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Whooping on a Friday about Starlight… Starbright and sooo much more!!!!

Hello my bloggy friends… sorry I have been consumed in my life and not writing to you all! So let’s recap what has been going on around here to keep me so busy!!!

Quilting on Starlight… Starbright is going WELL!!!!

I am now at the halfway pinnacle of quilting on this lovely quilt… I hope to be done by mid July.. but we will see… she will be home and expecting it completed on August 3!!!  Linking this Whooping Moment to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop Friday Post HERE <<<

I was VERY excited last weekend when DL, Kayla and CJ dropped by and gave me this photo…

 From their elopement day!!!!

Above is Kayla in her beautiful wedding frock and her son CJ cheesing for the camera as they are ready to depart in the Jeep DL rented for 24 hours… he proposed when he arrived with the Jeep for her (her fave type of vehicle is a jacked up Jeep like the one in the photo above)… we live in a tourist’s mecca and a Jeep dealership here rents Jeeps like this for 24 hours at a time…

So my son DL proposed on an eve in March and the next day is the photo above and the cool frame they put together for me below from their wedding day at the courthouse!  They hired a friend to photo them after the ceremony… we had been anxiously waiting these photos… I think the photographer did a RAD job too!!!

If you look in the photo collage above… the top right is a silly photo with CJ playing with DL… then DL and Kayla are holding a sign Kayla designed and wrote on that says “The Byrum’s”  and a great family photo on the bottom of the collage!!!!

It sits front and center in my living room presently and since none of my other kids are planning a wedding anytime soon (that I know of anyway! lol)  it will probably stay there for a bit too!

I am gearing up for a new piecing project… a new bed quilt for our queen sized bed!!!!

The planning for this yet unnamed scrappy quilt is in full swing!!!!

This is an adaptation of Fons and Porter’s pattern called “Emily’s Wedding Quilt” that I found in a free PDF downloaded book… however it is just 2 blocks alternating and instead of making them the pattern called for size of 9″ I am making my blocks 12″ finished and changing up my outer border to just a simple white sashing… “Singing the Blues” is a name that has been coming to me… but I am just not sure.

The story of why we need this quilt and why I am actually bumping other projects I had planned… and holding off a bit on starting the quilting on the wall hanging that is on my new frame… to start a new project is simple… our current quilt… my first quilt to make… is worn out!

I have been inspecting this quilt and trying to convince myself that it would be okay… but the process of making a quilt to a flimsy, then hand quilting and binding it and washing and using it will be about 6 months in reality… so moving it up the ladder now is what I am doing… Increasing it’s importance as we will soon be sleeping under something store bought if I don’t get this show on the road!! lol  Yuck!

So I am collecting 5″ charm squares in light, medium and dark blues for the quilt blocks…

I have assigned a place for each shade of blue… here on the right you can see a row of what I have deemed light… then 2 rows of medium blues (these will end up all being cut to smaller pieces in the block making process) and finally some dark navy blues (these will be centers of each block so no duplicating here)….

And since I took that shot of the quilt I have added lots more info to that sheet of paper… I have counted how many hst’s I need to make and how many tri recs angles I need to cut… how many 4 patches to make…

I am mixing these blues with steel grey by Kona and Optic White 🙂  I think this quilt is gonna be very cool and hold lots of memories of quilts made in the last 5 years too!!!!

Currently I have about 2/3 of the total amount needed to get busy with the piecing… I want to have all the blues together before I start in earnest on this project… I have some close friends sending me some blues for this quilt also… add more meaning to it for sure!!!

I have NO IDEA how I will quilt it… but I do know it will be quilted on my new frame and after the wall hanging is finished…

So I have to get Brandi’s quilt done and yet still devote some time to the wall hanging daily as well as block making or block part making each day… must get more organized I think to meet these goals along with house chores and other things that take up my days and nights…. lol!

Also… I have been having some thread breaking issues with my 401a Zena… it has gotten so bad that I finally decided time to replace her … my honey finally agreed and now there is a Clarinda in the house!!!!

She is a beautiful two toned blue… she has a matte finished bed and body and shiny top hat area… She is 1 year younger than me as I was born in 1966 and her manual is dated 1966 copyright but all the 347K’s were made in Great Britain for only 1 year.

