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Awesome Mail Alert with Product Initial Review!

Okay.. I know I have been laying a bit low and not blogging regularly as I usually do but I have something awesome to share today!!!  Happy mail arrived on my doorstep Tuesday in a plain brown wrapper! lol

I had to biggie size it so you could see it good! lol

I am MONGO excited about this GIFT!  Unexpected and dreamed of only before receiving in from my great friend Wendy in Australia!

How did she manage this??  All it said on the plain brown wrapper… sorry it got lost in the ripping open to get the treasured book out of it’s wrapping! ha :)… was from “fulfillment center”… but this is a BRAND NEW book.. and it is 128 pages of delicious instructions on making all different kinds of log cabin variations and learning how to do so ACCURATELY!

Anyway… let us look around a bit inside this book… none

Look At the opening page table of contents… WOWWEEE!

Not sure if you can make it all out but this book is CHOCK FULL of meaty goodness!  I am now ready in my quilting career for some meat! lol

You see, I was a pediatric and adult cardiac nurse for 20 years… I understand that you have to move slowly to absorb it all.. I am ready for this… are you ready for a meaty book like this… look at this eye candy!  Wouldn’t it be cool to make this stuff someday??  Wow!!!

Here is a great wall hanging idea I like from this book.. and what first attracted me to the style Judy Martin uses for making nice log cabin with variations as desired.. she herself has made many log cabin quilts and their variations…

I am now up to reading this MEATY book… and look what I will be thinking on today… the Value of Value 🙂  She explains why pics in black and white show value so easily and she makes logical to a quilter kind of sense 🙂

But oh the Eye Candy in this book… and the directions to make them or the resources to find the pattern are all listed in this great book!  LOVE THAT!!!!

And this is just a few of these nice heavyweight with a sheen paper back book has to offer.. I am in no way getting anything in return for this review… it is 100% my opinion 😉

So how can you get one?  Check out her website here or go here directly to purchase the book.. or go to http://www.judymartin.com 🙂  Again… nothing in it for me… just sharing how to get an EXCELLENT book!

So here is a project I would like to do soon and see how I like her pattern writing style (I think I am gonna like it… very methodical) starting with this border on an upcoming wall hanging I will be making …

 This is now what I will collect for… and maybe in a couple years maybe I can make something this stupendous!

Bucket listed for now… and we shall see how soon it moves up the list with my skill level! lol

So thanks again Wendy for such a generous and awesome gift.  This is a classic book on Log Cabin quilts from 2007 in it’s 4th printing now… so I guess others like her style too.. hope you will check out all she has to offer at her website!

I am definitely WHOOPING this book as it will make me a better all around quilter with the knowledge it contains… so I am linking to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict !

Have a blessed weekend!  Do something fun for yourself 🙂  Pick out a book from your own library and share a review on it… would love to know what you all are reading to stay quilty! lol


Whooping in May Ya’ll!

May has entered our part of the world with lots of rain and thunderstorms… we missed out on the real scary stuff! 🙂  How is your weather… today we are calm, warm and the sun will shine soon!  The birds are singing happy tunes and all is well now 🙂  WHOOP!

However to the north of us in the mid US was lots of tornado action and several lost lives in the storms and it’s aftermath… so in the meantime I have tried to focus on making a proper patchwork square that is square!

See how lopsided this one turned out!  So I sent a shout out to my quilty friends and Wendy came to my rescue and offered to help me out via facebook chat and pics to make a block together.. she lives in Australia 🙂

So I finally started using my metal seam guide I harvested from one of the sewing machines we sold and tried it out…

took some adjusting … and some resewing after adjusting (I measured exactly a 1/4″ line… should have measured scant 1/4″ line for my seam guide)… however I sew I need to short myself to make the measurements come out right for a nice looking block…

First step is to cut Accurately!..

Got that all done with my new little ruler and little rotary cutter too!

I also learned to stop and measure as I go THIS WAS EPIC for me 🙂  Super WHOOP!

I do enjoy how Omnigrid marks on their rulers… and I used them a lot in cutting and measuring after sewing each step…

So I finally have a nice square block!

This lesson with Wendy… who blogs here.. was Priceless to me!  WHOOP!

If I had only had all that learning earlier…. maybe this block wouldn’t have been pregnant! lol

But i still think my nametag turned out lovely!  Crooked and all! lol

Finished but not washed 🙂

Before washing close up…

After washing close up

 Here is a close up of how nicely these tags I got to go into quilts launder… before I counted on them to hold my name on a quilt for it’s lifetime… I wanted to wash and see how the inks held.. they HOLD for sure!  WHOOP!  Wanna order some.. check them on on Etsy HERE!

 And here is my finished name tag… you will see me wearing it at the top of this post… after being washed!  The tape measure has Velcro attaching it to the badge 😉

Lest I forget to update you on my current reading… I am loving this book!  WHOOP! I just am enjoying all the eye candy..

 Here is one page as an example of the close up high quality pics that went into this book.

It is currently selling on Amazon for around $3.00 plus shipping… yep, that is what I paid.. and you get 80 thick beautiful pages of inspiration and instruction on improving your hand stitching by understanding how the pieces all work together.  Very interesting thus far and well worth the money spend to add to my library!  WHOOP!

My final WHOOP is how well we are doing with our Ebay selling!  Right now we have 2 great sewing machines (both vintage as we only deal with vintage)

as well as my great Cricut Die Cutter WHOOPING getting some space back for more quilty goods 🙂

& the Gypsy I used quite a bit will be going up this weekend!  If you are a scrapbooker or cardmaker or papercrafter of any kind check out my auctions!  I had a massive inventory and am clearing it out!

Here’s hoping you have a blessed weekend!  Thanks for taking time to visit me 🙂

Linking this post to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict ~ Whoop & a Giveaway HERE!