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Crafty Adventures and Quilty Progress too!

This has been one action packed week so far ya’ll!

First of all I finished a second Christmas fabric chain… to go with the one I made before Christmas 🙂

 These 2 chains will adore our little 4 foot tree next year.. after sharing them with you and my family they are now tucked away with Christmas items to be enjoyed next year…

While this was repetitive stitching I found listening to Netflix was a nice way to sew and make it a bit less painful to be so repetitive… so I have been watching a show called “Hart of Dixie”!  It is their 4th season…

It is certain to make you giggle a bit too so I consider it a guilty pleasure! lol

Meanwhile I have made happy progress on my Fall Wall hanging between sewing breaks of making the chain…

 Above is the fall wall hanging laid out on my work table… I really like seeing that left side all quilted !!!  Below is a close up of starting on the rest of the middle.. but I am over 1/2 way done with the center of the wall hanging now… Yahoo!!!!

In between breaks on both the above projects I received a tapestry piece I found on eBay… $6 included the shipping too!

The tapestry has this design on both sides of the panel… and I thought it would be perfect for our Daisy to lay on… she uses her feet to “fluff” her pillow occasionally.. so I wanted something heavy duty for her cushion… well this tapestry piece is plenty thick… I had to use my 401a Zena to stitch this into a cushion cover! lol

But look how nicely it turned out 🙂  I boxed the corners for a square shaped cushion.

Then I used some polyfill I had on hand, some of the old cushion stuffing and batting pieces from strings I had been collecting and I cut them into small pieces…

 Above you can see I am not measuring with my ruler but using it simply as a straight edge to bear down and cut through 4-6 layers of batting at a time with a old rotary blade that needs replacing…

Even with my arthritic hands I was done with this in about 15 minutes !!!

So then I filled the cushion cover with first the polyfill getting it into the corners well… then the batting pieces…. then part of the old cushion filled the center area up… then back to batting pieces and polyfill and it was time to sew up the hole I had left for the stuffing process…

I used my wonder clips to hold the opening closed as a I slip stitched it closed… you could use a ladder stitch or other invisible stitch but it was black on black so I figured it would not be so noticeable that I could just quickly get it ready to be washed, dried, and enjoyed! lol

Well here is that side completely closed….  I think it looks fine 🙂

And here is the cushion completed…

And here it is being tested out… she wasn’t so sure about it at first so I had my foot up next to her…

but soon I found her snoozing happily!!!!

So this project probably took me 1 1/2 hours all together but I drug it out into a 3 day adventure stopping to ask my friend Connie questions and getting her feedback…

I am very happy with this cushion… I had planned for it to be about 20″ square but once I boxed the corners… it now measures 14 x 15… the corners are boxed at 3″ across for a nice thick cushion though….

So now I have a second panel ready for a cushion for the sewing room.. I think I will make it much the same… but may not box the corners… see which she likes best 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this catch up…

Take time to smell the roses today if you will & remember that ….


Christmas 2015 Review….

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with 3 of my 4 kids.  It was a total BLAST and a SUCCESS!!!
Then the next 2 days we just laid around! lol >>> Even Daisy Mae got worn out from all the Christmas Eve excitement!
My nephew and nieces got their Christmas presents and sent this cute shot of them getting it! 🙂
They sent me a Starbuck’s card and my daughter an iTunes card… but she doesn’t use iTunes and I don’t use Starbuck’s much these days… so we traded… we each got a $25 gift card now to enjoy and USE!!!!
Here is a candid shot of my oldest son DL.. with Kayla and CJ 🙂

It is such a precious shot to me I wanted to share it… fun family times with a toddler giving kisses is sooo sweet!

DL made me a dimensional canvas with my 2016 theme featured on it…

And I LOVE It!!!!  He is very creative and rarely does he use those skills these days … so I was happy to know the creative spirit hasn’t left him! 🙂

This is what I sent him to inspire something completely different

 but featuring teal and orange my fave colours 🙂

Then Kayla presented me with a wrapped booklet of some sort… what could it be???

A personalized (made just for me!!!!) calendar she made using pics of all of CJ’s life… and those in his life too!

