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Happy Christmas Eve… Eve :)

Last week Kathy at Kathy’s Quilts blog asked us to share our fave Christmas tune… well I love so many I couldn’t choose just 1 … can you??  Then I heard this song…

Hope you have a couple minutes to give it a listen!  Colbie Caillat ROCKS This Song 🙂

On the crafty front I have been busy while pondering her question as well…

I finished Tanisha’s stocking .. then made a paper template to start on Brandi’s stocking…

I showed you the patterns I had pencil drawn followed by sharpie so it was easy to see with my light table…

This was just a quick layout to share with a friend.. but I thought you would enjoy seeing how fun and easy these stockings really were!!!

It didn’t take long before I had the stocking front and was ready to layer it for a small bit of machine quilting… straight lines only! lol

Then I had to figure where to put her name on this busy stocking… on the solid green section looks good 🙂  I fashioned it after her own script and drew it with chalk…

Then embroidered it with a stem stitch in BRIGHT RED thread 🙂

 And before I knew it … it was time to pink another stocking edges… HONEY!!!  Can you help me??? lol

 He did come to my rescue and together we pinked all the edges!!!

So now check out both finishes….
And in time for our family party ToMorroW!!!!
Here is the online invite I sent to my family that is coming… it will be fun with lots of seasonal foods we rarely have any other time of the year 🙂
Kaydence received here new quilt and they LOVE it.. but no pics yet from the recipient’s parents.. I will try to get those and do her proper post showing the finished quilt shots too! 🙂
Hope you enjoyed the song I left for you if you gave it a listen… also loved Kathy’s choice of song which was an acapello version of a christmas song! 🙂
Until my next post may you have a Christmas that builds positive memories as you…