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Another way to win BLOG CANDY for OCTOBER!!!!

Good morning and I hope you are having a blessed day.

I am so excited to share some things with you… including another way to win blog candy besides playing in a challenge blog!

Although I have been blogging for a short time compared to others… about 6 months now actively…. I have learned a lot… today I want to share my next venture in life… I will be a CTMH consultant in January… my journey began in the spring when I found the Art Philosophy cartridge for my cricut on Ebay and bought it… I fell in love with the stamps AND the cartridge and immediately went to look for a CTMH rep.  I found one but she was not my style so… with God’s help this time I found another consultant and she has inspired me to make this business my own.

Meet Tamra Pope.. see her blog here!

We have become dear friends in the process of getting to know each other and while she was visiting in TN from my dream state of Fla we got to spend a day together that totally ROCKED!  Yes we talked the business aspect but we also just enjoyed hanging out and getting to know each other after a month or more chatting on the phone most every day!  Yahoo!!!

I am so excited about the journey with CTMH I will begin in January and all my energy will go toward this end goal of being a great and enthusiastic CTMH Consultant….

What is CTMH you ask???  CTMH is Close to My Heart.  A company for scrapbooking and stamping with excellent tools and stamps that are clear all the way through to see what you are doing and where you are doing it!!!  They have 2 cartridges for the cricut that are full of loveliness too!  They have been around since 1989 have designer papers and cardstock and lots of cool embellishments too!

I am having a party this month… if you place a CTMH order with me (just email me here and I will send you an invite to place an order for my party through Tamra Pope!) in October 2012 you will earn more in my blog candy give away!!!  YAY!  Check out the catalog online HERE!

So faithful readers who made it this far don’t have to play at the paper cabana if you don’t want to but entries are still available for that.

So to condense this info… go to my blog candy give away post here.  Post your fave winter paper craft… follow my blog by EMAIL… play at the paper cabana if you like for more entries OR/AND make a CTMH order with me by October 31, 2012 by emailing me to ask for the official invite so I know you placed an order.  THAT IS IT!!!!  CTMH orders are 1 entry per $10.00 spent in for $ retail sales.  If you spend less than $10.00 you still get an entry but if you spend $50.00 you get a $18.00 stamp set of the month for $5.00 … a huge savings… and you get 5 entries!  Yahoo!!!!  Questions???  Please post them below so all can see my responses too!

You may email me your addy as a blog reply with your full email in the reply or email me privately with your email addy here.

Have a blessed day and happy blog candy winning!!!


Another 3d BOO and more!!!

Good morning my blogging friends… Today I have some upcoming projects for you to take a sneak peak at… and this cute door hanger I finally finished around all the showings of our home!  11 in 10 days!!!  Hopefully it sells soon with this kind of traffic 😉

The cute “Spooky” stamp came in a pack with the jewels from Studio G.  The paper is Doodlebug on the pumpkin and some cs I had in my stash for the hanger itself.  When I did my other door hanger here I made 2 out of one sheet… so I just had to put this one together!

I used the Create a Critter 2 cart for the pumpkin like the pic below

but hid countour the piece of candy for this one!  I didn’t cut out the back shadow only the pumpkin face and his backing… then I added stickles to the eyes and inked a Boo I had cut out of the same paper as the hanger with Slate CTMH ink to give it a little pop!

Isn’t he cute!  He is safely holding M & M’s for the receiver of this booing item!

Next up are Christmas cards!  Here is where I am at… it is all cut

And what are the rest of my family doing while I am busy crafting???
Seeing who has the best John Deere attitude of course!  My dd and my honey are in competition!

It is cool and rainy today but it was breezy and warm the day I got this pic 🙂

Have a blessed crafting Friday!


You have been Booed door hanger!

What says Boo more than a ghost!

Welcome back to me… been busy this week showing our house (we are trying to sell it) and haven’t had time to chat with you!  I have missed you though 😉

So for inspiration today at The Paper Cabana I have a great door hanger for you to put on your own doors… or as I will do “BOO” your friends and neighbors!!!

