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February is speeding by here!!!

Happy mid February Y’all!  I can’t believe it is the 11th already !!!

After my last post we had a frenzy of showings on our home… then after a showing on February 1… we got a cash offer for our home and we accepted!!! 

The NEXT DAY they had us leave again for an inspection!!!  So to the beach we went 😀

It was windy but warm for the beginning of February… and the tide was out so it was good!  Negotiations after the inspection continued until we settled on the original agreement on February 6 with all things signed… now to find a new home for us to move to!

We had been looking north to get back to seasons and decided Appalachian foothills country would be closer to family in Tennessee and seasonal but closer for beach visits and more moderate climate WITH seasons … with trees and mountains… all the things we miss in flat Florida ! lol

Here is a view from an overlook near the part of the Appalachian foothills we will be calling home…

Click on the pic to make it larger if you like… it is near the clouds though!!!  Lots of ear popping happened on this trip!!!!

Soon we settled on a house but we are waiting on all to be final… so just a few shots of the house to show you what we have in mind as awesome..

 Soon it was the last time we would be entering Florida as actual residents … our trip up north only lasted 2 nights and 3 days but thanks to my honey’s prowess on finding properties online… we found a house we want to fix up to call home!!!

We looked at several houses and went back to this one a total of 3 times before making our decision final… but it has privacy, is newer all around that our current home, it is better sized for the 2 of us and an occasional visitor, plus it has TONS of potential and good bones about it as well!  And we got it for what we could afford to pay from the sale of the house we are selling so it a GREAT 😀

Meanwhile, I have been hand quilting mainly.. I did make up a few Kaleidoscope blocks … but my focus has been packing, washing, moving, and finding our forever home as well… as it should be!

Here is the section of quilting I was working on last post on my Colorful Whole Cloth quilt…

 And here it is laid out on the floor when I turned it to get to the opposite side…

 I am working from the center out… so once I had reached one side completely… I felt I needed to turn the quilt and work from the center that was done… to the outer opposite edge… so here it is back in my PVC frame ready for me to quilt…

 Here I am rotated and making quilty progress…

 And here is where I am working this morning ….

 Here is an overview of all I have done on THIS side 😀

I am enjoying the variety of colors and stitching this quilt involves… esp with so much going on in our lives presently… and this PVC frame hand quilting project will work nicely until my wood frame gets set up in our new home if all goes according to plan on that.  Linking this hand quilting progress and where you will find me on and off today with Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday link… come see what other hand stitchers are doing at her Olympic focused Linky Party HERE!

Here are some Kaleidoscope Krazy blocks I have been stitching a bit on…

 Here they are as I had cut and paired them up into sets and pinned them… these piles when sewn will bring me to halfway on block construction for this big quilt…

 While sewing these I am trying out leaders and enders Bonnie Hunter style…  making hour glass blocks!!!

 Above are the ones that I trimmed up 😀

And this quote sums up my life right now…

 A Wild Wild ride!!!!

Here is a cool barn quilt block I saw on saved on my computer… while up in the Appalachian foothills we saw lots of varieties of barn quilts… so if we are blessed enough to move there I will be looking for pointers on painting my own to show off on our home!!! Always wanted to do this too soooo awesome to get the house and the chance is all works out 😀

 And who doesn’t love doxie quilts for doxie owners… doxies in sweaters… love this layout and inner border of winding ribbon!!!

 So until my next post….

We are DEFINITELY doing this NOW!!!!


Hand Quilting… A finish and a beginning too!

Happy Sunday Y’all!

From near the most famous beach….

to the serenity we found on that beach over the last few weeks…

Now to play catch up with you all… I have been slow stitching quite a bit since we last visited on my blog…. And to link to my favorite Sunday blog linky too.. Right HERE!  Click that HERE link to see what Kathy is up to and what others who link are up to on this fine day wherever you are!!!

I reached the last row of hexi flowers in this Hollyhock Garden Quilt 🙂

 And just after celebrating my 51st birthday reached the LAST Hexi Flower stitching !!!

 Then I marked all the top border row….

 And big stitched it….

 I had several requests for a photo once off the frame and trimmed (before binding) so I obliged…

 And here you can see the quilting a bit more….

While completing this quilt my honey and I had a welcomed visitor though as well!!!  My bestie and quilting mentor Connie!!!!