On July she even featured me for my birthday !!!!  I will be 50 this year folks 🙂

Grammy K is me!!!  I love this page the most…

And this cool calendar has found a place for now in my sewing room… maybe I will mount both items in there… hmmmm  Probably yes.. but must consort with my honey over this decorating plan and just how to lay it out on the wall to look most visually appealing 🙂

Here are a couple shots of my youngest 2 kids… while they were celebrating with family on Christmas Day 🙂

Mike is 21… he is quite the jokester in the family and hammed it up on this second photo! 🙂

He and Brandi have a great relationship though and for that I am very happy !!!

He lives not far from us and stays busy with work.. and just being an independent young man!

Now many things I “got” for Christmas were timed with when they were needed… like the wonderful computer I upgraded to in August of this year… my honey bought this for me from his featherweight sales profits…

Dell has EXCELLENT customer service and support… I have been most pleased with this purchase as well… but my honey didn’t stop there! lol

He also got me a cool wireless Bose speaker to go with the new computer!!!!

It is little as you can tell by the paperback book posed with it… that is my current FAVE READ!!!  I love learning more about Australian culture too… this book shares a bit of that and a great adventure too!
It was wonderful to have most of my kids with me for Christmas Eve .. and to have Christmas Day as a nice quiet relaxing day to appreciate the birth of our Savior.  Maybe this will be our new “tradition”???
I didn’t get to see James or Kaydence… they remained in Tennessee and James’ work is very taxing so a trip either way just wasn’t working out!  But Kaydence did get her quilt and her parents LOVE IT!!!!  I will post more about that soon 😉
I have lots of fun projects coming up … ending this year with some UFO finishes and starting some fun new projects as well!  Hope you will take time to sign up and follow along with me… 
As always your comments to my posts are definitely desired!!! 🙂
I do hope however long you get to enjoy Season you make sure to also….

Merry Christmas 2015!!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas 2015 🙂

I think this image above would make a great Christmas card.. so I thought I would share it here for you to enjoy my bloggy friends… 🙂  

May your day be filled with joy however you choose to spend it!

As for us… 
Brandi’s best friend from preschool has come for a visit… Tanisha is her name 🙂
Here is a shot Brandi took on her new phone (LG V10) just after she arrived.  She came before Christmas and is staying til after New Years!!!  Yipppeee!!!!
She took her first airplane trip to get to Florida from Tennessee (my daughter paid for it for her Christmas present this year)… I had Brandi and Tanisha fill out a little questionnaire I made up… mainly to help me shop for Tanisha something fun for Christmas… but also to make sure I was on the right track with my daughter as well.. Teenagers do change their minds.. and they are young ladies as well!  🙂

 All turned out well… and after a bit of shopping and a bit of sewing… I had a couple Christmas stockings for them to enjoy!

In Tanisha’s questions she said their families Christmas traditions included opening a gift on Christmas Eve… well let’s do that with the stockings I thought 😀

 So on December 23 we had our Christmas Eve present opening above… and they loved the stockings!

My daughter got her fave quote in life in a magnet…

“Just Keep Swimming” the magnet says…

 And Tanisha really enjoyed the fuzzy fun socks in her stocking 🙂

 Purple is her fave color… so I found lavendar socks! 🙂

Then we hung them on our kitchen bar ….

And after adding a quilt as a chair cover and some more presents I had stashed…
Christmas arrived for them…

 Brandi got a new quilt top with batting, backing and binding… that will be my next project…

Tanisha got a book set she is very excited to own!  Insurgent series??!!!  Very nice book set and she was thrilled once she opened it!!! 🙂 lol

 But the girls each agreed… Christmas Eve morning present opening should start with presents they had purchased each other…

Once all the present opening was done and wrapping paper was cleared it was time to get our party hats on!!!!
we had a Christmas Eve party !!!
Now my daughter wanted to invite her friends too… but I wanted this to be just family… and it was!!! Yippee…
We had a smorgasbord of foods we had prepared the day before and all that morning.  We created the menu ourselves and set off on fun Christmas themed snacks…

We had an edible gingerbread house decorated so cute… “ornament” shaped rice krispie treats the girls thought of together… sugar cookies with Christmas trees in them… a bowl full of cherries… Deviled eggs and a couple just left hard boiled… bacon (my son Mike LOVES bacon so we made a bunch!!! … those cute Christmas trees in the center are brownie Christmas trees… my famous sausage balls thanks to my daughters excellent kneading skills in mixing all the ingredients as my arthritis is to bad these days to knead all they require… orange juice and Egg nog too!     Wow!!! What a menu!!! 🙂

And when all arrived at just a few minutes past 10 I had even found time to make CJ a cute bag…

 for the wood blocks we gifted him…

This shot shows my monogramming the little bag I made.. very cute but almost too small.. I may remake.. I used this video and love the simplicity in the bag for sure!!!  Debbie Shore does the video in real time and took her 20 minutes… I think I could do one now once the fabric is cut in that timeline… and it is easy to personalize with a monogram or shape!

