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Making a circular window card!

Yesterday I got busy making a card I found on a blog… this is a cool technique that again requires a gypsy and a cricut but turns out fantabulous!  Just use cardstock for all of it… I tried using pretty designer paper for the card itself and it turned out a bit flimsy… this wouldn’t have been the case if I had used better thicker paper for my base… so much for rookie mistakes being a thing of the past!  lol

So here is my card…

I decided on yellow and pink for this card… It is for my niece… and I used some of the cut out pieces for the inside along with a written out five!  The arrows were by accident but I think once I personalize it for her on the inside the five will just pop off the page as she is just reading now 🙂

So if you have a gypsy… and want to make a card like this go to this blog for full directions… http://shesasassylady.blogspot.com/2012/08/gyspy-made-simple-window-card-circle.html

Or look at how I did my layout on the gypsy 🙂  The card itself… from CTMH Art Philosophy cart.

The rest of the card… with Happy Birthday from Designers Calendar cart.

If you watch the vid the best advice I can give you is follow her lead exactly … I tried to do it from memory and this layout of the “birthday” section on the top left was at the wrong angle… I had to recut it to make the decorative circles match on the front… and instead of using acetate.. which I didn’t have… I used a piece of pink paper to back my card… it was the same as I used on the card itself so it all matched!

Overall this was pretty straight forward… so get out your gypsy… dust it off and start using it to design with… I used it mainly to weld letters for scrapbooking before… now I am using it for cardmaking!  LOVE how versatile it is 😉

Have a blessed day and share your cricut projects with me please… I am always looking for inspiration!