This year she flew down from Tennessee for her yearly week visit.  It was so good to see her and with all that has been happening in our lives here a welcomed relief to have someone to visit with that truly understands things we are dealing with presently.

The 3 of us all have July birthdays… Connie’s is July 3, mine is July 4, and Rick’s is July 20 🙂  Happy Birthday to us!!!

My honey and I had done a bit of clean up and straightening in prep for her visit… here are a couple shots of her room she took upon arrival here…

We enjoyed preparing this space
for her and she enjoyed it too!
She also spent time in the living room
using the recliner my knees won’t help
me get out of so I rarely use anymore!

Daisy even hung out with her 😀

We also took photos … some posed…

 And some unexpected! lol

Once we delivered her back to the airport it was time to get the binding on the quilt… and get it ready for the home I had decided through prayer… this Hollyhock Garden Quilt should be destined for…

 Here is the label and the beginning of the binding started being sewn down… I add the twill tape labels to all my quilts… I get them from an Etsy shop…

 And here is the whole quilt after binding and washing and drying 😀

 Here is a collage I made of the finish!!!  I love the backing for this quilt almost as much as the front!

And Monday it will go into the mail for the lucky recipient .. my dear friend Brandy… a nurse who I trained to the PICU I worked in and who continues to serve others her nursing career.  She loves to read so I hope to find a pic some day of her snuggled in this quilt reading a good book. ❤

While finishing the slow stitching on this quilt… I finished the fast stitching of the outer borders on this quilt for my son and his new bride…

It is named Amethyst Stars Quilt …my own design from a quilt called Morning Star I found on the internet.

I used my stash and a layer cake of “country” colored fabrics to make this quilt… as well as some donations from Connie… in fact the outer border is the end of the green fabric I backed and bordered my very first quilt with.. it has now been retired do to overuse and it is needing repairs! lol  But the fabric is even better looking on this quilt!!!

Would y’all be interested in a tutorial on how to do a nice n easy mitered corner on outer borders of a quilt??  Leave me a comment about it if you would… I took pics to do the tutorial but until now I haven’t had the time! lol  Now I am ready IF there is interest!!!

The backing is a rusty brown and dark brown mix of paisley prints… very modern country in how it looks and may become the binding as well!  Here it is now on my frame… my honey helped me with that job and we got it on there yesterday… Saturday morning….

You can see the nice Hinterberg frame my honey fashioned for me from a kit we bought directly from the company here in the USA… I use a gooseneck lamp that had a torchier on it but that was long ago removed as I only need the gooseneck and love how functional it is… I left on the light for this pic so you could see how nice and bright a white daylight bulb is… they come 4 or 5 in a pack at Lowes or Home Depot… a hardware store that carries a large selection of flourescent bulbs 😉

I use a rolling chair with arms… and a rolling table and all this moves as I need it to to get to what I am quilting… by hand 😀

Check out that “relax” sign on the upper right of the picture… that was my birthday present from my bestie Connie last year… this year I got…


She found the funniest card with 2 nurses on it to give me this year… so fun!!! and on the right is a pin that I added a heavy duty magnet to so it can hang on the refrigerator… along with this cute vintage card that came from the maker of this vintage quilt piece that is embellished with the saysing “Ever day is a Blessing”!  LOVE IT!  My honey gifted me with a matching tea pitcher and iced tea glass… I drink iced tea (diet that is) about 50% of the day or more… between bouts of water and coffee… and we use reusable cups/glasses for most of that … so a very practical gift and a card that made me cry he found it quick he said but it was perfect for the LOVE we share with each other!!

Suffice it to say the crazy busy week we had when Connie was here was over much too fast… we didn’t even get our birthday lunch in at our fave restaurant because life was so busy when she was here… but next year she hopes to stay a bit longer… maybe that will work out too!!!

So I have shared my finish and my beginning… I did a little piecing on a project yesterday and the day before also… but now am stumped… so off to Connie I mail it to get finished….

To the left is the beginning… & to the right is the final layout.  Below is my version of a checkerboard dresden layout… with inspiration from MSQC and
Jenny Doan.  But just using the scraps from the quilt I made for Connie’s room to make this pattern work!

But how do I get the backing and batting on this without zig zagging each top of each dresden piece!!!

So Connie has a couple ideas… and I got ink refills for my printer and printed off some pics from our visit to send to her along with some requested private pics too ❤

Here is a collage I made of her time here!