CJ got a few other fun things including books and learning toys mainly 🙂  He loved each present he received too!

We hope you take time to ENJOY this day as the birth of Jesus is the way to have salvation everlasting…  

Although Daisy doesn’t enjoy clothes or hats.. we did manage this photo too!

Doesn’t she look just like the Grinches dog with these antlers on??

So Merry Christmas you all from Florida’s east coast to where ever you are reading this now!  If you find yourself alone this holiday season.. please don’t be sad… know you are being prayed for right where you are… take time to read a good book or watch a fun old movie that makes you laugh 🙂

Until my next post with some of the presents I received at our party exposed!  Today I will sew something either by hand or machine… but mostly I will…

Happy Christmas Eve… Eve :)

Last week Kathy at Kathy’s Quilts blog asked us to share our fave Christmas tune… well I love so many I couldn’t choose just 1 … can you??  Then I heard this song…

Hope you have a couple minutes to give it a listen!  Colbie Caillat ROCKS This Song 🙂

On the crafty front I have been busy while pondering her question as well…

I finished Tanisha’s stocking .. then made a paper template to start on Brandi’s stocking…

I showed you the patterns I had pencil drawn followed by sharpie so it was easy to see with my light table…

This was just a quick layout to share with a friend.. but I thought you would enjoy seeing how fun and easy these stockings really were!!!

It didn’t take long before I had the stocking front and was ready to layer it for a small bit of machine quilting… straight lines only! lol

Then I had to figure where to put her name on this busy stocking… on the solid green section looks good 🙂  I fashioned it after her own script and drew it with chalk…

Then embroidered it with a stem stitch in BRIGHT RED thread 🙂

 And before I knew it … it was time to pink another stocking edges… HONEY!!!  Can you help me??? lol

 He did come to my rescue and together we pinked all the edges!!!

So now check out both finishes….
And in time for our family party ToMorroW!!!!
Here is the online invite I sent to my family that is coming… it will be fun with lots of seasonal foods we rarely have any other time of the year 🙂
Kaydence received here new quilt and they LOVE it.. but no pics yet from the recipient’s parents.. I will try to get those and do her proper post showing the finished quilt shots too! 🙂
Hope you enjoyed the song I left for you if you gave it a listen… also loved Kathy’s choice of song which was an acapello version of a christmas song! 🙂
Until my next post may you have a Christmas that builds positive memories as you…

A little of Australia in my home :)

Saturday I received a long awaited for parcel.. from my bestie in Australia … Wendy !!!

Oops … I got so excited I didn’t get a shot of the parcel… only the contents! lol

I wish I had gotten a shot of it thought when it was packed as Wendy did an excellent job of compacting all this great stuff… let me show you around this lovely stuff a bit..

Above are a couple packages for Kaydence… for after the fire .. I will be forwarding those on to Keashia and Kaydence today 🙂

Also above is a Historical Calendar of the town Wendy lives in … in Australia… very cool to see things she gets to see in some form or fashion today in her town !  Love this calendar… plus now I can keep track of those Australian holidays and time changes… maybe! lol

Also above is a can of Milo… a drink mix they use in Australia that tastes similar to a malted hot chocolate if mixed in warm milk.. that is how I love it anyway 🙂  As well as a tube of Vegemite… I plan to try that on some toast with butter today.. Wendy says that is the best way to enjoy it 🙂

Wendy included 2 magazines from down under as well.. one is all about stitchery stuff for my Journey of a Quilter/Friendship Journey quilt I will be starting soon… and the other magazine came with these hexi templates… they are nice acrylic for making hexi’s!  I didn’t have any of these either 🙂  Perfect!!!!

Wendy also included some Weaveline.. a stabilizer we don’t have here in the USA.. I will use that to stabilize any embroidery I do on that same quilt with it 🙂  Yipeee !!!

