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The MAN quilt top is complete!!!

So now that I have finished putting THE MAN quilt top together… I can say I have learned a lot… this is my 10th quilty creation and I feel more confident!!!

Here is the bottom half of the quilt completed…

 And here is the whole glorious quilt top ready for sandwiching 🙂

overall size now is 70 x 83 inches

 First of all.. it looks good but there was a lot of fitting things into place that took place on the back of this quilt top… I did fix any seams that got turned wrong so it irons easily.  I have a friend who is gonna post a different way to sew on cornerstones with sashing early next year… I will blog about that and link you to her blog in case you have an upcoming project including sashing with cornerstones 🙂

Secondly, I am overall pleased with all my effort and even though my square in a squares wound up a little wonky (those are the bright blue squares) I have made peace with their ending not looking like square in a square at all… this was an ambitious pattern for me and overall I think I came out successful… the quilt top lays flat and has not bulges or saggy spots 🙂

Finally… here are some of the stencils I am waiting on to start the quilting… 

You can see this will be a time intensive quilt to stitch but well worth the effort!  My honey is very excited about the MAN QUILT!

While I have been sewing on my wonderful Fiona… my honey has been decorating the front of the house for Christmas 🙂

Isn’t it all so festive!  I love the soldier guarding our front door 🙂

Season’s Greetings!


How to make a lot with your gypsy!

While perusing my fave blogs I found this from Sheila at She’s a Sassy Lady here!  It is a youtube video about making multiples and the series she does there is called Gypsy Made Easy (GME)!

Thanks to her inspiration and some happy mail I got in the form of a new cart…Create a Critter 2.  I didn’t get 1 when it came out and I have no cutesy carts… but I sure didn’t expect to make christmas cards when I ordered it!  lol

 I found this image and turned it into a window card!

 Watch where the arrow is on the cutting mat to know which way to line yours up if you try this but I need 30 Christmas cards… I have 15 sheets of ds Heidi Grace design paper that is gorgeous red and green polka dots on one side and a light green polka dot on the other… planning my cards I laid this out so that the Joys on the bottom of the paper will cut out on the red side and the card will cut out with the light green side as the outside.  My plan is to use the extra “Joys” to make cards for friends and neighbors with some premade cards I got on sale at Hobby Lobby for $5.00!!!!  Yay!  Love sales!

 Now I have 2 sizes of red cs so I needed 2 layouts for the different sized papers…here is one…

 And here is the other… I did use labels on this project to keep me honest when I am cutting these cards out so I labeled one 8 x 10 and one 10 x 12 to go with the 2 sizes of similar red cs I have.

Next for the green cs I am cutting these cute wreathes… they have holes in them for the ribbon and berries so the red shows through .. but my idea is to add some stickles I have for BLING!

 Because my cards are red on the inside I need a place for a sentiment… so I chose my stamp I wanted to use for the sentiment and measured it and found this shape in the Art Philosophy Cart by CTMH.

 It took me about 1 hour to design once I had picked out what I wanted to do and now all I have to do is hook up my gypsy to my cricut and cut away!  Then put them together… embellish and done!

Finally.. here is a pic of me and my honeys.. Rick and Daisy last Christmas!  This is one of my fave photos of us. 

Do you make Christmas cards???
Have you mass produced before???
What is your advice for someone about mass production if you have done it???

Stay tuned for the finished product!

Blessings to all!  Big announcement tomorrow October 1 you don’t wanna miss!!!


Thank you cards… and a Christmas card too!

Although I haven’t been blogging my regular amount I have been busy in my craft room making Christmas cards and Thank you notes for my best friend and her husband.  He is an entrepeneur and needs Thank you notes to hand out to his customers and clients from time to time.  I signed up for the job to let my bff continue sewing as that is her passion!  First I made 15 Christmas cards from a CTMH set and I will say they turned out well but just not my style…

 This is one of the styles that came in the set.  I followed the instructions that came with the kit.  I just don’t think they are me… so I am back to my original idea for Christmas cards which I will show you later…

They gave me card bases and envelopes to design thank you notes… my love is designing so designing I did… I had 6 of each color and 4 different colors so 24 cards were made mostly using my gypsy and cricut… the last one is stamped, colored, and stickled!  Which one do you think he will like the most???

I like all of them… and couldn’t wait to take pics and share with you so the stickles is still wet in this pic.

Which one would you like as a male entrepreneur with a growing business to hand to customers and clients???

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to come back Wednesday for a fall themed tutorial with The Paper Cabana.

Have a blessed and wonderful week.  We are enjoying the milder weather coming to the southeast in the US… what is your weather like this week where you are?

Your comments are coveted!  Kathi