And here is the stencil I will be marking today….

Along the bottom wide border of the Amethyst Stars quilt… currently I am doing the supportive stitching in the ditch… so that this fun stitching will show up nice!  More on that next week I am hoping!!!!

Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by y’all!!!
And PLEASE in this time of strife all over the place make time to….

6 years blogging y’all & still so much to share!

Happy Sunday… lots to share including a 6 year Anniversary Celebration here too!

So above are 6 candles on my celebration cake!!! lol
This has been a crazy busy week… yet I still made headway with my slow stitching progress….

 Above is my frame this morning when I woke… and a close up of that is below with the legend of my progress…

 Below is that same area completed for you 🙂  60% done now!!!!

 Here is the t-shirt I recently got… I love it!!!

It says “Live well ~ Laugh Loud ~ Quilt often”  !!!  It is very cozy cotton fabric 😍
I am linking on this fun quilty progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post HERE!  Come and see what others are linking on this happy Sunday!!!
I also woke this morning to confirmation my bestie is coming for a visit for our birthday’s in July!!! I am mega excited!!!
I told you this week was very busy… well we also have been getting used to a new addition in the house…
Wednesday we went to LOOK but then came home with a new vehicle!  We have named her Cassie as she is Caspian Blue color… it is a deep metallic blue with silver trim… but occasionally she really looks a deep purple too! Totally love at first drive for us both!!!
My honey got an N scale train on eBay last week and finally felt good enough to try it all out this week…

This scale is small but so cute and ornate… it also came with some buildings but since he is currently on medications for his cold that are making him jittery… those will have to wait to be added to the decor of this train 🙂

Here is my honey driving Cassie down the beach with the tide out quite a bit too!

We also went shopping for a couple other things we needed and found very cool place to keep our oil can collection…

 A wood shadow box with glass front we can now hang on the wall!!!

 And here is Francis our White sewing machine from the early 1900’s in a Martha Washington case…

She is now closed back up and decorated with a clone of a Willcox & Gibbs machine and a cool old Singer chain stitch childs toy machine also from the early 1900’s…

Change can be nice…. progress is good… funny when I reflect though on my first blog posts… they are about eBay sales… well we still sell on eBay but now instead of clothes and misc… we are selling vintage sewing parts and supplies 🙂  HERE is the link to some cards we are selling on eBay.  From there you can view other items if you are interested… we don’t have a store there…

eBay has gotten harder to deal with and more expensive for selling while PayPal has become more central and handy to use! lol
For our Singer Featherweight sales we use Facebook primarily with PayPal for invoicing and security!

Thanks for stopping in … thanks for celebrating with me and us… and hope you have a blessed day today!!!

Make time today to show you …


Hand quilting, Machine piecing, and Designing too!

Since finishing Kaydences sweet Butterfly Woven Quilt… she did receive it and she loved it her parents said… so all is well there!!!

Here is where I have spent some of my Sunday last week!!!

Daytona Beach Shores, Florida!

We have a driving pass to drive on the beach and walk around whenever it is open for driving on… when the surf isn’t dangerous or in the driving path… so that is what we did last weekend… what a great way to rest and relax!!!

My bloggy friend Kathy is talking about how relaxing and restful taking slow stitches is… I couldn’t agree more!  I have picked up a UFO that was sitting beside my recliner and have made a refreshing focus on it this week.  Here it was when I had it pieced and ready to layer and pin baste…

And here it was in my hoop as I started going closely around the “flowers” coming out from the center…

Daisy is always close at hand when I am hand quilting… above I was working on this project on my back porch Florida room (screened porch)… now I have brought it in and am working on it in my recliner in the air conditioning and in the living room 🙂

If you look at this photo above… the flower closest to this writing is not yet quilted around… the other 3 flowers and berries are quilted around now…  This is raw edged applique done expertly by my bestie Connie… I made it into a wall hanging but she did the applique I am not skilled enough to manage! lol

I am using wool batting on this project so once finished and out of the hoop the quilting will really show too 🙂  It will be a while yet as I have quilting for the borders… all to be decided as I go… this is my relax and enjoy project… because that is also Kathy’s theme today for our slow stitching and I am working on this today as well… I am linking my post today to Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitching HERE!!!  Come see what others are slow stitching while they relax and refresh 🌸

When not slow stitching on Sundays and when I need to relax… I have been designing a new quilt with this cool new book I just received.. it is an older book but still a GREAT book for designing borders…. it has 12 different quilts in it too 🙂

These quilts aren’t so easy to make and far more than I would design myself… but they also explain how to add fun pieced border designs to your own quilts… the authors are great precise quilters on their own and together I think they are just FAB!!!!