Wendy also send this cool bookmark…

It is made of a very thin wood and is quite substantial as thin as it is… I love using it with the book she also sent called “The Dressmaker”… this recently came out at the movie theaters… so I will hope to catch it there or later on Netflix when I finish reading the book on it 🙂

Then to give me some fun Aussie whimsy to share with my grands she sent these two books…

I have a few books my bestie Connie sent me leftover from her grands earlier years.. now I can start a little library… I have signed inside of these though so I don’t forget when I got them and how precious these books are as an addition to my new library for little ones 🙂

She included something she had made years ago that had not found a home yet… for my honey to enjoy … he loves old trains… and this focus fabric and how this works is just so cool!

We are planning to eventually change over the calendar to a Train Schedule!  I think that will be cool but the specifics are not planned out yet! lol  Right now we are just enjoying it in our kitchen which also houses my honey’s vintage train collection for decor purposes.

She made me a bunting from vintage doilies….

 And I wanted it where I could enjoy it lots… so I had my honey center it over my design board… it looks so awesome up there… here is a close up of the center doily…

 The craftsmanship on the Australian doilies is amazing.. and they are vintage .. so they really fit our theme!

Next she also included an ornament for our Christmas tree…

 A fabric christmas tree with a big fun blingy vintage looking button for a star on the top!!!

I love this ornament.. and placed it near the top of the tree where no one is sure to miss it 🙂

She also included a really fun gold glitter Christmas Card ….

We don’t get a lot of Christmas cards by snail mail.. so we display those on our Christmas tree as well…  Isn’t it lovely!!!

Wow!!! See what a lot of stuff she sent me ??!!!!  I am sooo blessed!!!!

Later on Saturday we picked up my daughters best friend since preschool.. Tanisha… She will be staying with us over the holiday 🙂

So far I only caught a shot of them in Brandi’s room.. isn’t her Christmas tree she fashioned on the wall with push pins and strings of lights cool!  I will try to catch a dark shot of it too.. with the lights on.. very cool for sure!

So with Tanisha here… I am considering 2 for Christmas… I made a questionnaire for each of them to fill out… and from that I am making them each a stocking with a few of their faves in… here is the plan for Tanisha’s stocking…

 Here is Tanisha’s list… her fave colour is purple so I am copying her handwriting to a larger size and spacing for hand embroidery in this shot….

 And here is Tanisha’s name getting embroidered on the stocking top before the quilting officially begins on this project 🙂

I still have lots of decision to make before this stocking is completed.. and I also am thinking about HOW to construct Brandi’s front of her stocking… here is my plan…

See her “panel” is vertical instead of Horizontal in orientation.. Tanisha’s was the Christmas tree panel I added….

So that is what I am up to just a few days until Christmas Eve Party 2015 is to happen too.. much planning still to do!!!!

Until my next post … I hope you are finding something positive to focus on this Christmas and please….

Relaxin’ Sunday before Christmas :)

Hey Ya’ll!  Happy Sunday wherever you are… the sun is finally waking here on the east coast.

I have been sooo busy since my last post… and have so much more planned but today I am doing it in a relaxing Sunday mode 🙂  How about you??  What mode are you in right now!??  

I guess we are in full on Christmas mode here ! lol  Got jazzy Christmas tunes playing as I write this even!

I finished Kaydence’s quilt on the 18th of December and mailed it that afternoon!!!  And I sent it to her mom… so excited to hopefully get a picture to share with the grand reveal of the quilt post… coming later! lol

Once I finished her quilt I immediately started getting into my stash of Christmas fabrics… and some 10″ squares of cool Christmas fabrics I added this year (having forgotten I already had some! lol)…

Yep.. a chain for the Christmas tree made of FABRIC!!!!  Thanks my bestie Wendy for the idea… mine is designed a bit different but when me and my honey saw one she was making we knew we wanted one too! lol

So I cut lots of variety of fabrics that read dark medium and light out of my christmas fabrics and threw a few other from my first quilt I ever made (yep I found some of that fabric leftover in my stash ya’ll!) 🙂  Was I excited to find some bits just the right size for making some chain pieces… this will be a memory chain of sorts I was thinking…

Here is my chain growing… above… and I connect more and more.. whilst watching me some Netflix 🙂

And here it is waiting for my daughter to wake and put it on the tree! 🙂

So that was a fun and easy project that is done!  So happy with it too… and thanks for an easy way to construct chain sized down like this than my bestie Connie!  This would still be in the making without her common sense chat during this project 🙂

So what are you up to ???