So pull out your Art Philosophy and Create a Critter 2 carts and lets play!

First I cut the door hangers… now they will be bigger if you only cut one but then you have paper left over so I made them a tad smaller and set it up with my gypsy to cut out 2!

I will post the second one later this week.  Today I wanted to focus on the ghost.  I chose a neutral light gray for my background as I wanted the ghost and the boo to really pop off the page!

Next I cut my elements…

Then scored each box that I had eliminated the fold lines on… by looking back at the book… added some red Tacky tape to make sure it held well…

Put the elements from the second page together… the poor haunted house didn’t cut our right… luckily I didn’t have room for it so… live and learn moment!  lol

I sponged on some CTMH Slate ink behind the ghost and added an action wobble to the ghost to make him float around!  Want info on how to make your own action wobble?  Check out this post!

I added some fun size M & M’s and now we are ready to Boo our neighbors!

Hope this post has inspired you that anyone can make something 3d… use what you have and have fun!


So I posted a couple weeks ago that I won some blog candy.. I was a new follower and really am new to blogging and never win anything so I didn’t expect much… a nice card and a stamp set maybe???

Tamra Pope is the blog candy GIVER!!!  In the last couple weeks we have gotten to be friends and are planning a meet in October when she will be in my neck of the woods… she is now my CTMH consultant and a dear friendship is forming… check out her blog here.

I got all this stuff!!!

 And look at these cute little stamps!!!

 And a personalized card just for me!!!

So as the tally goes… I got a large assortment of 12 x 12 paper.. some die cut stickers, some ribbon sliders and tags of chipboard shapes, some corrugated cardboard shapes, some stamp pads including CTMH new pigment ink stack ADVENTURE, 3 stamp sets (1 for Christmas too to use this year!), and soooo much more….

Check out her site, she has a deal going on now… send her a pic of your craft area and the most creatively messy area gets blog candy!  See that post here.

Thanks Tamra for everything and thanks for being my friend! 

Have a blessed day everyone and I hope if you win blog candy you find that you find a friend like I did… it is worth more than the blog candy I won for sure even though the blog candy ROCKS!


Thank you cards… and a Christmas card too!

Although I haven’t been blogging my regular amount I have been busy in my craft room making Christmas cards and Thank you notes for my best friend and her husband.  He is an entrepeneur and needs Thank you notes to hand out to his customers and clients from time to time.  I signed up for the job to let my bff continue sewing as that is her passion!  First I made 15 Christmas cards from a CTMH set and I will say they turned out well but just not my style…

 This is one of the styles that came in the set.  I followed the instructions that came with the kit.  I just don’t think they are me… so I am back to my original idea for Christmas cards which I will show you later…

They gave me card bases and envelopes to design thank you notes… my love is designing so designing I did… I had 6 of each color and 4 different colors so 24 cards were made mostly using my gypsy and cricut… the last one is stamped, colored, and stickled!  Which one do you think he will like the most???

I like all of them… and couldn’t wait to take pics and share with you so the stickles is still wet in this pic.

Which one would you like as a male entrepreneur with a growing business to hand to customers and clients???

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to come back Wednesday for a fall themed tutorial with The Paper Cabana.

Have a blessed and wonderful week.  We are enjoying the milder weather coming to the southeast in the US… what is your weather like this week where you are?

Your comments are coveted!  Kathi

Making a fall banner!

I admit it… as much as I love warm weather … and I do!!!!  I am ready for fall and all the fun festive decorating… love Halloween and just the change of seasons… this may be my last change as we are planning to move to Fla next year but for now… we will soak up the fall… so why not start the festivities off with a nice banner that says “Blessings”!

It’s home is over our TV in a “dead space” that I thought me and my craft self could cover… What do you think?

The close up is my favorite!  I love seeing it in the room… here is how I did it!