Judy Martin is the queen of precise piecing log cabin quilts and Marsha McCloskey is the queen of the feathered star pieced patterns!!!  Yippee!!!

In between slow stitching and designing a quilt for my son and his new wife…. I have found ANOTHER ufo to unearth and continue working on piecing on Gloria my Singer 301a!!!
It has been over a year I think since I have worked on this quilt … I had to discover how to piece the “flowers” all over again! lol
Here is 1 flower and a pic of the pattern…

 Here are several finished flowers and the template…

 Here is the booklet the pattern is in… it is full of lots of cool information though and is compiled by Darlene Zimmerman… this pattern is Hollyhock Garden and comes in 2 sizes in this book… but I am designing my own size! lol

 Here is some of the flowers on my design wall…

 This collage of pics shows a better view of what the finish may look like as well as my designing process… so I know how many flowers I will be needing!

 I am making the flowers from batik fat quarters… each fat quarter makes 6 flowers… 3 positive and 3 negative ones… I am using both types in my quilt… the pattern says to use just the positive ones though… I just can’t see wasting those negative triangles though….

 You make strip sets then cut the positive and negative triangles…

Once the 2 sides are sewn together you best bet is to double pin the center to get a perfect flower each time… this is a pic I sent to Bonnie Hunter after her most recent Quilt Cam.. I was just sewing them….

Her quilt cam reminded me of the importance of taking time to pin some things… so I am now!
I need 102 flowers if you noticed that in my notes above… I am over halfway now so hopefully I will start adding the green triangles later this week.
Today I plan to work on a quilt I am designing for my son and his new wife…

 Above they are in Gatlinburg last weekend when they finally tied the knot!

And after seeing quilts that inspired them I am designing on graph paper something similar to the pic below I found on pinterest in Civil War colors at their request….

I love how the sashing of the charm square fabrics make stars 🙂
I will be adding a fun pieced border from my new to me book on borders to this to make a nice living room snuggle quilt for them as a belated wedding gift… it will be hand quilted once pieced on Gloria!  I am planning an extra long quilt as my son is 6 foot 7 inches tall with big feet … his sweet wife Heather is only 5 feet tall! lol
I have recently printed new pics of my grandkids… thought you may enjoy seeing them…

Kaydence’s new grandma does a great job of sharing pics… and CJ’s mom caught him with a big smile I think as his dad swings him big!!!!
Hope you have a restful and relaxing Sunday y’all!
Please make time to …

A Blurry Week…

Yep.. this week has gone by so fast it is a blur.. Ever have one of those weeks?  Since I retired from nursing I don’t seem to have them very often but this week was a busy one in the books for sure!

The beginning of the week started each day with a vigorous walk on the beach.. we are walking over a mile now and really loving it!

Today we walked a different way and didn’t chart our distance but we had taken  a couple days off as after a day walking 1/2 mile on concrete I had stone bruises on my feet (note to self… don’t use beach shoes for long distance walks on concrete! lol)  All better now… we enjoyed the walk this morning!

 This is a cool shot showing the hotels disappearing in the foggy morning 🙂  Less coast line showing walking this way too..

Not much happening on the quilty front but I did gift a quilt today to my daughters best friend Tiffany…

this is the backside… her favorite at the moment… of a quilt I made in 2013.  It has pinwheels of Dr. Seuss fabric on the front set on a white background… lots of fun to make and all hand quilted too!

Daisy had to be part of the giving ceremony! lol

Along with loving from Tiffany!  Tiffany has coveted one of my quilts so I am happy I could oblige her 🙂

I realized today all the quilts I have gifted .. rarely have I gifted them myself.. I found myself tongue tied a bit in explaining this quilts history.

If you are interested in seeing the front check out the links to “Pam’s (pams) quilt” as this was made for my ex best friend… who now no longer speaks to me…it has a permanent new home with Tiffany 🙂
I have had a busy but over all positive week.. My honey got a good bill of health with his new PCP this week!  Yippee for good experiences with the VA!
I made a few adjustments in my regime.. and continue to take off a pound or so a week 🙂  Yay!  And really I am not trying either… just staying active!

