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Whooping Progress on Friday!!

I have been super busy this week quilting, cleaning, and selling 🙂

On the quilting front…

I have only 2 1/2 blocks left before I bind this baby I call for now THE MAN quilt… and finish the final quilting on it 🙂  I am Whooping Excited about THAT!

But even more exciting is my new craft studio… it isn’t new .. just cleaned… decluttered… and organized… 🙂

Here is how cluttered it was when I started…

And here is how peaceful it is now 🙂

Don’t you love that WHOOP!!!

Also we have paid that big bill that needed paying and I am soooo WHOOPING about that!

So now it is time to get back to selling as we have more stuff to list… and we have new vintage sewing machine on it’s way to us for refurbishing!  Yipee and WHOOP!

Thanks for visiting me today and hope you will share what you are Whooping about this Friday!

Also look forward to an upcoming Linky Party … starting the end of THIS month & the end of every month… a time to set goals and show off goals met.. adjust goals as needed and do our own celebrating!  Follow me so you can stay in the loop on that!

Before closing I wanted to share some cute quilty embroidered inspiration I found while surfing this week a bit on the internet… it is from this great book of “Patchwork and Embroidery”

I saved this pic to share with you and to inspire myself on the applique/embroidery section of the Spools & Tools QAL I finished the spools on in this post 🙂

Have a blessed weekend!

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Tuesday Report!

Reporting for goal met.. this morning whilst chatting with a friend online I finished the 4th block, the cornerstone and started the next feather that needed done…

Now I have marked block #3 on my countdown to binding!  Yipee 🙂

I also have been busy scouring my paper craft room for more things to sell on eBay and cleaned up a bit while I was there… check out this sweet corner…

Much better!  And the cabinet that I craft from is slowly closing and getting empty…

If you are interested in a great deal on a Cricut Expression and Gypsy die cutting machine duo check out this auction 🙂

So that is what we are up to 🙂

How about you?  I am planning a linky at the end of this month that will be a monthly linky featuring posts from each of you sharing what goals you may have set and met.. and goals for the upcoming month related to quilting… I have had good feedback from this idea so plan on more details to come in the next week… you can start planning a post! 

I love linky’s and hope you will play along.. the last Friday of each month through the weekend is the plan…

Whooping in Friday this week!

This has been a busy and productive week in our home… lots of Ebay selling happening with paper crafting products from my personal stash here… and some quilt making too! 

Today I want to share what I am most excited about 🙂  And it started with this…

Medium polka dot tone on tone white fabric and some fun bright red/white and blue/white charm packs I found on Ebay for a deal!  The template I got at my LQS when Jenny Doan visited… and I am making her Tumbler Flag Quilt from this vid tutorial 🙂

Her finished one looks like this…

Right now I have the middle pieced in vertical rows… per Jenny’s instructions for easy completion and it is easy!  I started with the blue/white blocks…

Once I was happy with the layout I cut them into tumblers with the template.. assuring any chevrons with a directional print were going as the flag waves 🙂

Soon I had this all done!

By Thursday night I had gotten it to this point…

Today I will be busy with Ebay and ironing seams and sewing these vertical columns together 🙂
And now I have decided the borders… I wasn’t too keen on the fabric I had planned for this and wanted weightier fun borders on this project… it will hang in my entry!

And I finally decided on a patriotic fabric with hibiscus flowers on it and a white thinner inner border too!  All from my stash!  WHOOP!

So hopefully I will have a flimsy to show off Sunday… if not before 🙂

I plan to miter the inner and outer borders and just have fun with this project… not sure of the backing yet but the binding most likely will be some red I added in from my stash also 🙂  And I have enough left over to make another flimsy!  WHOOP!

Hope you have a Friday to Whoop about too..

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Have a blessed weekend!


Paper Craft Room For Sale :)

After much debate about what to do about the state of current affairs around here.. and to get my bedroom back to a bedroom I am parting with my beloved “other half”…

my scrap booking and paper crafting EVERYTHING! 