Here is all that she came with… but her blue color doesn’t show below I don’t think like it does more truly in the photo above…

Clarinda had a big wad of lint UNDER the bobbin case area under the hook actually… so my honey has put lots of TLC into getting her running for me… we found her on eBay through a resale shop for sale and made them an offer which eventually we agreed to a price… I am happy with the deal but wish my honey hadn’t had to devote so much time to getting Clarinda ready for me to use!
I hope to have a shot of here not in the portable case or in a state of repair on the table but in the queen anne cabinet Zena currently resides in… I think it will make a beautiful “dress” for Clarinda!
As for Zena… she has a strong motor and is a good machine otherwise so she can be parted out for others to replace parts on their 401’s 😉
Come on back on Sunday… I plan to hand quilt this weekend and JUST GOT IN 2 new thimbles to compare and contrast for you all!
So have your thimble questions ready!!
Hope you have a blessed Friday and a Great Weekend too!!! 
And remember… no matter how rough the road may get from time to time… 

A Fun Finish!

Today I have a wedding present ready to give…

It is for my son DL and his new wife Kayla… they eloped in March… so I had to get something made special just for them…

Last week I shared a sketch that I penned on graph paper but once I got the word panel squared up …

It sort of took on a life of it’s own… lol!

I love how this border turned out too.;.. also this is a matching game border… the colorful fabrics have 1 match somewhere else on the border… there are 34 matches all together on this wall hanging! lol!

Next I was going to put some 5″ squares in a wider border in a modern setting but it called for a little less busyness to me… so I added this border…

And because I was hoping to gift this during a planned visit from my son, his wife, and CJ on Sunday afternoon for dinner…

I decided to machine quilt the center parts…

 So I pulled out my very first vintage sewing machine Fiona!

She is a Morse Sewing Machine made by Toyota in Japan… she is a clone of a Singer machine when a loophole allowed their plans to be copied for a time…

She really helped me make fast progress on the machine quilting parts… which was over 75% of the quilting of this wall hanging.

Then I pulled out my hoop ( since my frame is full! lol) and stitched the borders … I thought it would go quickly… as I did big stitched hearts in a continuous pattern…

But I wasn’t done by dinner time on Sunday … oh well… I have called my son now that it IS done and he is stopping by today to get the package all nicely bagged 🙂

Here are his initials I embroidered on the left upper corner.. I put hers in the right upper corner and “Est.” and “2016” in the bottom corners with dark blue Aurifil 28/2 😉

Finally it was time to bind it!  I was never so excited to get to this point! lol

And here are the finish shots….

 A closer up pic of the top half…

 and the bottom half…

 Can you find matches in the triangles ??  Some are easy to spot!

 I used warm and natural cotton batting as this is a utility piece and may not be cared for as I would… so that made the hand quilting difficult and the texture of the quilting not as prominent in the pics but the texture is there and all the fabrics are soo soft and fun to interact with!!! lol

 Here is a close up of the heart and the border and the binding all together for you to see…

 A view from a different angle…

 Do you see my boo boo I had to fix??

 Labeled and proud of this!!!!

 And my YAHOOO shot!!!!!!

Including the back side that turned out so nice n flat!!!  I was sooo happy 🙂  This is definitely the best quilting by machine job I have done yet!!!

 Here is a close up of the hanging loops from satin ribbon I put on it for flexibility when hanging… they can use a rod or push pins, or a dowel rod or a yard stick… any of those things would work well here!

This quilt was a lot of fun… definitely out of my comfort zone but I like being out here sometimes… and my next project to piece has more similar issues for me to deal with… even moreso!!! lol  So let’s hope I learned all I needed to to be ready for my next adventure…

For now I am happy hand quilting for a few days and making headway on Brandi’s quilt !  Currently I am on the 4th star of the 9 stars on the quilt 🙂

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Hope you have a blessed rest of your week my bloggy friends!!!  And remember no matter how bad it may get…

AQS Show ~ Daytona Beach 2016 and sooo much more!!!

I was soooo excited this week.. I went to the AQS Quilt Show ~ Daytona Beach 🙂

The AQS Show was held in the Ocean Center just across the street (A1A) from the beach!!!