Hope you are having a blessed weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day Ya’ll!

Hope you each have a blessed Mother’s Day 🙂

Unfortunately it has been another stressful week around here…
But all is well now… so let me fill you in 🙂

Monday my honey has had allergies that we thought had gone to pneumonia so we started getting aggressive with home treatments we had available… unfortunately Tuesday he was feeling even worse and running a fever so he finally (after 4 years without one) decided he was ready to see a doctor here!  Yippee I thought…

Well he is a veteran of the Army… so going to the VA for the first time in 4 years is a bit tough to do we found out… you must register your move to the new state first (we moved from Tennessee 2 1/2 years ago).  They did check his basic vitals and took a quick history and started the transfer process but sent us to the nearby emergency room for the antibiotics after a chest xray confirmed pneumonia was the cause of his nasty cough and fever….

Well.. at the hospital they found his lungs clear… and because he has had open heart surgery about 5 years ago they wanted to keep him overnight for a long overdue cardiac workup…

 So me and Daisy held down the fort overnight! lol 

She refused to sit in his chair which she sits in all the time when he isn’t normally… but she knew something was wrong… so we prayed and tossed and turned… finally morning came and I could get Brandi off to school and return to the hospital to see what this day had in store for us all…

The cardiac PA came in and informed us he would be going to a medicine stress test… which turned out to be a harrowing event of a test.. if you ever have to have one.. but once over gave us valuable info like his heart and arteries are all in GREAT shape!  So why the cough and fevers???

Unsure.. they called it an upper respiratory infection and started antibiotics and sent us home!  Yippee 🙂

A little worse for wear… as he didn’t sleep well either without his usual bed partners! lol

So by Wednesday evening we had mapped out a tentative NEW DEAL!

We started Thursday out.. after a fairly good nights sleep had by all right here…

Isn’t this just gorgeous!???

We moved near the beach to go there often… but found life “too busy ” to “have time” for the beach.. now we are making time we decided…

So every morning we are gonna take a nice walk on the beach… start getting in better shape and enjoy the nature and beauty that is a mere 10 minute drive from our home!!!!  We are truly blessed to be this close!

We are also changing other things in our lifestyle… cutting back on bad habit items and improving what we eat… and we are doing it together!!!!  I love that!!!

In the meantime… when we got home from the hospital Wednesday we had a package waiting from my bestie Connie…

She sent me a couple new quilty themed t shirts for an early birthday surprise and something for me to hand quilt that she pieced for me…

I love this wall hanging sooo much!  It measures 32 x 32″ currently… trying to decide if I chould add a bit of border to it before I start the quilting once my supplies all arrive…
Here is a quilt she has finished on a tan background fabric instead of my grey above… and you can see all those layered edges of the circle parts will curl up once washed…
 I will call this the Bulls Eye Wall Hanging I think.. at least for now… “Bulls Eye” is the name of the pattern she said & she has the book the pattern came in…and I sent her the beginning of the grey background fabrics.. she did all the rest!!!! Isn’t that a wonderful gift!!!!
Here is the thread I will use on the circle “bulls eyes”…
It is Perle 8 cotton by Valdani .. I am trying it for the first time on this project that won’t get much wear as it will be enjoyed… 
I also ordered buttons to go in the center of the bulls eyes… so that will add more dimension.
Finally I will quilt with a layer of cotton batting AND a layer of wool batting on top of that before adding the flimsy to make the sandwich.. it will be VERY dimensional when done I do believe!
Here is a pic of my honey showing it off against our kitchen wall light grey walls…

I just can’t convey how excited I am to receive something made by Connie especially for me… I have never been gifted a flimsy special made before and didn’t expect to feel so honored!  But I really do!!!