Now you have the inside skinny on anything paper crafting or scrap booking.. lots of private stash items are on my list now for sale… an example are these Stampin’ Up markers with Sprintzer too! here

From that item you might prefer something fun and whimsical to add to your stash like my Sew Stamper here

You get the idea… really cool stuff from my “thought I would never get rid of that” vault is there!!!

What I can’t sell there… and won’t sell there.. is my Gypsy… That, my friends, is for one of you or your friends that has a Cricut but no Gypsy to add to the fun!

This great lot is just $150.00 plus shipping which should run about $13.00 if I ship USPS Priority for safe travels…

Please contact me directly here for information… mention you saw it on my blog!

Looking for a Cricut with a new blade 6 mats and 6 cartridges??? It is up in just a couple days but I am selling that as well!

Happy Shopping!  I appreciate anything you can do to help me out right now by bidding and winning some of my lovelies 🙂 

Ripping out and Starting over = SUCCESS!

Hello my bloggy friends… I have been uber busy this week with other things … but have managed to get a bit of stitching time in since Sunday… mainly on these beauties 🙂

6 almost perfectly pieced blocks… my best piecing work ever!  🙂

All but the last block required some amount of ripping out and starting over… I thought you might light a short tute on how to make ripping out or “frogging” I have heard it called… a little easier…

First snip every 3rd or 4th (if on a flat area) thread from the top if you know which is the top of your piece (chain piecing can cause you to get confused I think! lol) to remove thread from…

Once you have done this across the entire seam then gently PULL the pieces apart.. now they will have little stings (and a long one on the back side from your bobbin thread)

Clean up all the strings … if you have a long seam use a rolled piece of sticky tape to catch on those little pieces in a snap too!

You are ready for another try at that perfect pieced block now 🙂  Yahoo!

In reviewing my last block post I found the pic of this QAL did not show up so let me show you the example of this pattern and kinda what mine will look like…

but only the same basic layout on mine… the spool blocks and borders will be similar but I plan to feature My Fiona in the center!  Fiona is my main sewing machine I use for piecing and she and I are really getting along 🙂  I love sewing vintage too!  The hum is like no other type of machine!

Here are some close ups of each block in the order I did them 😉

The very last block was the first one cut and last one pieced and is the most special piece of fabric… each piece in this quilt has some meaning to me for the spool insides.. but this was a cover my friend Joyce made for my gypsy… now that I am selling my gypsy I repurposed the bag into 2 blocks… the one above… and this one a little smaller that I did with my friend Wendy!

I love that polka dot white fabric but wanted plain for my wall hanging so my hand quilting would show more 🙂  This “test” block for my learning was a perfect place to add the white polka dot fabric don’t you think?!

I plan to do something special with this block and am pondering it.. it measures 6 1/2″ now and finished at 6″ .. ideas anyone??  I could applique is to my quilt center section… that is a thought on that redesign.  A sewing machine with a spool and a cute pair of scissors ??

The MAN QUILT will be getting some attention today from me.  Right now I am about 1/2 way through this feather now 🙂

I have 3 feathers, 1 cornerstone and 2 blocks to do in this grouping… no goal setting for this as Ebay selling has to remain center stage in my life this week… that is what has been keeping me so busy ..

I am selling all my craft room and will have an advertisement posted on my blog this afternoon for everything I am selling on eBay.. it is sad but necessary and I don’t use the stuff anymore so it should go to someone who will love and appreciate it for what it is!  Wonderful paper crafting tools and accessories to make masterpieces possible!

I am also trying to sell personally my Cricut Gypsy and wanted to offer it first to my paper crafting followers and their friends… are you or do you know anyone interested in a Cricut GYPSY???

If you know anyone with a Cricut that doesn’t have one (works with all Cricut’s no matter if small or large, old or new).  I am selling this to the first person that contacts me 🙂  If you are interested just contact me here!

Thanks for bearing with me through these times… more quilty fun to come!

Linking up this tutorial to Sew Fresh Quilts Let’s Bee Social here where she is sharing who is most inspiring person in her life… her mom!  For me it is my honey, my best friend, and my kids 🙂  Who inspires you to succeed in your life dreams ??!!