I started with basic supplies:
chipboard pieces (I got mine from CTMH for $5.00 and it comes with 10 pcs and jump rings)
cricut (and gypsy or Design studio preferred but not necessary)
CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge for Cricut
4 pieces cardstock ( at least one should be solid)
ribbon if you want to hang your banner with (you can use the jump rings if you don’t want a decorator look)

First I painted all the pieces I planned to use… to make the word Blessings I used 9 of the 10 pieces… I saved the last to use on a card or some future project.  They are set at 4″ height and come in 4 styles.

Before I painted I decided how I wanted them laid out then painted them in that order….

I used latex paint because it matched my living room and I wanted this to look nice on the front and back… so I painted all the edges and inside the holes with the paint to cover all of one side and most of the other.

Now it was time to design the banner base and component parts…
Here is how my pages looked on the gypsy… notice how I left almost no negative space….

and the second layer to finish the 9 4″ banner pieces and more minimal negative space as well!

I even had room for an A2 card on this one!
Then I cut them out… check out this great tip of cutting out various shapes you think you can use in the future from paper that will get thrown out or end up in a scraps pile and never used!  Thanks Sheila at She’s a Sassy Lady blog!  Love that tip on your Gypsy Made Easy tutorials 🙂

Now back to the banner.
I took the cut out pieces and used my fave pink ATG gun to glue it well to the not all painted side of my chipboard banner pieces matching the shapes accordingly… then I chose to ink my edges with “Wrap me in Chocolate” by Megan Elizabeth.  Have you found her yet on Above Rubies Studio?  She has taught me tons!

Anyway… next it was time to cut out the chocolate squares so I pulled out my new Spellbinders I have been dying to use and used 2 sizes of scalloped squares with my Cuttlebug…

I chose 4 smaller and 5 larger scalloped squares.  Then I cut my letters out using this design on my gypsy

Notice again that I used up the space left over this time with some scalloped edging I will use on cards… it is lacey looking paper and I thought that would be a nice addition!  I chose the CTMH Art Philosophy Cart again because I think this font is classy and I wanted to add some stickles and the dogs on it make it perfect for Dressing Up!

In this close up the afternoon sun is messing up your view of the gorgeous paper I used for this project.. and the stickles I chose was “Copper” out of my stash!

Repeat for the 8 more tiles and whalaaah!

And that is how you make a beautiful banner!

Hope thing has been a blessing to you!  Please give me feedback on what you like or what you would like to see… in the meantime I will keep crafting!


Altered CTMH Card Box!

Today I have a project I have prayed over and tried to focus on for about a month… since I got the card box from CTMH.  Look how nice it turned out!

Scrapbooking and cardmaking are my loves so I have been checking out other altered projects to make this one… it is for my mom and dad to hold cards in!  Won’t this be a nice Christmas present when I get the box full of miscellaneous cards!  She is a HUGE card giver 🙂

So this is how I did it… first MOTIVATION!  Here fave color is Sage Green.  Also I have a Bobunny paper set I use to make her cards with so I wanted to use some elements from it… and I found some lace that reminded me of her and I had the motivation… see the pic?  I left this sitting on my craft table for a few days while I thought about it….

Finally I got motivated and started with some ink on the edges… as you can see above… then I took the sage green cs I had pulled out for inspiration and used it to cover the box starting on the bottom.  Some of the blogs I have read talk about having a template… but it didn’t come with one so I just winged it and made measurements with little indentations with my thumbnail and then cut or scored it at that point…. see…

After some inking and taping on cs I finally covered the whole box….

I used heavy cs and my ATG to glue on the paper… now for the fun part… embellishing!

It all started like this above… and ended with this below!

I even decorated the inside too!

My mom loves butterflies and there is a large one on the top that is not so identifiable in this pic… but it is there!

I am so proud of this box… now for cards to fill it up!

My favorite is the bling on the box…. I think it isn’t to much or too little.

What do you think???  I would love your feedback on this project.

Have a blessed day!  Kathi