Finally it was the end of the week… Friday when Brandi got home from school she announced she needed to be taken across our little beachside town to the art studio to pick up a piece that was on display she had made in art class at school!!!!  “Sure” I said…
Little did I know that her piece was in the center most highest position in the place being shown off for all to see!
So here is a collage I made from that Friday afternoon visit to the Art Haus!  She calls this piece “The Vanished” as the pic to the left shows a moon with a wolf howling and on the opposite side of her vase is an empty moon.. 
You see this vase had a special purpose for being made… her father had been cremated when he died 7 years ago and we had just celebrated his birthday May 3 with those blueberry muffins and the birthday song too!  Now she had possession of all semesters hard work and inside this URN will go most of the remaining ashes.. she is mongo excited to have this.  It does sit in the living room and looks just like a decorator piece… Wolves were his fave animal and one she enjoys looking at too… so the top also has a wolf formed on it… the whole thing is made of clay and the etched with designs all commemorating memories she has of her dad!  Isn’t this awesome now that I have shared the back story??
Then CJ came over to play… hadn’t seen him since Monday because of our mega crazy week!
And I actually .. late in the week accomplished quite a bit of quilting progress… FINALLY! lol
So all I have left in this hoop to quilt now is the back hatching… and I only have about 2 hoop moves to make before I have finished this section completely on the quilt!  Yippee 🙂
By the time I finish this hoop or these hoops.. as the case may be.. I will take a break and start the Bulls Eye Wall Hanging… it will be nice to take a break and really start quilting a bit.. although the perle 8 cotton won’t be much fun and 2 layers of batting sounds less fun.. but I am just so excited none of that is a deterrent at this point… 
I also have some crazy background quilting ideas for Bulls Eye… so stay tuned when I start that as I will mark the background before sandwiching so I can see the pattern I have planned!!!!
So excited ya’ll … to end this week up!  But I must calm now and work on back hatching lines and using my thimble as I foudn on the curves of the flowers and leaves getting great stitches was near impossible so the thimble my friend Kathy gave me has been waiting patiently for me to learn more about have accurate stitches WITH the thimble! lol
Have a blessed Mother’s Day if you are a mom/mum 😉
Until the next time I can make time to chat…

Happy March!

Many of you know we live in Florida and I LOVE that!!!  But we live just a few miles from a large tourist destination spot too…. Daytona Beach, Florida 🙂

This is a shot that we will see if we go to Daytona next week as Bike Week is then!  After that is Spring Break starts 🙂  It is a festive place to be for sure…

But we live in a little town south of Daytona Beach called Port Orange … here you can see it on the map…

We are close to interstates… Orlando is about an hour away .. and we are out of MOST of the hubbub from Daytona!  On a clear night… we can hear the races when they are on though!  Very cool thing!!!

So March is a festive time here… it was also the month I first visited Florida when I was 19 years old… It has been a long time coming that I am now settled in a great home in a great bedroom community outside the main busy towns… New Smyrna Beach (a popular beach for locals) is just south of us too!

So now you know a bit more about me and the craziness that spring in Florida brings us 🙂

What do you look forward to in spring?

I have been very busy quilting this week and have made it to 75% completion at the quilting of the outer charm ring… that means just the outer border and edge basting is left for my sweet Kaydence’s Baby Quilt!!!

Here is a shot of the last corner I am going around now…

I also got a book I had ordered this week!

I ordered the hardback version of this book off Amazon and paid a whopping $4.50 for the book WITH shipping !!!  It took about a week to arrive from a neighboring state but that was fine.. it is an EXCELLENT reference and a book to help me continue honing my piecing and quilting skills overall!

And I just found out it is Connie’s fave book too!  She says she loves it as a reference and uses it all the time… It was published in 2000… Do you have this book???  Have I just been in a cave or something!??  lol

Here is the Dedication from the front of the book I wanted to share the last sentence with you especially!!!

Are you looking for something more in quilting… 

more of a challenge … understanding all that goes into it more???  This is a great book about that if you are interested… I will give more of an update as I continue reading this gem of a book…

While I have been busy doing that my honey has been doing yard and house maintenance…

Here is a pic of algae that grows where the trees hung over the roof…

And here is a pic just 1 hour later after my honey used a bleach water and scrubbing mixture to clean it…

Doesn’t that look much better!!!!  Over time the algae would grow and push the shingles off the roof… now that the algae is dead and the trees have been trimmed hopefully we have solved this problem 🙂

And we have a Featherweight Case going up on eBay later today…

We sold a sewing machine complete last week.

So things are rolling along well.

So tell me… what are you looking forward to this month?

I am so happy with my focus for this year… I am setting goals but not getting freaked out if I don’t meet them.. and in most areas I am finding that I am completing more things than when I used a formal list last year!  And I am ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!!!!

So important to relax & enjoy the journey…

As I continue to put in slow stitches today I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching HERE.

Have a blessed week ya’ll and don’t forget to MAKE TIME to….