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It is a Friday to WHOOP about :)

Have you ever been happy to close the books on a week and see Friday come??? I sure have this week… we have been so busy… but I took a little time to show you some progress we have made this week!

Starting with my sweet girl Capo… she is 15 1/2 years old… senile… and silly these days… she just came back from being groomed though and wanted to primp for the camera! lol  Her groomer gifted us the sweetest ornament for the Christmas tree for her 🙂  Whoop!

My daughter is all into the rubber band bracelets… well let me tell you she is mastering it and enjoying herself and really using thought process to do it… I am loving that addition this week!  Whoop!!

Next pic is a big whoop, with my busy week anyway… I am over halfway done hand quilting the little rug to be a cozy for my new sewing machine table top cabinet my honey is making me for Christmas… I am only doing a simple 1″ cross hatch…

I marked with graphite and have fabric erasers by Sewline coming in the mail from here 🙂

Right side DONE!  WHOOP!

Second side cross marked to stabilize ~ now let the quilting begin!!!

 The navy with sea water and fish is a preview of an upcoming project I am still planning and gathering for… but work has been done on that this week 🙂  It is for my favorite therapist… she will use it in her office… it is 27 x 45 panel I will quilt larger and embellish and quilt with gold thread!!!  Any helpful hints for dealing with hand quilting gold irridescent thread??? lol

Next is the case my honey has been devoting quite a bit of time too… yesterday morning it looked like this…

Heading to get sanded and the base stained 🙂

Now it sanded with rounded corners… the base is two toned inside but not out.. and we went shopping today for “jewelry” for Fiona!  The grand reveal with rug/cozy, cabinet and machine should be very soon!!!  Stay tuned 🙂  WHOOP!!!!

Finally is a project I am sure you will see a lot of.. It will take me 2 to 3 months to handquilt it.  It will be my 11th quilted item and made especially for my honey THE MAN quilt I call it now 🙂  He has to name it as it comes to life!

The templates arrived today so now to finish this cozy and get to marking his quilt top and get it sandwiched!!!  Those are my weekend plans anyway.. see if “other” things pop up as they have all week! lol

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