Happy Almost Valentines Day!

 I am so excited for Valentine’s day to be here… I have some cute Valentines to give my youngest kids and I have had so much fun making valentines for friends too!  Have you???  Made Valentines???

So hopefully these Valentine’s will inspire you!  My first one is the first one I sent… to my bff Brandy when she was having a bad week.

 Would you like to see a vid on how to make a 3D object for a card… I have played with this technique a lot and think I have it down now… pick out a paper you like that isn’t too light but not too heavy either… I laid it all flat and it mailed with just 1 postage stamp!  Yay!

Next up is a card me and my daughter made for my mom and dad….

 The large polka dot print is popped up on the card and the sentiment is on the card base… I was inspired by a card that used this technique on a blog I can’t remember now but loved the inspiration it gave me to make a lovely card for my mom and dad… I used my 6 x 6 doodlebug paper to make it and embellished it with them too!

For the inside…..

 My dd Brandi colored in the tree limbs after she drew them out and added this cute bluebird from Doodlebug stickers that I got when I bought the paper pad…

She used washi tape I had gotten when Pick your Plum had a sale on it… she likes the washi tape!!!  And adorned it with a cute valentine envelope from mini love notes by doodlebug and added her own sentiment!  So nice!

Finally in the Valentine department is a Valentine I made for one of my doctors…. and am showing it on ABC Challenges 🙂

 I popped up the border and sentiment on this one and had hearts exploding from the cute mini envelope…. added my sentiment and left the inside blank for her to pass on to a Valentine of her own!  Love those kind of gifts you can regift so easily!

Below you can see the dimension better on the card… totally worth making it… and I used mainly leftover pieces to put it together!  Score!!!

Now onto our current home improvements… my honey has been busy… working on
THE FOYER that looked like this….

 You can see a few boxes of the new tile we will be installing… once the old floor is gone…
And the craigslist table we found that matches our Casa Del Loro theme with a big parrot on it!

Here is the floor about 2/3 gone but concrete left still to chip up little bits at a time….

We had a gold and glass chandelier in the room and changed it out to brushed nickel and frosted glass… goes more with the ceiling fan in the living room and the look we are trying to attain in the house as we update it.

When he isn’t chipping away at the flooring in the foyer he is working out back… focus is on 2 areas… first is a low spot in the ground where he will plant the flowers against the florida room

So stay tuned for more Valentines and more home reno as we make this house our home forever 🙂

Happy crafting and have a blessed day!

Hope you found some inspiration in this rather lengthy blog post!



A Valentine for my new doctor :)

It has been a few days and I have several things to share… and lots of pics to inspire… so grab a cup of something yummy and take a little break!  You deserve it 🙂

I meet a new doctor today… part of moving to a new state is getting a new doctor… so I got crafty and made them a Valentine!  lol  I didn’t sign it and I hope it will get passed along to someone who needs it.  My inspiration for this card came from Lori on her post here.  She made this card!

So I pulled out my gypsy and my cute Doodlebug paper and started to create a similar card!

I used a 12 x 12 page to design my card… the bottom half of the layout is for the card… as well as the hearts.  The framed looking piece on the top right is for a future card but I like to use up all my mat when I lay things out… The top right is the decorative paper… I pulled it so only the part I wanted cut is cut instead of wasting paper or needing a larger piece of paper… I used cardstock for the card itself and Doodlebug Lovebirds collection for the rest!  LOVE this paper… I did turn my pressure down from max to high but my blade depth remained on 6 and all but one edge of the frame cut out PERFECT!
So here is my page laid out on my mat.

And here is my final card!

 I was inspired also by a challenge going on at ABC challenges…. for conversation hearts as an inspiration!  So I will be posting this card there….  Here you can see the fold better….

 it is called an “s-fold” card and is found on the Artiste cart by CTMH!  Here is the inside….