I was lucky enough to go with my honey to the show on Wednesday the 24th…

We prepurchased our tickets in January and saved a few bucks… I also joined AQS for 1 year… see what I think of their mag and got a great discount on the 1 class I also chose to take …

Ya’ll this was my first quilt show!!!! lol

I had NO IDEA what to expect and was so happy my honey was going with me for this little adventure!!!  Here are some of our faves from the show…

Here is a quilt done by my friend on facebook in Germany.. Andrea Stracke!  I had my honey take this shot of her flowery wholecloth.. it was so pretty and bright!  Here hand quilting stitches are so tiny and precise too!

This quilt won BEST OF SHOW….

It had sparkles all over it too!

This one was machine quilted but look at the lovely piecing!!! It is totally fab in person!!!!

Here is a cute quilt I saw in a vendor shop… what a cute baby quilt this would make!!!
Speaking of quilts I wanna make… this kind of DWR is def on the list if I am able to learn applique well enough…

This quilt had some cool quilting that really made the quilt pop to me… can you see the texture???

And last but not least was our personal favorite aside from Andrea’s wholecloth…

Can you tell we enjoyed the show??? lol!

Thursday I braved the show by myself to go to the class I had chosen to take…

 Mary Sorensen is an EXCELLENT teacher too!  Boy was I glad I took this class… it helped me to like applique and look forward to my next attempt at it too 🙂  I identified my fears, tackled my troubling spots all during her 3 hour class… then bought the DVD for beginners that she offered at a discount to those in her class!!!!

She provided needle, thread, and green fabric for the leaves as well as a neutral background fabric to eventually be the block pictured in her class announcement above!  The red bird will be the focus of the DVD… I am very excited to listen and watch this DVD and give applique a true try again!!!

I also have 2 machine quilted finished… this was my trial run bib for my granddaughter Kaydence…

 And here is the second one I made… a bit larger than the first as I felt she needed one a bit larger too 😉  My 301a Gloria did all the piecing on these patchwork bibs… but Zena my 401a warrior princess did all the quilting and bulky sewing jobs!

 I quilted them each a bit differently… the first one is straight line stitching and the second is organic wavy line quilting… can you see the difference???

 Here are both bibs… now you should be able to see the second one (on the right) is a bit wider and longer than the first… I think this is the PERFECT size too!

 The backing on both is Kaydence’s mom’s fave print… PINK CAMO!!!!

I used velcro at the neck opening and really like the way these turned out!!!   The pattern was an online class I got for free and I have modified the pattern a bit to make the second one… will keep that pattern for future bigger baby bibs for sure!!!

I plan to mail these out to Kaydence this week… so I hopefully will have a pic of her with one on in coming weeks 😉

Finally, my ongoing project this week is complete!  The marking on Brandi’s quilt is finished!!!!

I spent 11 days marking this quilt for hand quilting… my daughter chose this stencil for all the background white fabric areas and the rest I used ruler and white ceramic lead to mark the stars… will be a fun quilt with detailed quilting that should show quite nicely when done… but I have NEVER yet spent 11 days premarking a quilt before layering and starting the quilting on it!!! lol

I marked these lightly with graphite… each square is unique to the area I found the stencil fit best on the space… here above you can see an odd shaped white area I am filling in with graphite.

Here is a close up of the design and stencil I used…

Here is that same area once I have marked it with the stencil…

Once marked the legs are still blank spots all over so the design is not contiguous lines… so I fill in the “legs” and whalaah!!!

Now the design looks like it should and when I am stitching I won’t have to figure out what goes where… I can just zenly stitch the motif on the white… in black thread 🙂  The white lines on the dark grey and black will be stitched in white thread… and each star on the quilt will be outlined in big stitched dark red thread… it actually coordinates well with the backing and binding I am getting ready to iron….

The backing was my daughter’s choosing… as this is her graduation quilt… for now this quilt is “Brandi’s Carpenter Wheel quilt 2016”.  She actually will graduate high school next May (2017)… but I have a bug in my bonnet to get this quilt done!

The chevron striped fabric above will be the bias cut binding for this quilt which will put all these cute zig zags on a 45 angle… will add a festive finish to this quilt I think!

