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Feathery Friday!

Welcome to my blog… I am hand quilting feathers today on THE MAN quilt for my honey 🙂

This is a queen sized snuggly quilt I am have been working on since Christmas… but now I am on the downhill slide!  Less than 1/4 of the hand quilting remains to be done!!!  Yippee 😉  Read more about this quilt on my post here.

So today I will focus on feathers!  12 left after this one… but I will mix them in with the 10 blocks remaining to quilt to keep it fun!

What I am really excited about is a new-to-me product I just found that removed my heavy handed graphite (Fons & Porter) marks…

Here is the bottle next to the feather I tested it on…

Check out the close up of the first area I “tested” it on…

It made the pencil marks kind of foam up then following the directions on the bottle I rubbed off the pencil marks… I used a dry paper towel… then rinsed the area with a damp rag… which I did… I also asked for feedback from my fave facebook group “Celebrate Hand Quilting” as I was afraid it may have a chemical in it to do this that could hurt the quilt… however from that I found out there are several brands of this pencil remover and a good recipe was shared too!

Wanna make your own?  Try this on a test piece first!!!  Don’t go for your actual quilt to test like I did 🙂
Recipe for pencil removal spray… use a 4 oz spray bottle that is easy to use… esp at an angle for ease of use!
3 oz. water, 1 oz. rubbing alcohol, 2 – 3 drops PALMOLIVE dishwashing liquid. Mix together and apply with a soft tooth brush. Dawn dishwashing liquid will NOT work!  Shared from my facebook group for later reference and because I like to share with my readers!

My professionally bought marking pencil remover looks like this…
made by Quilter’s Rule who provides lots of quilting notions for traditional quilters so I thought it sounded great for under $7 for the 8 ounce bottle!  I shopped on her Ebay shop and in later correspondence found out she runs a little quilt shop in her home and advertises her wares also on Ebay… so I am supporting a LQS with my Ebay purchase 🙂  Yippee!

afquilts is her eBay name… and here is a link to her store on Ebay… 🙂  Debbie is friendly knowledgeable, and ready to try to find what you want.

I currently have her looking for a specific needle type for me… hard to find for sure !!!

The OTHER information I got from my Celebrate Hand Quilting facebook friends was a link to this review on the spray…

It is long and fairly tedious but interesting read for me… basically it can also take out or lighten permanent marker… but is not know to hurt the fabric if using it for pencil marks on any colors which is this formulas intended use.

I hope all these links I have shared have been helpful if you are like me and like to mark with graphite… with my arthritis didn’t make me so heavy handed to draw pretty lines! lol

If you have made it this far in this post I want to reward you with a cool pattern I found on Youtube… it is from last year and is a great tute on these cute ornaments you see below… about 4″ square finished or so… hand sized!  Check that out here!

I hope you have a Fun Weekend whatever you do… as for me it is back to swirly feathers… hand stitching an overcast day away!

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