My daughters best friend from preschool arrived yesterday from Tennessee and will spend the next 2 weeks with us.. This is exciting for sure!!!  Well Brandi has a stocking but not a handmade by mom one as that one I made when she was young was lost in the fire.. she has a beautiful Pottery Barn replacement that just isn’t yelling to be hung this year.. instead I will surprise my dd and her friend with NEW stockings… quilted and made by me 🙂  Here is the start of each…

 and my daughter brought me this shirt… too small for her but she wants to repurpose it… it is thin stetchy knit fabric but the center “S” has gold foiling fabric if you can tell.. anyway… I am willing to quilt it but can you think of something besides a pillow or cushion??  I want something cool made from this!  Ideas anyone???

In my upcoming post I plan to share a special gift I got in the mail yesterday… stay tuned and until my next post….

P. S.  I already have next years motto decided… have you given any thoughts as to what you want your focus to be for 2016 yet???  I am excited to share this in an upcoming post as well! 🙂


Friday Whoops to share :)

Well it is Finally Friday!!!

The weekend will soon be upon us 🙂
So what are you Whooping about for this week??  I have plenty to share in the hand quilting world… and am linking this post with Sarah for her Friday Whoop linky HERE 😀
My honey has been under the weather a bit this week… it happens to us all at times… so I have focused on house cleaning and quilting… I won’t bore you with the house cleaning! lol  but check out this shot I caught after stain removing and ironing this cool old Christmas table cloth I found in our Christmas stuff!  Whoop !!!!
I just love the texture of the quilt above caught in this shot … we have sunlight streaming into our living room from windows in the ceiling.. gives this cool effect without any photo enhancing too!
Here is a close up of the reason for the Season of Christmas in our home…
I think this is a better backdrop than the backside of a quilt! lol  My honey likes it too .. so he didn’t mind the change out! 🙂  WHOOP!!!!
Wednesday I marked the last of the orange inner border on Kaydence’s Blankie…
And was happy to see the meeting up my quilting to where I had started on Thursday…
By Thursday afternoon I had pulled out the stencil I had used on that center block…
This is a wavy crosshatch design.. I will use it on the outer borders but not in the cornerstones.. I have something different planned for them!
I had used the blue water soluble marker on my orange fabric marking… it was a joy to quilt with… but once spritzed away… and once DRY!  It comes back … all is well though… it is just that I am HEAVY HANDED on how I use the blue pen… spritz a second time well and it will be gone for good 🙂  No it doesn’t stain… and it doesn’t come back.. just don’t iron this marker while present in the quilt… once rinsed /washed well it will be gone forever! 🙂
Now back to my outer border… wavy cross hatch pattern… here is some of the first border done…
Doesn’t this look fun in the end.. .and it sews up fast too… no reason to stress about stitches with this meandering crosshatch either!  WHOOP!!!!
My plan for the weekend is to blog with progress on Sunday sometime… I will be focusing on the remaining 3 sides of the quilt… I have just about finished the side I marked Thursday already at this writing.. so I am feeling hopeful that by tonite I will have a couple hoops of the next border complete as well as all of it marked   WHooP!!!!
Hope you all have a fab Friday and are enjoy Christmas preparations… visits with old friends and such… Make time to spontaneously do a good deed… it shall be appreciated and you will reap the rewards… I promise!!!
Until my next post…

Christmas Decorating and Hand Quilting is Happening too!

We have started our annual Christmas decorating and destashing !!!  Do you have just what you need or do you destash each year as you unpack items that just don’t have that “favorite” ring??

While I fluffed out our tree a LOT (lol) my honey found a quilt not being used to put underneath our Nativity set…

This is also our facebook header shot this year 🙂  Do you change your header for the Christmas season??

And here is our little tree!!!!

And of course there is a Christmas train running round it! lol  If you follow me you know my honey is a vintage train collector as well… so a train for the tree is a given item in our home 🙂

Then we also put up a Christmas puzzle we worked and glued together about 5 years ago… in hopes of having a beachy home like we now have to display it…

this puzzle is about 16 x 20… can you tell it is a puzzle???  We enjoyed working it as a family for sure!!!