 And not to be left out… as I showed you the scraps of paper I started with my honey used this bunch of scrap wood left over from the fence we had installed and the door we took out of the kitchen/dining room….

 He nailed it and screwed it…

 What will it be????  It has a purpose!  I promise 🙂

 To hold his toolboxes… on rollers too!  Everything to make is was reclaimed… from this house or projects we have done that didn’t turn out as planned… to make this terrific storage and it is very sturdy and won’t tip over.
The toolbox was a craigslist find a while ago in Tennessee and it was free!  My honey sanded and finished it to keep the original patina but all the drawers and lid work well… even his little toolbox that holds odd tools fits on the bottom!  SCORE!!!
What are you making with reclaimed stuff?  I am using a paper pack that I bought but all else was from my stash and as I have made over 10 cards already with it… that paper could now be considered free to use!  What do you think?
Hope you have a fun day finding something to inspire you!

A day with my bff!

Do you have a bff.. that you are NOT married to?  lol

I am lucky enough to have 3.  I used to live close to 1, now I live close to another… and my 3rd bff lives far, far away 😉  I love them each as much but each differently… today I wanna share a little time I got to spend with my bff Pam!

We got together for our first ever “crafting day” to make Valentines 😉  We had a blast visiting and crafting and creating and having fun heat embossing too!

Here she is with the front of a LOVE pop up card from the Artiste cart that I cut out and she put together and decorated…

She made the heart with an arrow on her cricut then embellished it with bling and now it is the front of a sexy card to her hubby of 30 years!  They are still madly in love with each other and I love that role model for me as I am now engaged 🙂  I was a widow almost 5 years ago now and never thought I would be here… but here I am!  lol

And isn’t this little I love you card and little envelope DARLING!!!  This cute 9 envelope set is part of my BLOG CANDY!!!!  I can tell you where you can buy it though NEXT!  Find out more about how to win my blog candy by responding to a post here.

You see I had some valentine sets of cards and a frame I am working on all set out… sorry no pics of our set up… will try to remember next time we do this… because there will be a next time 🙂  But no true valentiney things had arrived in the mail yet… and I had ordered them a week ago so they would be here!  Shame on me for ordering with only a week to go… then my honey walks in with a box that was delivered by the mailman… our valentine goodies… we took some quick pics for you and we were off playing in goodies 😉

Stay tuned for a post on my haul from a new to me online scrapbooking company with EXCELLENT customer service 😉  And another card set I completed.

Meanwhile my honey is still scraping wallpaper but not one box is in the house… they are all now in the garage.

We are planning a shopping day in the garage for the family to dig through boxes and pull out last minute things they want then me and my honey will go through it all.. sort it to keep, give away, trash and whallah… we should be BOX FREE soon!!!!!

Have a blessed day… more posts coming 😉


Another 3d BOO and more!!!

Good morning my blogging friends… Today I have some upcoming projects for you to take a sneak peak at… and this cute door hanger I finally finished around all the showings of our home!  11 in 10 days!!!  Hopefully it sells soon with this kind of traffic 😉

The cute “Spooky” stamp came in a pack with the jewels from Studio G.  The paper is Doodlebug on the pumpkin and some cs I had in my stash for the hanger itself.  When I did my other door hanger here I made 2 out of one sheet… so I just had to put this one together!

I used the Create a Critter 2 cart for the pumpkin like the pic below

but hid countour the piece of candy for this one!  I didn’t cut out the back shadow only the pumpkin face and his backing… then I added stickles to the eyes and inked a Boo I had cut out of the same paper as the hanger with Slate CTMH ink to give it a little pop!

Isn’t he cute!  He is safely holding M & M’s for the receiver of this booing item!

Next up are Christmas cards!  Here is where I am at… it is all cut

And what are the rest of my family doing while I am busy crafting???
Seeing who has the best John Deere attitude of course!  My dd and my honey are in competition!

It is cool and rainy today but it was breezy and warm the day I got this pic 🙂

Have a blessed crafting Friday!