I will be using my fave batting… Hobbs Tuscany Cotton/Wool blend… it is 80% cotton and 20% wool so it still crinkles when washed and dried but also gets puffier thanks to that wool and is very breathable so not too much in the Florida weather either! 🙂

So this week I will be quilting on this… and thanks to the marking shots I took… I think this will be fun to link up to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday here!  (Also, the applique she is showing is very similar to the method I learned this week! 🙂 )  I hope to take my first hand quilting stitches in this quilt much later today or tomorrow … after the pinning is finally done that is! lol  I also hope to get a full-sized shot of this quilt while it is laid out for pinning 🙂

This week… also brought the 31st birthday of my oldest child…  This was one of the pics I sent him… a little walk down memory lane… he is a HUGE history buff… Do you remember the song from the mid 80’s??? I didn’t until I listened to it on youtube! lol  Then it was VERY familiar to me … just never knew the name! lol

 Sorry this post is so long and I haven’t made time to share all this with you before the end of the week… but better late than never!  I hope you enjoyed the eye candy I had to share this week from the quilt show… I am MEGA inspired by that show!

Remember… no matter what twists and turns come your way this week…  Life is always precious and…

Christmas 2015 Review….

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with 3 of my 4 kids.  It was a total BLAST and a SUCCESS!!!
Then the next 2 days we just laid around! lol >>> Even Daisy Mae got worn out from all the Christmas Eve excitement!
My nephew and nieces got their Christmas presents and sent this cute shot of them getting it! 🙂
They sent me a Starbuck’s card and my daughter an iTunes card… but she doesn’t use iTunes and I don’t use Starbuck’s much these days… so we traded… we each got a $25 gift card now to enjoy and USE!!!!
Here is a candid shot of my oldest son DL.. with Kayla and CJ 🙂

It is such a precious shot to me I wanted to share it… fun family times with a toddler giving kisses is sooo sweet!

DL made me a dimensional canvas with my 2016 theme featured on it…

And I LOVE It!!!!  He is very creative and rarely does he use those skills these days … so I was happy to know the creative spirit hasn’t left him! 🙂

This is what I sent him to inspire something completely different

 but featuring teal and orange my fave colours 🙂

Then Kayla presented me with a wrapped booklet of some sort… what could it be???

A personalized (made just for me!!!!) calendar she made using pics of all of CJ’s life… and those in his life too!

On July she even featured me for my birthday !!!!  I will be 50 this year folks 🙂

Grammy K is me!!!  I love this page the most…

And this cool calendar has found a place for now in my sewing room… maybe I will mount both items in there… hmmmm  Probably yes.. but must consort with my honey over this decorating plan and just how to lay it out on the wall to look most visually appealing 🙂

Here are a couple shots of my youngest 2 kids… while they were celebrating with family on Christmas Day 🙂

Mike is 21… he is quite the jokester in the family and hammed it up on this second photo! 🙂

He and Brandi have a great relationship though and for that I am very happy !!!

He lives not far from us and stays busy with work.. and just being an independent young man!

Now many things I “got” for Christmas were timed with when they were needed… like the wonderful computer I upgraded to in August of this year… my honey bought this for me from his featherweight sales profits…

Dell has EXCELLENT customer service and support… I have been most pleased with this purchase as well… but my honey didn’t stop there! lol

He also got me a cool wireless Bose speaker to go with the new computer!!!!

It is little as you can tell by the paperback book posed with it… that is my current FAVE READ!!!  I love learning more about Australian culture too… this book shares a bit of that and a great adventure too!
It was wonderful to have most of my kids with me for Christmas Eve .. and to have Christmas Day as a nice quiet relaxing day to appreciate the birth of our Savior.  Maybe this will be our new “tradition”???
I didn’t get to see James or Kaydence… they remained in Tennessee and James’ work is very taxing so a trip either way just wasn’t working out!  But Kaydence did get her quilt and her parents LOVE IT!!!!  I will post more about that soon 😉
I have lots of fun projects coming up … ending this year with some UFO finishes and starting some fun new projects as well!  Hope you will take time to sign up and follow along with me… 
As always your comments to my posts are definitely desired!!! 🙂
I do hope however long you get to enjoy Season you make sure to also….