As we were decorating I was lamenting living in Florida now means real mistletoe is hard to find… and I love kissing my honey under Mistletoe!  The idea is just so romantic and we have an awesome area for that!!! lol  I still may do something different… but when my honey found his stocking I had made he deemed it “OUR CURRENT MISTLETOE”! lol

This is the headboard of our bed… he said now we can enjoy lots of private kisses under the mistletoe until we can find some for the foyer! hahaha!  He cracks me up with his punches of romanticisms 🙂

I made this stocking our first Christmas together… the name is stitched in HIS handwriting I copied onto the stocking…  I embroidered and sequined and beaded the entire stocking in about a month and a half to surprise him on Christmas morning and help acclimate him to our family!  Well almost 5 years later we are still together and Kissing under the Mistletoe ! hehehe

Here is a fun Christmas tradition we started in 2011… we got this FREE on our local Craigslist when we lived in Tennessee… we got other things too in their destash 🙂  But this item has become our Christmas calling card of sorts.. a soldier is cool too as my honey is an Army Veteran 🙂

It is hard to see in this shot since it is daylight… but some of the lights that glow against the colored plastic glass pieces and in the dark it looks really cool… well some of those lights are out now… so he needs NEW LIGHTING and just a spruce up… so this is our reminder of the condition of our soldier before my HANDY honey gets ahold of him 🙂

Yesterday CHRISTMAS came early for my honey too!  He so wanted new pots and pans… ours were all scratched and flaking from years of teenagers growing and learning and inadvertently (sometimes) just getting worn out over the years…  So he found a great BLACK FRIDAY deal on these pots and used the money he had gleened with Featherweight sales… to buy these beautiful and top quality CIRCULON pots and pans.. VERY heavy duty I tell you!!!!  AMAZING :)…

Meanwhile I have ordered a few things to call my Christmas if my kids don’t come through for me and I feel very blessed to have Rick and my daughter Brandi by my side to enjoy this time of the year!

How do you celebrate December each year???

I have been working fairly steady on Kaydence’s Take 2 Blankie… 

I have finished the center of the quilt and have moved to the orange inner border…

Here is how the stencil started so I went with it… 1st corner down to start off with! lol

And here is that side almost done and spritzed with water… you can see the Dritz Mark-B-Gone marker I used to mark the stencil design…. and my little water bottle I spritz it with once all stitching is done… to remove the marks so I can take a pic like this to urge me on.

This may seem strange but I quilt without looking at the whole quilt over and over… I don’t see a quilt for all it has to offer until it is washed and washed again then dried.  Then I adore it before gifting it or putting it to good use if it is staying! lol

What kind of quilter are you??? Do you peek often… or do you dream of what it will look like once washed???

Here is a close up of my stitching….

For the big stitched heart and swirl motif I used Valdani 12 wt perle cotton in the same turquoise I used on the center name in this quilt… so it is very coordinated with my embroidery and then my quilting!  For the proper look after washing I used support stitching for this border by using the white YLI 40/3 thread I used in the rest of the quilt to stitch the ditch on either side of the orange border… will make it all pop once washed and dried!!! 🙂  Yippee!!!!

Soon I will be taking this fabric…

 And making a couple of stockings…. you see my honey has a homemade stocking… my dd was old enough when I was making it to make her own and wanted to so she started it but has never finished it.. so she has a store bought and personalized stocking that we have yet to uncover…

I thought with all that in mind… I would make her and her best friend, Tanisha, who will be visiting over the holiday… a stocking each that is quilted… maybe something like this??

This is a pic I found on the internet… just to use for an idea booster!  And the ideas ARE swirling!!!

So we will see what I can do with those fabrics to make a couple scrappy quilted stockings that can be personalized to each girl and enjoyed for years to come I hope!

Do your children use stockings?? Would love for you to share stocking ideas with me if you know of a “recipe” 🙂  You can email me directly HERE to attach a pic if you have one with the web link/blog post/etc….

I will be starting on sewing this together next week… I plan to focus my current sewing time energy on finishing the Fall Wall Hanging and completing and binding Kaydence’s quilt if possible…

So now that you are all caught up I better get back to digging through decorations… we are destashing this year a LOT too… and hand quilting 🙂

Have a blessed December whatever you do and make time especially this hectic time of year to …