Love that… Update!

It has been a busy week around here… I finally got my Florida drivers license 🙂

And even though my family calls me “crash” (because I have had a few wrecks… not my fault mainly but still) I have a SAFE DRIVER icon on my license now 🙂  Love that!

I got my license because my daughter needed an state ID to fly to Tennessee for a little 2 week vaca.  She got her ID and I got my license… then we prepped her to be away for 2 weeks… her brother doted on her and helped her get her toenails painted…

Such a sweet moment… and this is the ONLY place this pic is gonna be seen so enjoy it!  Her bro is 28 but still is embarrassed that I caught this shot of him painting his sisters nails.. his first time to try it and he ROCKED it!

Then my honey found a STEAL on Craigslist… this great edger for our crazy St. Augustine grass…

for only $40.00!!!  In great gently used condition and normally this style of edger would cost about $200.00 new 🙂  Yahoo!  My honey loves it!  So we got it for him for an early Father’s Day present 🙂  Love that too!

Once my honey had the yard looking spiffy he decided to work in the back yard some more and set up this darling….

water feature on a slate table we have sitting out in the Florida room.. so no water damage to worry over and a great addition to my relaxing space here.  It stands about 2 feet tall and just has the most gently trickle.. LOVE that too!

On the aloe vera front….

It is growing hair like things on the stems to each bloom… see them better on this close up…

It is slowly maturing the blooms and getting ready but we have also had lots of rain in the last few days and that could be slowing down it’s maturity.  Thanks Tropical Storm Andrea!

Elsewhere in the back yard… the wandering jew is growing noticably longer but we aren’t having to groom it to keep the shape… very interesting….

And the mexican petunias are recovering from being replanted…

And this remains my fave area of the back yard blooms right now…

The blooms are an electric lavender color against deep green leaves and the backdrop of the elephant ear is just glorious color combos for me 🙂

When DL isn’t painting Brandi’s nails he is making a header for my Patchwork Friends facebook group!  This is the backdrop … a pic taken by one of the members in her archives of quilts she has made…

then DL is making the name over it with Photoshoppe! Yay 🙂  I don’t understand photoshop… but he does 🙂  LOVE THAT!!!

And finally my fave thing is my progress on the quilt for Pam.  I have 6 pinwheels to quilt then I start quilting butterflies on the white spots created by joining all the squares 🙂  I ordered special hand quilters cotton YLI brand thread and am planning on using some white perle 12 cotton for the butterflies to make them pop a bit off the white areas 🙂  I will show you as I work on them 🙂  Love it all!

Thanks for visiting with me and would love for you to join Patchwork Friends on facebook here!

Have a blessed crafty weekend 🙂  Loving doing that myself!


The quilt top is going postal!

This pic….

is my daughter’s quilt top completed!!!!  It is going postal today Connie says… she is shipping it Priority USPS so hopefully I will have it by Thursday!  Here is a better view of the design she appliqued….

In the mean time I can now make the backing by sewing it together to make a 70″ x 70″ square for the backing. 

I have the cotton batting that will be the sandwich middle.  Yay!

My fingers are begging to quilt!  Just have to get some thread and maybe a new needle for this hefty project and be motivated to “git er done on steroids” as my bff Pam says 🙂  We think Brandi’s surgery will be in June… so I have just over a month to quilt a 64″ x 64″ quilt for her 🙂  May be working on it while she is in surgery if my fingers weren’t so ready! lol

Meanwhile my oldest son and friend DL had a few friends over for the weekend 🙂

they played “Garage Band”and his friend Dan video taped them!  iPhones rock!

DL with his cool guitar!

His friend Brad jamming!

And me and my honey went to the beach… a couple of times 🙂

the water felt good!  Not cold at all 😉

All in all a good weekend was had by all…

What is on your list of things to do this week… before May comes?

Can you believe May 1 is next week!  I can’t but I am glad.  My daughter gets insurance May 1 so we will see how everything plays out.  Your prayers here are coveted.

A drawing my daughter did from beginning to end over the weekend… she did another too even more intricate but she took it to school to show her teacher.. 🙂  More for next time!

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!